Your Sidereal Symbols : Draw on the most ancient star wisdom known

Sidereak SymbolGreat insight is to be gained about how a planet will manifest its energy in your life if you read the Sidereal Symbol for its degree in the Vedic zodiac.

Vision and insight can be huge in understanding our special qualities. These are magical, visionary metaphors. They pin-point our strengths and highlight what we have to be wary of or heal. This particular wisdom can be gathered from no other source.

Vedic Astrology was codified over three thousand years ago by the great Vedic Seers, but its wisdom has far deeper roots. These symbols draw on Babylonian Star Lore. This insight was modernised in the last century by Malik Jain.

Here is an example of how Sidereal Symbols work:

The Sidereal Symbol for the degree occupied by Venus in my Vedic natal chart

19 Leo 59    The Degree of Distinction.

SYMBOL :   A violin and bow lying on some   sheets of music.

Denotes one of strong character, resentful of outward restraint and impatient of any fetters. A bright and manifold intelligence, intuitive and imaginative mind. Favours and influential people will like and support the native, who will also enjoy the friendship and cooperation of the best minds. For quite a time his life may appear a complete failure and whose energies appear to be expended on what produces nothing, consequently there is no apparent result. But do not despair. He will have to start all over again. Unwavering steadfastness is the catchword here. Try and try again. Luck is likely to await the native far from home.

And here is the Sidereal Symbol for the degree occupied by the Sun in Maggie’s Vedic natal chart


SYMBOL :    A   lion   rising from   the   blood of a  wounded soldier.

Denotes one of powerful and active mind and unusual knowledge who knows the extent of his own force and ability, and knowing it he concentrates and suffers to give birth to an ideal of strength and nobleness combines—a strength and nobleness fitted to govern men and to demonstrate even the weak that the consecration of abilities is the key to individual greatness.

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