Your Personal Astrology Prediction for 2017

Your Personal Astrology Prediction for 2017

Are you at a crossroads? Trying to understand a life situation or relationship? Maybe you are stuck in a job that doesn’t feel right for you or find it difficult to understand your skills and strengths, if so then you definitely need a Personal Astrology Prediction for 2017

The energies through 2016 have been very difficult with so much conflict. These certainly continue for a while, though less extreme, and it will be helpful to hear when the tense moment of 2017 are due, and when the energies will be easier – and how to best work with these energies.

Here’s where a really good astrology prediction can help bring clarity, allow you to understand yourself better, see the underlying patterns in your life with greater depth and compassion as well as understanding how best to use the current energies that you personally are experiencing in the best possible way.

My astrology predictions are exceptionally expert and caring. You have a Reading anywhere in the world. You receive charts and reports beforehand. I screen-share so you can see the astrology charts I am referring to. You receive both audio and video recordings afterwards. You have every opportunity for questions and discussion afterwards.

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What is special about my astrology? Well, I have been giving expert astrology readings for over twenty years. People have told me how accurate they are. People tell me how helpful they are. Here’s a couple of Testimonials:

‘Thanks again for the awesome readings haha I don’t think I’ve had anything of its calibre quite yet!’
Trevor Surine, Saskatchewan, Canada

‘Michael’s predictions are superb. I am having mine done each year now and using the reading as a hugely beneficial tool to meet challenges and seize opportunities ahead of me. Highly recommended!’ Kimm Fearnley, Ilkley, UK

‘Michael’s Astrology Readings have given me even greater insight into my life and my reason(s) to be here’, Robert Williams, Hebden Bridge, UK

A very special bonus is that I combine both Western with Vedic Astrology. What’s the advantage of that, you may ask?
Well, western astrology, when it is done properly, is deeply psychological and can chart the emotional and psychological changes you will be going through and how to deal with them, the areas of life that will be affected such as job, children, spiritual pathway or relationship. I will share with you how to manage and utilise these currents that will run in your life for the best. And Western astrology includes Evolutionary Astrology which is the astrology of your soul purpose in this life. There’s very specialist child astrology which is really perceptive and clarifying and offers clear analysis and guidance.

Vedic Astrology is absolutely vast. It is exceptionally accurate and powerful. I will chart in detail for you the effects of your Vedic predictive periods, the transits of planets through your Vedic birth chart, the eclipses and the many specialist charts of vedic Astrology.

I mentioned the Vedic predictive periods. These unfold from the moment of your birth. Knowing what your life emphasis will be can be such helpful insight. For example: are you in a phase where you will have a lot of energy and should use it to create a foundation for future success. Or, are you in a phase that is inward and one where you should be letting go of things that should no longer be in your life?

I mentioned the Vedic transits. It is extremely helpful to know the dates planets are transiting through the different signs in your birth chart and what energies they will bring. Should you be on the lookout for an increase in your intuition and sensitivity? Will the issues in your relationship really come to the fore? Would you be best to put your energies into the home or should you emigrate?

My astrology is always geared to approaches of healing and empowerment. It’s never rote formula, it’s never fatalistic. It’s never legalistic. When you receive a really accurate statement of the energies coming your way, I explore with you, different ways of perceiving and understanding them. I can suggest so many different healing and empowerment approaches. For five years, I worked on a social anthropological field studies of spiritual forms new to the modern west; I am able to use this to caringly point to spiritual ways of understanding your life and, for example, managing the mind and emotions, of enhancing your path as a man or a woman. My Readings are positive, empowering, healing, and with exceptional clarity and perception.

In addition to carefully offered extensive astrological analysis, you will also benefit from my intuitive guidance and assessment. I always include the use of Tarot for clairvoyant perception of the meaning of the prediction. Often my clients have to make really big, even difficult decisions: whether to move house, whether to choose a job. Whether to give up a thesis study. My combination of astrological and tarot guidance has proved itself over and over again. And, finally, I can point to healing modalities if necessary that can help deal with difficult scripts or strengthen weak aspects in your chart.

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I teach astrology courses in both western astrology and Vedic astrology, and if you wish you can convert your reading to an utterly caringly taught course.

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