Why you should Learn Vedic Astrology with Lia Cruse from Florida

When I was very young on one of our daily walks through the forest, my grandfather told me, “Lia, there is no wisdom in life greater in importance than that of which that comes from understanding one’s own self. To realize that while our life is just a blink of an eye, in that blink is echoed all the mysteries of the universe and this is most precious wisdom in our time.”
The moment he created while sharing this sacred knowledge with me has played in my mind everyday since and as I grew older it became the theme song of everything I have done, every version of myself I have been and every adventure I have ever undertaken even in the time periods of my life where I didn’t know it was still true.
While I danced to the song only I could hear, the world around me taught me that I could never truly be any of the things my song told me that I was. The song was never shared or understood by anyone around me. And in time, I would stop dancing, and reject the earworm that would never leave me entirely.
Some years later, I scheduled a reading with Michael Conneely. I had no idea what to expect as I didn’t know much about Vedic Astrology then. But as I sat for our reading, the song I could no longer hear slowly began to increase in volume deep in my heart once again.
In a life where we are told is how to be or what is wrong with us, Vedic Astrology taught me to embrace the wholeness myself and dance to the song I believed to be lost.
The more I learn, the more I love.
I came to question why this love seems to grow and transform recently.
After quiet meditation I recalled the words of my grandfather once again. The vastness of our selves is entrancing, inspiring and transformational. It is just as he said so long ago, the most precious wisdom anyone can acquire.
There is nothing more freeing than realizing the beauty and the divine gift that is our true nature. There is nothing more healing or transformational than to feel, see and understand that the miracle that is contained within each tiny body somehow doesn’t lose it’s vastness.
Just as the universe within us is limitless, so is Vedic Astrology. It is a wondrous description of all our many parts and pieces, our experiences and our evolution. It is the tale of the universe reflected in the blink that is our existence.
While human, divinity expresses in every action. We are simply love embodied, but to learn how that love expresses itself in this life is by far the greatest and most beautiful adventure I have ever been on.
To embark on your own journey of realizing the miracle that is you and finding the song in your heart, enroll now in our wonderful Master Vedic Astrology 1 Course.
I look forward to dancing with you.

See my website page for more details and how to enroll to learn Vedic Astrology with Western Astrology crossover with me as your Tutor: https://www.mastervedicastrology.com/lia.html