Your Thoughts Are Powerful by Elizabeth Hendricks

Have you ever looked at someone, when they suddenly turned around and stared right back at you? Most of us who commute on freeways have had this occur to them.

Or perhaps you were driving along the freeway and suddenly you turned your head and saw that driver next to you was staring straight at you. That is just one demonstration of the fact that our thoughts are not as private as we might believe. In other words, you have a subtle impact on everyone that around you whether or not you know them.

If you think about it, a thought is simply a form of energy. That energy can be channeled (as any accomplished actor will tell you). Orators are trained to  project their energy through their voice and their eyes to the crowd they’re talking to their audience.  The impact may be invisible it is very real.

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The thoughts and emotions build up in a group, the more people are thinking and available way, the more the group will become agitated and excited.

That’s important in today’s world when so much division and violence is on the rise. If you let yourself become captured by scary events occurring around you, you can sink into collective anger or despair. If you choose to keep your mind on higher thoughts or more positive thoughts, you will help raise the emotions of people you coming to contact with. This may seem self-evident, but it’s surprising how many people move through their day without stopping to assess the effect their words and thoughts are having on others. In the long run, it’s always about your awareness.

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