Why am I here?

Why am I hereVedic Astrology provides so many invaluable messages for us and helps us to understand Why am I here?

One of these valuable messages from a study of our Vedic natal chart, is that it provides an answer to the question of ‘incarnational destiny’, in other words: why am I here?

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When I, personally, learned the message of my Vedic natal chart, my life fell into place. I received clear meaning. All the events and challenges and successes fell steadily into place and into perspective. It provided such a clear route map for living the rest of my life.

Just one example:

For example, if you have Ketu in the 4th House of Mother in the sign Libra,  and Rahu opposite it in the 10th House of career in the sign Aries, this gives a clear message about ‘why you are here’, your incarnational destiny’; your major Life Lesson.

Quite a lot of guidance is to be found in the Incarnational Destiny reading within my Natal Chart Interpretations, but put very briefly, in the case of this one example, the Life Message is as follows:

With the Nodes of the Moon in the 4th House to 10th House axis, your mother will not value you, for you, mother ‘dissolves’. So what do you do? You will therefore be driven and obsessed to seek standing in the world, like career, in an effort to say ‘I have value’. But all this will be an illusion. It will amount to nothing. You won’t find real value that way. It is a message to find value in yourself.

With Nodes of the Moon in the Libra – Aries axis, this is a script about relationship. You will seek meaning in relationship. This will amount to futility and relationships will dissolve unless you also develop Aries qualities of self-assertion, and achieve balance of the two qualities.

A note on the astrology:

Vedic astrology, which is the astrology of ancient India, is a vast and powerful force today, with a huge message for the modern west. Vedic Astrology gives sure and accurate declaration. In Vedic Astrology, your incarnational destiny is understood partly from the position of the Nodes of the Moon in your natal chart: the house, sign and lunar sign (Nakshatra) they fall in, and any of your planets that the Nodes conjunct.

What are the Nodes of the Moon? The Nodes of the Moon are the intersection point in space of the apparent orbits around the Earth of the Sun and the Moon. They represent the eclipse points at the moment we were born.

Think about it! Eclipses were traditionally seen as demons because they are so powerful they can actually devour and obliterate the light of the Sun or the Moon. But because Vedic Astrology is tantric, all circumstances can potentially connect us to God, and to who we are in our essence.

In Vedic Astrology, the energies of the two Nodes are very different:

  • The position of Rahu, the North Node, in our Vedic Natal Chart tells us where we will put driven or obsessional energies often in an automatic ambitious and unthinking way in our life.


  • The position of Ketu, the South Node, in our Vedic natal chart tells us where things will dissolve in our life: but be warned: this dissolving is not gentle; it is more the energy of knives cutting away from us what we do not need in our lives.

The two experiences, when understood and healed, enable us to walk the correct path for our life and learn our major Life Lesson (often very challenging), and arise in life empowered and beautiful.

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