Who’s in charge – you or the planets?

Poppy Bud

Who’s in charge – you or the planets?

A question I am sometimes asked is how can the planets at the time of our birth affect our lives and I get a picture of that person seeing themselves as a puppet being strung along by their Sun, Mars or Venus. That’s not the way I see it at all and I’m glad it’s not as that would be hugely dis-empowering and would make a mockery of our lives.

The natal chart is a ‘snapshot’ of the energy-pattern of the universe at the moment you were born. My understanding is that the planets do not affect our lives, but the disposition of the planets represents the energy pattern that prevails across the universe at the moment we are born in exactly the same way that our life does. It is essentially a ‘map of energies’. Each of the planets has a certain energy, which can be described; each of the planets is a facet of the total. So, it’s not that the planets affect us, rather it is a case of ‘as above, so below’. The whole of the universe resonates to the same energy pattern at any given time, and we are part of that. This is similar to the Bodhisattva concept, that everyone is interconnected. It is similar to the First People’s understanding of the Web of Life: whatever you do to part of the web you do to the whole. I think it is similar to fractal theory, where the part is a microcosm of the whole. So ask the question Who’s in charge – you or the planets?

And from this  basis it all UNFOLDS. The Universe unfolds, and so the positions of the planets unfold in their predictable orbits. Their new positions at any point in our life thus brings their energies into our lives in a predictable way. This is the gift the universe is destined to give us. But – and this is the IMPORTANT  thing – how we experience and use those predictable energies is to an extent up to us. We need not blindly react once we gain understanding and wisdom of what it’s all about, once we learn tools for change.

And it is not only the external universe that unfolds. Our own energy pattern unfolds, too, predictably, like a bud developing into a flower.

Having your natal chart interpreted gives you great diagnostic insight into your emotional patterns and how you will experience the different parts of your life. Vedic Astrology adds to this a powerful and magical declaration of why you are here and what you will encounter and the growth you will need to undertake to meet the challenge and the opportunity.

My partner, Maggie Pashley, offers Metamorphic Technique which is based on the same Principle of Correspondence – as above,  so below. Using a gentle touch on the feet, hands and head, it provides an unconditional environment to the receiver to become who they were born to be. Find out more here: www.changeforlife.co.uk/metamorphic