Your Nodal Return Connect to your Life Purpose and Destiny

Connect deeper to Ketu South Node in your chart, connect into your Past and your Shadow, at the time of your Nodal Return.

Then connect deeper to Rahu the North Node in your chart: Embrace your Life Purpose and your Destiny.

Bring into your understanding all your karmic factors, Saturn Lord of Karma, Chiron your existential wound, Lilith your buried shadow self.

This video and blog post is published to explain the sorts of experiences we go through then the Nodes in the heavens transit across the Nodes in our birth chart – This is the time of your Nodal Return.

The Nodal Return is the time when Ketu the South Node in the heavens transits across Ketu South Node in your birth chart.

And it is also the time when Rahu North Node transits in the heavens across Rahu North Node in your birth chart.

What will you feel?

How do you achieve the best of this experience?

See the video:

Your Nodal Return happens every eighteen and a half years and it is a major experience to undergo.

We often need ‘time off’ to experience it and learn from it.

Basically it is important to realize that Ketu South Node is the indicator of your Past Life scripts that have been carried over into this life for you to experience further and work with more.

We come in from past life where Ketu South Node is in our birth chart.

And, secondly, basically, each one of us is flung across our birth chart from where Ketu South Nodes is, as our life unfolds, so as to achieve the destiny and fate declared by the position of Rahu North Node, which is opposite Ketu in our chart.  

The Nodes of the Moon are analysed by the signs they fall in in your Vedic Chart, by the Houses (Life Areas) they fall in in your natal chart, by the Nakshatras they occupy and by any planets aspecting them.

It so helps to get a definition of the meaning of your fate and destiny – and how to work with it, as expressed by the Nodes of the Moon in your birth chart. The Nodes of the Moon are the major factor. Get a reading from me about this:

But it is ALSO important to realize that our past life karmas and the karmas for us especially to work on as a destination in this life – these are not just anabole steroïden expressed by the Nodes of the Moon. They are expressed by a lot of other factors as well, for example:

Saturn: A prime factor in our life-destiny this time is Saturn.

What is the position of Saturn Lord of Karma in your chart?

For example, just to focus on love issues, in fact our fated love issues – this is because Ketu transits Libra the sign of love issues at the time of writing and filming this post:

If we have Venus in Virgo or Saturn conjunct Venus, then we have definable challenge to love that our soul chose for us to work on in this lifetime.

If you have Saturn conjunct Mars your frustration and anger may kill your loving relationship.

Drawing on the wonderful Divisional charts of Vedic Astrology, if we have Lilith and Venus, or Chiron and Mars in the 12th House of our D2 Hora chart, then these planets’ energies in our life will be ruled by Pitris – the Ancestors, and we will have Ancestral based challenges that we need to work on and heal in matters of love.

The wonderful D60 divisional chart of Vedic Astrology states the accumulation of our karma at the point of the end of our last lifetime.

And our Rashi birth chart states the karmas selected from that for us to especially work on this time.

The D9 Navamsha Chart of Vedic Astrology is s supreme statement of our past life issues, our relationship issues in this life, and our ideal Ashram (ideal way of life) in this lifetime.

And for example:
Our Western chart too can powerfully be used to discover our key fated love scripts:

Just to give the very briefest examples of huge love issues:

Chiron conjunct Venus is a wound to loving commitment that it’s so needed to learn about and heal.

Lilith opposition Venus: If you have Lilith opposite Venus in your Western natal chart, you may need to reclaim your power and delve deep into your shadow and unconscious to reveal buried issues and connect to and ethically more fully express your wild side that each of us does need to be in contact with, and heal issues to do with non-acceptance of your body.

So having reviewed the scope of the material that is an expression of your karmas stemming from past life, especially Ketu the South Node, and the key karmic destiny position to fulfill In this life: the North Node, what will I feel at the time that I am experiencing my Nodal Return and how should I handle it?

Well, be aware that sorting out your Ketu past life issues will surface first. And be aware that as Ketu rears his head in your consciousness and life events you will probably feel FEAR at this Nodal Return time.

Ketu grinds you down.

It takes all from you if you resist.

Ketu is an eclipse point.

Ketu is headless.

The point is you have to investigate as deeply as you are called to into your past life issues.

This is a time to do positive work. So when you start your work, ‘inflame yourself with prayer’. Learn to be able to stand in your strength and strong purpose.

If you are waking up with fear most mornings, you will attract a situation that will manifest what you are fearing.

You see, we humans most often can exist in our egoic sense of self.

But ego has no deep awareness.

Ego has no connection to the Divine.

Ego is cut off.

The rational can be so limiting.

You have to get your Unconscious talking to your ego at this time of Ketu transiting conjunct your natal Ketu especially.

But the point is that we need to also embrace what is in our subconscious and raise that to the light. This is so as to have a sense of self that will be so very enlarged from just our so very limited egoic sense of self.

We have to delve into our unconscious and our shadow.

There we will find all the negative things that we have stuffed down out of our egoic awareness.

And there we will also find our buried strengths that we were not allowed to own by our parents, teachers, priest, etc.

And there too are our key Archetypes that we were born to work with in this life.

Our Animus and our Anima

Our ancestral issues.

The Subconscious has a door to connect to the Divine dimension.

Work with the Gods and Goddesses of Human History can be so beneficial. The Transpersonal self. The God realm.

The time of Ketu Return calls upon us to widen our sense of our Self to bring this stuff to the light, and heal what is negative and embrace what is positive.

Methods vary, but I personally offer Shamanic Healings and my ‘Journey to the Abyss’.

Ancestral Healing is crucial.

Examine Chiron and Lilith and your D2 and your D60 in your astrology.

Get a Past Life Reading.

Receive Ancestral Healing.

Shamanic Extraction and curse removal can very well be called for.

Dream Work can be SO healing

Power animal retrieval sets up a consistently good presence in our life.

Get a psychic reading.

Find deep answers to your key questions from dowsing.

Receive Heart Wall Healings and Hypnotherapy.

Bypass the ego and rational limitations to get access to an expansive mode of perception where an opening of consciousness takes place.

Get your Ego out of the way.

Delve into the immense healing and insight creating and power creating dimension of your Dreams. Doing Dream Work at this time can be so growing.

Undertake Healing Ceremony.

You will see the panel of Astrologers and Healers who offer these sorts of insights and healings working with my LoveStarDating website:

And the more you do this work, the more you will be able to fully turn your focus to your destiny direction, to what is defined by the position of Rahu North Node in your birth chart.

Weights will have fallen from your shoulders.

Your eyes will have been more opened.

Your energies will have been freed.

All Blessings to your healing and spiritual work at the time of your Nodal Return.

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Also look out for my subsequent video and blog post on Nodes of the Moon in Virgo – Pisces Axis, where the Nodes are from October 30th, 2023 to 17th May 2025.

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