Your Incarnational Life Purpose – Why are you here?

aquarius 3You are very warmly invited to this Wednesday’s Silsden Astrology Group at 7.30 at our house. This month’s topic is Your Incarnational Life Purpose. When I found out the Vedic Astrology definition of my life purpose, working with my Vedic Astrology Guru, it was so spot on, and seeing it gave me such food for understanding: it put’s into perspective a whole life-time’s path for understanding, healing and of course: transformation and empowerment, so we can become the luminous hero/heroine we were born to be.

What I would ask members is for them to provide me in advance with their natal data (unless you are sure I have this on my current computer). This is because I want to print out the Vedic astrology charts for you, and also Vedic astrology’s extrapolation from your Vedic birth charts of your incarnational life purpose based on the position of the Nodes of the Moon in that, which is their method. So to prepare this in advance of Wednesday’s Silsden Astrology Group meeting, I could do with: your name, date, place and time of birth. Hope this clarifies.
I do very much look forward to seeing you and working with you on this life-changing topic. It’s at our house. Have a good Sunday. All Blessings, Michael

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