Your Nodal Return is a Crucial Journey

This is the first in a five-part video/blog about what you go through when you are having your Nodal Return.

When you arrive at the start of your Nodal Return time, you must make your understanding live.

You must be authentic and you must be deep.

See the video:

It will feel like you are going mad at times. It will be very disorienting at times. It will be opening the door into the unknown.

You need to realize that it will need to be handled like the Fool’s Journey in the Tarot.

Realize that at the end of the journey is the New You.

What are the Nodes of the Moon? What is your Nodal return?

Your Nodal Return is when the Nodes of the moon in the heavens transit across where the Nodes of the Moon were at the moment you were born. Your Nodal return occurs every 18.6 years.

Ketu the South Node holds within it the fates and karmas of your Past Lives, your Ancestry and your actions in your past in this life. Ketu is where we come in to in this life from past life.

Rahu the North Node is always opposite the South Node. Rahu holds within it your fate and destiny path for this life: your Karmic direction and destination this time.

We, each of us incarnate to experience Ketu and be thrown across our chart to what and where rahu is: a Destination to be understood, purified and realized.

If parts of what you are doing in your life are unauthentic for you, they must end now – or you will be ill or you will simply become a false robot, etc.

If parts of your personality or your patterns are negative or demeaning to the true you, this is the time to get good definition of those Past Life scripts and those scripts from earlier in this life: get goo definition and leave them behind. Grow out of them into a fuller healed and empowered and more spiritually perceptive you.

The karmic matter of your Nodal Return is huge. It is the key stuff of your being, your consciousness and your life, your fate your destiny, helpful and unhelpful – all activated while you are within its time-scale.

So, understanding the astrology of your Nodal Return is not a matter to be described by the popular ‘shorts’ or by ranted formula or by imposed mindset robotic remedies. You have to be prepared to do anything that’s needed. It’s actually your central life purpose unfolding. How you handle this actual Nodal Return period will affect you for the upcoming 18 years ahead (and further). It’s crucial to the success or failure of this incarnation.

Please hear this.

At the time of your Nodal Return, dig deep into your own experiences.

Somehow or other, you need to find the Healing and Healers that will make you healed and help you express the needed, destined New You.

You have to delve into your Past Lives.

You have to develop your awareness of your incarnational life purpose in this life.

You have to identify how the incarnational life purpose of your life in this lifetime is unfolding in your life NOW at this time.

That’s why you are here – to go through this process, develop perception, heal and succeed!

It is so helpful to see your Nodal Return

So before I go into telling you about the Fool’s Journey that is the Nodal return period, you need to realize:

How disorientating it can be.

How it can be like feeling you are going mad at times.

How areas of your sense of self and your sense of what your life is about are cut away.

How we feel past experience that have become embedded in our DNA.

What can happen when your past life wounds will surface to be healed.

How wounds from earlier in this life will also surface to be healed.

It is a time of recalibration.

It is a time of Manifestation.

Your Nodal Return is your Fool’s Journey – like in the Tarot:

Above all, it is the time when you have to go forward like the Fool Card in the Tarot – understand the stages of the Fool’s Journey to discover the New You – to discover and then embrace your destined and needed New Pathway Forward, now.

The Fool Card in the Tarot represents the beginning of your New Journey. It represents your primal self with openness to the universe and Trust.

Take the First Step:

Imagine the little boy or little girl embarking on life. Imagine him or her unhampered by preconceptions, open: open to the Universe providing.

Not yet is he or she boxed in and imprisoned by an ego overlay, by enforced assumptions of who he or she must be of the definition of the road that must be trod.

A central part of our Nodal Return is to strip off the layers and reach our pure state again and see more clearly.

Take the first step forwards unfettered by baggage.

It can feel like stepping off the edge of a cliff.

Open to the truth of who you are becoming. Open to the truth of who you were before. Remember!

Take the Second Step:

The second step, although the process of the first step still runs on for all the Journey, is to establish what your abilities are, what you are actually capable of – and this is probably much more than your think!

The secret of the second step is to realize your Personal Power.

Take the Third Step:

The third step is to internalize your perceptions that will be arising of your past, of your past lives of your ancestry.

This is a step of knowing.

This third step is a step of sensing possibilities for dealing with your past and sensing other paths that lie ahead.

Listen what your Inner Voice is telling you as you take your third step.

Take the Fourth Step:

The fourth step is to be nurturing.

Take a step in caring for yourself – and for other.

Be nurturing of yourself and others. Walk in a state of empathy and compassion and interconnection.

Walk with a awareness of the need to wait for the right time.

Walk identifying abundance that is life.

Walk in acceptance that lots are angry or mean or chaotic, but walk your fourth step with compassion and power.

Take the Fifth Step:

Take you fifth step in realization of your power and authority. Take it with self-control and focus and start to bring your plans to fruition through self-discipline.

Lead and direct yourself in mindfulness.

Take your Sixth Step:

Embody balance and harmony.

Embody new spiritual senses.

Learn more.

Walk forward on your spiritual path.

Know that no spiritual teachings are unflawed and know that nothing will come to you without effort.

Take your Seventh Step:

Take the step of cherishing Relationship and Balance now.

Take a step of choice now.

Is the right choice what you have preferred to avoid?

In love and dignity, salute he or she or what you choose now.

Take the Eighth Step:

And now mount your Chariot. The chariot of self, driven forward by you with those in your life.

Take direct and honest action.

You are the Charioteer.

Your needed new path forward is ahead and it is becoming clearer to see.

You see your new path traverses the new landscape that is emerging now – ahead.

With strength and self-control and love, start your chariot forward.

Armed with the key preparatory insight of this video and blog post, you can then get to the other parts of this post where I tell you what the experience of going through your Nodal Return is like.

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