Worldwide Nakshatras Course and your Manasa Nakshatra: Your Default State of Consciousness

Worldwide Nakshatras Course and your Manasa Nakshatra: Your Default State of Consciousness: what to do about it and when.

Learn the Power and Beauty of the Nakshatras.

The Nakshatras are the wonderful and powerful 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology. See my Worldwide Nakshatras Course website:

Our Manasa Nakshatra is the 25th Nakshatra counted from our natal Moon. It is very important to know its characteristics because is powerfully and accurately describes our Default State of Consciousness, our mentality, our mental strengths, and our obsessions.

It is additionally so important to know what Nakshatra is our Manasa Nakshatra, and to know the dates when Saturn will transit through it on his 28-year orbit round the sun. This is because the transit of Saturn through our Manasa Nakshatra is the start of our Sade Sate period. Sade sate is the seven and a half year very difficult period when Saturn transits over our natal Moon.

If we know the name, and characteristics of our Manasa Nakshatra, and the date Saturn will hit it, we are in such a stronger position than someone entering sade sate blind.

If we are properly informed in this way we will be expecting the mental disturbance, the pessimism, the doubt, the tumult, the endless worry. We will have the chance to put into place ways of stabilising and healing our mind.

In Part 1 of my Nakshatra course, you receive full charts at the outset and full information about each of the Nakshatras’ qualities and characteristics, plus a reading list, and there’s a video for each Nakshatra for you to review. You study each of the Nakshatra with reference to your chart and mine, and this approach makes our study caring, grounded and authentic. We develop great penetrating perception and wisdom, and always we ask: what steps can we take to heal and empower?
In Part 2 of my Nakshatra course, you receive a statement of the several powerful dedicated techniques of Nakshatra Analysis, including predictive use of the Nakshatras through predictive periods called dashas, and also transits. You apply each of these powerful and illuminating techniques to our charts. These techniques are very powerful illumination indeed. They transform our astrological understanding. They transform our life.

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