Worldwide Nakshatras Course and Pushyami Nakshatra

Michael ConneelyNakshatra #8. Pushyami Nakshatra

The Nakshatras are the 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology. They are supremely good at depicting our emotional nature and thus our consciousness arising therefrom. They are deeply ancient and powerful celestial wisdom and reflect the lunar Zodiac: the position of the Moon in the heavens. They are profound and offer both penetratingly exact novelistic interpretation as well as simply divine perception, classification and categorization. This post discusses Nakshatra #8, Pushyami Nakshatra

The Pushyami power animal is the Ram. There are those who say Pushyamis are pushy, but as a Pushyami Ascendant/Lagna myself, I say that’s a lie! Rams are nice! OK in other versions the power animal of Pushyami is the ‘Lead Goat’ and what could be nicer than that!?

OK: well, perhaps we’re a bit pushy – maybe sometimes! But we’re only pushy because we care!

OK, well, OK, I’ll admit it. The fact is that Pushyamis actually need to learn the that they harm. Their pushiness does harm to others, as well as harm to themselves, as they are actually habitually using their energy to be pushy. So, I suppose I’ll admit it. And Pushyamis can actually harm themselves by projecting a very false front, which denies, hide, belies or even damages other important qualities lying behind that Pushyami Ascendant – qualities and sensitivities there may be in the personality which will just get hidden by the ‘front’.

In fact, an important truth is that if you have planets in Pushyami, you have to admit the truth and recognise your failings, before you can find your strength. But they key energy that is seeking to express itself through you is Brahman and Kshatriya, and the nurturer: priest, warrior and nurturer.

Here are some key qualities of Pushyamis:

Favorable: religious, spiritual and devotional, and often with a deep conventional spiritual issue to deal with. They are intelligent, spiritual, priestly, benevolent. They are philosophers and teachers. They are maternal, kind, helpful and generous: soothing, nourishes or helps others. they are caring. They have a sense of home, family and community. But there is also the side to them that is the warrior, inde­pendent and self-sufficient. They are interested in education and humanitarian activities, socially adept, make good counselors and public servants, make people feel wanted, want to learn all they can about life—makes them knowledgeable in many areas, earn a good living, respected, mod­erate in desire, passionate about what they believe in, will come strong­ly to the defense of something or someone they believe in. they are orientated to increase and expansion, and once they have started on something they very often most definitely will succeed! Pushyamis tend to be prudent, contemplative, conservative, sober, careful, self-reliant, systematic, methodical and patient. They are usually very hard-working. They are often introverted, but often well-liked. They can be ‘the wise guy’. They can tend to talk thoughtfully.

Unfavorable: Zealot, too talkative, interested in so many things that they don’t become great in any one thing, they are high-minded but arrogant. Also, they are overly sensitive or emo­tional, their devotion can turn to submission leaving them open to being a martyr or victim; get defrauded by believing in the wrong people. They can be needy dependent and addictive, fond of good food even to excessive eating. They have a stubborn, selfish nature with arrogance and pride, rigid and narrow-minded. They can have a very orthodox streak, strangely: even when they are very alternative. From the Cancer placement, they are prone to clinging on to hurt, sensitivity and jealousy. They can become lethargic or passive at times, as they fluctuate.

Friends: They very definitely need to learn in life to be more discriminating with their friends, associations and groups.
Mother: Strong issues with mother

Family: problems with family of origin. Their Cancerian attachment to their mother or their family members can be positive, but often it gravely inhibits their life and growth. And they are very insecure, and cling to hurt.

Marriage: Pushyami can be desperately unfortunate for marriage. They can have to learn the hard way here. Prince Charles has Pushyami Ascendant.

Obviously, if they have Pushyami Lagna/Ascendant, Saturn-ruled Capricorn will be in the 7th House and Saturn-ruled Aquarius will be the 8th House.

If the Moon is in Pushyami, well, this will activate the Saturn energy because Saturn rules Pushyami, and so 7th House from Moon will be Capricorn.

Symbol: Its key symbol is teat of cow – arrow – flower and the Deity is Brihaspati- teacher of the Devas and the Vedic Priest. The name “Pushyami” means nourisher- flower- the best. Pushya literally is related to the breasts. It is about nurturing and nourishment which of course is a part of the body and a function that brings about connection and stability. This is a very gentle Nakshatra at root.

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