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Bharani Nakshatra is the 2nd of the 27 Nakshatras, the wonderful and powerfully declarative Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology.

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The translation of the name Bharani is: The Bearer. Its Power animal is the Bull Elephant and its symbol is: A female sex organ. Its Presiding Deity is Yama (Death or the setting sun). Bharani’s Location is Vedic Aries 13°20′ to Vedic Aries 26°40′ and Bharani’s Ruling Planet is Venus.

The energy of Bharani is extreme: swings between polar opposites: puritanism and bohemia, naivete and wisdom, maturity and immaturity, life and death. Eager and full of desire. They crash into experiencing life to the full. primeval innocence, instinct rather than reason. Overwhelming desire so they are hard to restrain. There are no boundaries to the Bharani universe. It all depends on how evolved they are. The energy is creative, and so part of this is that they Indulge in things they shouldn’t.

Ruled by Venus, their smile is manipulative and seductive, and compelling. But they can be cruel sinister and morbid. So, their Caste is mleccha: outcaste. It’s explosive energy that can’t be controlled within any social structure.

Favorably, Bharani is quick-minded; desires new experiences (especially with love affairs); prefers spontaneous behavior; gets things done quickly; dutiful; sticks by their family and friends and has a courageous though can be bullying attitude. But unfavourably, Bharani can be fickle, amoral, too clever or calculating; doesn’t pace themselves; resists control; can be in denial and unman­ageable, stubborn, childlike, vulnerable; their vigour often bothers more conservative people

Bharani has to do with growing processes that emerge from wit­hin.  It is the constellation of the womb where new life comes into being.  It has to do with birth and transformation.  Birth and death belong together – there is no separation.  Each time we enter a new phase of our life, we conclude an old one.  The dying of the old is the logical consequence of the birth of the new.  It is because of this that Yama, the god of death, belongs to this constellation.

The vagina is the symbol of this lunar constel­lation.  The vagina welcomes the seed that makes new life possible and is the way through which new life comes into the world.  The sexual act is the foundation of the beginning of new life.  The transforma­tion processes connected to this constellation, however, can be violent, a difficult and painful process.

The Nakshatra Bharani is related to Tamas – motivated to remove difficulties or avoid trouble. Bharani people are Mlecchas – barbarians, mainly concerned with the pursuit of artha – wealth and worldly comfort. The temperament of Bharani is Manusha – human | down to earth and tangible and its sex is Female. Elementally, and through Ayurveda (the medical System of India), Bharani is related to Pitta – (fire) – ambition. Its nature is to be fierce and severe, ideally in a balanced way. It is closely associated with preservation

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