Will you get wealth from February 16th to March 12th 2015?

Ketu, the South Node of the Moon
Ketu, the South Node of the Moon

On February 16th 2015, Venus moves into Pisces in Vedic Astrology and becomes Exalted!

Moreover it now forms a trine with Jupiter in Cancer – also Exalted!
And moreover they are each Trine Saturn who is transiting in Scorpio!

Now, on the face of it, Exalted Venus trine Exalted Jupiter should bring you money and success – if it interacts well with your birth chart; growth and opportunity as well! Venus in Pisces brings unconditional love as well as wealth. Jupiter in Cancer brings expansion of knowledge, intuition and humour as well as business success. And Venus remains Exalted in Pisces until 12th March.

So, see the chart of this genuinely exceptional moment below.

For example in my case, this sounds really good because:
1. The Exalted Venus becomes conjunct my natal Moon at 29 deg Pisces which is my 9th House.
2. The Exalted Jupiter is conjunct my natal Ascendant/Lagna at 15 Cancer
3. Saturn is conjunct my natal Mars at 7 Scorpio in my 5th House

So, in my personal case, it’s a case of a 9th House – 1st House – 5th House trine that is created!

And moreover, this configuration in the heavens ought not just to bring wealth, luxury and income, you ought also at the same time to become more effective. I say this because Mars is conjunct Venus in Pisces at the time, so Saturn is trine Mars and indeed Saturn is trine Venus as well! It all sounds so good! And it ought to be very good for me personally!

But will it really be so good for us? I ask this question because there is a further factor: and that further factor is – – Ketu!!!!

Ketu, the South Node of the Moon in Vedic Astrology is conjunct Venus and Mars. What effect will Ketu’s presence have on the wealth-giving and effectiveness of this trine that is created from February 16th?

Ketu, can bring immense wealth, but its general energy is one of revelations, shocks and surprises and sudden meltdowns all for the purpose of pushing us to Enlightenment.

So, already, it’s not so simple as it may have looked at first sight.

Ketu conjunct Venus can bring very spiritual love, but it can test more mundane love and it can dissolve wealth and the things of this world.

Ketu conjunct Mars is can show intuitive ability for favourable reorganisation, but it can be bolshie and anti-authority.

And, indeed,  Venus conjucnts Mars can be very steamy and driven.

And then there’s another factor: Mercury is still retrograde until 12th February, so has not yet regained his pre-retrogradation position.

And then there’s a Western Outer Planet in the mix too: Uranus!

Uranus is at 20 deg Vedic Pisces. In fact it’s that Uranus – Ketu conjunction that has bringing a lot of people anger lately, as well as intuitive perceptions, breakthroughs and sudden separations. And Uranus has only left this exact conjunction behind by 1 degree, at the end of January. So Uranus is in the mix bringing revelation and breakthrough. And of course Ketu is also the carrier of our past lives, including our past life skills.

And then there’s the Jackpot!!! There’s an Eclipse in Pisces as well!!! There’s a total solar eclipse with the Moon and Sun at 5 Pisces on 20th March 2015 at 09.36hrs. Will this eclipse undam or release all the energies that built up in Pisces between 16th February and March 12th????

So what is really going to happen??????? Could be really good, or ……  …. .. What does this mean for your chart???

Watch what happens over the key period 16th February 2015 to 12th March 2015.

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Here is the Vedic Astrology chart for February 16th 2015:
Chart 16.2.15