Work with the universal dowsing energies to scramble and transmute those energies from chaos

Become a well-rounded Dowser.

Read this fascinating Blog Post from Ann Gildart.

Ann specialises in worldwide pendulum dowsing to give you such useful Yes No or % answers to your vital key questions.

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In addition to offering her Readings, Ann also shares here her wonderful teaching about how to use a pendulum dowsing to scramble present negative energies in the world.

Here is Ann’s very special and learned Newsletter for September 2021. You can make a difference:

Every day we are reading or hearing about killings, brutality, hatred, human trafficking, greed, dishonestly, cruel abuse and a long list of other negative energies that are affecting our safety, our children, our well being and our future as humans.
“The death of human empathy is one of the earliest and most telling signs of a culture about to fall into barbarism.”
 Wrote philosopher Hannah Arendt

I have added this quote and remarks, not because I am criticizing or opinionated, but because I believe we people who work with the universal dowsing energies can make a difference with our intent to scramble and transmute those energies from chaos into a belief that, we as a species, can effect energy and therefore positivity about our survival and a future for our children. This is a personal thought from me.

I have to wonder how much effect and desensitization has been caused because of some violent computer games and negative social media platforms? I personally feel these can be so addictive to the mind.

This month we will be taking the next step in becoming, with practice, a well-rounded dowser capable of being one of those rotating galaxies of energy or iridescent pinwheels driven by the power of your intent, spinning outwards to the universal consciousness.

Use the basic chart included in past blogs (available in archives) and modify by drawing an outer circle around the chart; great for staying focused.

Continue to add percentages to outcomes with your hand or an actual hand chart.

Checking for suitability to dowse at this time:
Ask the dowsing energies if your energy field is clear of all negative energies.
Ask if you are sufficiently hydrated.
Ask if your energy field is balanced.

Changing Energies:
Left spin anti-clockwise motion:
Ask your dowsing team to scramble the energies of deadly violence and lack of empathy that exists in our world today.
(Start with a street or neighborhood that has any of these problems.)
Begin you spin anti-clockwise and allow the spin to take as long as needed. Allow it to stop on its own accord.

Now with a right spin clockwise motion:
Tell your pendulum to transmute that scrambled energy into kindness, respect, love and healing to the universal consciousness of the people who live (in town or area you chose to work on today). This same approach is used for areas of drugs and abuse.
Once your pendulum has stopped you can say, “Thank You.”

Perhaps there are other issues you want to work on in your immediate area, such as substance abuse or violence, intimidation or bullying. Use the same protocols and change that negative energy out there.

Remember the ripple effect of intent.

I dedicate a slot of time each evening to direct healing and balance to areas of the world where there is war, famine, oppression or eradication of peoples or human trafficking and abuse.
Choose a target each night and scramble the negative energies, and once your pendulum stops, transmute that scrambled energy into awareness, love and healing.
I am not limiting your abilities to effect energies worldwide, but as a new dowser practice, practice, practice; record and monitor the results. You will see that you are making a difference.

Thank you and be blessed for being part of the solution.

Ann Gildart