Who’s in Charge of My Life? by Elizabeth Hendricks

If you feel out of control of your own circumstances, you are not alone.

In times of rapid change, we start to lose our balance.

People start to polarize to extremes of far-right or far-left. We can cling to these extremes because having someone to blame makes us feel more in control.

In reality, it does exactly the opposite. It also results in an unwillingness to hear the other person’s concerns and to address the real issues that confront us in these difficult times.

If you find yourself in an extreme position, ask your inner knowing what you are afraid of. Under all of the rationale for any extreme position you will often find fear. It can be fear of change or it can be fear of the status quo.   But either way, the underlying fear issues aren’t actually fixed, rather they are projected onto the ‘enemy.”

The Kabbalah teaches us that a position of balance is what we need in times of rapid change.

This middle path is the point of perfect equilibrium in which you understand both sides of any position without being at the mercy of either.

So rather than demonizing either side, you stay in the middle. This is hard work because we humans do tend to judge and blame.  Judgment is a necessary quality to have.  Rational judgment is important. But emotional judgment can be problematic.  It leaves you vulnerable to being triggered by events without the benefit of your intellect.

By studying the central path of mildness on the tree of life, you can learn how to balance your energy and your emotions so that you feel safer.

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