Why New Year Resolutions Dont Work And what to do instead by Maggie Pashley

So we have brand spanking New Year – 2022.

At this time many people sit down…or even lie down….and decide what they want to change in the coming year, what they want to leave behind and what new things they want to achieve.

While I am all for setting positive intentions and making commitments to the life we want to create, I firmly believe that writing down New Year’s resolutions and trying to carry them out is futile.

Trust me, I’ve got a row of badges for that one. That new diet, that new behaviour might last a couple of weeks, maybe even a couple of months but if we simply use our conscious mind and willpower to make those changes, sooner or later that positive new behaviour is likely to crumble.

I believe that every behaviour, no matter how suspect, has at its heart a positive intention, something that our unconscious believes helps us in some way.

That could be feeling safer, calming down for an instant, suppressing feelings we don’t like, avoiding the anticipated reactions of others and so on… .

So I believe that in order to make long lasting changes that work for us and create benefits in our life we have to engage our unconscious mind and allow our unconscious to come up with a way of getting that old positive benefit in a healthy empowering way.

There is no point in switching one bad habit for another or feeling so deprived that we boomerang back further than when we started.

When I work with clients I deliberately choose to engage their unconscious so they can create some new behaviours they really want for themselves, not to please others, in a way that is easy and in a way that fits in with their life and doesn’t have the negative consequences I’ve described above.

A win-win situation so that the new choice feels good, feels pleasurable and easy to maintain.

That’s why I love how hypnotherapy can make those changes in the easiest possible way and it’s enjoyable.

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