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This page details the wonderful content of the two preparatory reports you will receive if you opt to purchase reports in advance of your Reading: Western Astrology plus Vedic Astrology (you get Natal and Predictive charts/reports for each).

Here’s what you get when you buy my wonderful preparatory Reports in addition to your Reading:

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Your Western Astrology natal report

The Western Astrology natal report I prepare for you includes your Western birth chart, interpretation of the manifestation in your life of your chart aspect shapes, planets square your nodal axis as a missed step, a most important ‘nature versus nurture’ statement of your personality, your personal Rays according to Alice Baily, plus a comprehensive interpretation report of your planets’ manifestation and their signs and houses and aspects in Western Astrology.

Your Extensive computer-generated Reports in Western Astrology

These are selected from the ten following high-quality computer-generated reports:

  • Relationship Report
  • Child Astrology Report
  • Sky Log Predictive report Astrocartography
  • Asteroids Report – including Chiron
  • Relating Potential
  • Your Past Lives
  • Solar Return
  • Lunar Return
  • MidPoint Keys

Your Western Astrology Predictive report

The Western Astrology Predictive report I prepare for you includes tables and graphs of your transits and progressions, plus a crucial presentation of your predictive Age Points in psychodynamic western astrology, plus a comprehensive interpretation report of your  Western Astrology Predictive Astrology Transits and Progressions Report.

Your Vedic Natal Astrology Report

The Vedic Natal Astrology Report I prepare for you includes your birth chart (Rashi chart), statements of your planets in signs and Nakshatras, wonderful links to my online presentations of the meaning of all the planets and all 27 Nakshatras, your Moon Phase at birth and its meaning. You also receive your Navamsha chart which is the chart of our Soul, which states the past life issues you come in with to this life, your relationship issues in this life, and your ‘ideal ashram’ or way of life that you can move towards in this life. The Report also details the ‘karmic maturity’ and the ‘level of activity for manifestation’ of your planets, the strength and dignity of your planets. It provides an utterly crucial statement of how your planets treat each other. It details your planets as ‘Karakas’ or indicators for facets of your destiny. I state your Incarnational Life Meaning in Vedic Astrology.

Your Vedic Astrology Predictive Report

The Vedic Astrology Predictive Report I prepare for you includes the Tables of your crucially important Dashas or Vedic Predictive Periods to both two and three levels, with their meaning in your life. The reports also shown chart and meanings for your Vedic Transits through the Signs and Houses of your Vedic Birth chart, plus the crucial Ashtakavarga score you have for each house in respect of each transiting planet showing how supported (or unsupported) you are in your standing and your life, when each planet is transiting through each of your houses. There is also shown your Varshaphal statement of the year ahead from your last birthday.

To purchase your Reports, go to the BUY PAGE