Who am I as Jupiter Saturn Pluto and Uranus all now clash?

On Winter Solstice 21st December 2020, Jupiter and Saturn came into a great conjunction in the Vedic sign of Capricorn. When Jupiter and Saturn come together, as they do every 20 years, a New Age is created: a new context for each of us to work out his destiny and understand him/her self. This New Age started from a context of a lot of tension and unrest. We need to explore the challenge of this New Age on the personal level – who am I?

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What does it mean when Jupiter and Saturn conjoin?

The important thing to realize is that Saturn is all about consolidation and structure and limits and hard work, fears and tensions. If we do the work, Saturn’s reward is Golden Reaping.

Whereas Jupiter is all about expansion and inspiration and sense of purpose and guru connection and blessing.

And so, at each Jupiter Saturn conjunction New Age, there’s a new and different balance of the two Great Opposites, depending on the balance of strength between the two and the sign they are in, and its elemental nature as well, and the disposition of the other planets around them.

At this time, we have an unusual Jupiter-Saturn conjunction governing the New Age that will run for 20 years and that we are all living in now.

This is because at the start date of this New Age, Winter Solstice 21.12.2020, Jupiter was at its degree of greatest debilitation and weakness in Vedic Capricorn, whereas Saturn was super strong there in Capricorn, the sign he rules.

This means that Jupiter’s energies of expansion blessing and sense of purpose and guru connection are trashed. And also, Recession comes in now, as it did the last time Saturn and Jupiter were conjunct in 2008.

And it means that Saturn’s demands for structure and duty and patience and consolidation, are super-super strong, and cannot be ignored without grief.

Before the Winter Solstice 2020 it was a time of Jupiter’s strength. But now we are in an Age of Saturn.

It is important and helpful to realise, that the last time this situation happened with the two of them coming together in Vedic Capricorn and starting a New Age with Saturn super-strong and Jupiter super-weak, was actually the Jupiter Saturn conjunction of 19.2.1961.

What happened then? It was, indeed, the start of a New Age: The Age of the Sixties.

See the video:

So, the point is, that each of us is now in a similar, and as big a time shift, now, as were the people of the Sixties, then!

We each have to understand our New Age we are in now.

And we each MUST understand who is the New Me within this New Age. It IS as big as that!

A Jupiter Saturn New Age of this magnitude, with Saturn so strong and Jupiter so very weak, forces societies to change.

It also forces individuals to change.

It also forces each of us to understand our Self anew.

Each of us has to come to a new understanding of him or her Self, as this New Age unfolds.

We each have to answer the question: ‘Who is the ‘New Me’ created by the New Age started with the Jupiter Saturn conjunction of 21.12.2020 and will be unfolding for twenty years?’

Obviously, this begs the question of: ‘What is the Self’? and please also see my separate blog and video all about what is the nature of the Self?: Understand your Self Now.

I want to say now, however, that this New Age is not just a case of Jupiter and Saturn. Vast tense energies are also coming from Neptune (as was the case with the Sixties), but also from Uranus in Vedic Aries, Rahu North Node – and Pluto!!!

But first of all, let’s look at Saturn and Jupiter in some more detail:


At the level of understanding our Saturn self, look what Houses Saturn occupies and Rules in your Vedic birth chart. Look what planet Saturn aspects.
There’s a useful page in my Starwheel Astrology website all about the meaning of each House, and many other similar help pages: https://www.starwheelastrology.com/houses-interpretation.html

Negatively, Saturn is our blocks and fears and rigid behavioural scripts and ways of thinking.

Positively Saturn is our needed structure and strategy and our qualities of endurance and hard work and patience, and our commitment to burning our negative Saturn Karmas.

None of us fully connects with the divine nature of a planet because in this lifetime we are born to work with each planet’s energies filtered through sign, house and aspect, etc.

But it is so worthwhile to make a special effort to see yourself standing before Lord Shani, Saturn, Lord of Karma, and talk through with him where you stand on his issues. Strengthen your connection with the positive benefits of Saturn. His reward is Golden Reaping. He was originally an agricultural deity.

See my separate blog and video and connect to the Divine Saturn, yourself.


At the level of understanding our Jupiter self. Look what Houses Jupiter occupies and rules in your Vedic birth chart. Look what planets Jupiter aspects.

Negatively Jupiter is our over-expansionary, ungrounded hyper-optimism which must crash.

Positively Jupiter is our connection to the guru energy, our valid expansion, our sense of purpose and our reception of Blessing.

Make a special effort to see yourself standing before Brihaspati, Jupiter, and talk through with him where you stand on his issues. Strengthen your connection with the positive benefits of Jupiter. His reward is Blessing, sense of purpose and optimism and divine connection.

Have a look at the blog and video: Jupiter Divine Nature and How to Work with it if it is Blocked.

See my separate blog and video to connect with Divine Jupiter, yourself.

But it is not as simple as just understanding Jupiter and Saturn in your life now, at the start of this New Age.

This is because there are additional terrible fraught energies pitting themselves against each other in the heavens at this time.

The new feature is that we are now all caught up in, now, is a War of the Titans.

In the New Age of the Sixties, Neptune in Libra was dominant, as well as the Saturn Jupiter conjunction balance.

But now, in the New Age following the Winter Solstice of December 2020, it’s much more large and much more fraught: Pluto, Uranus, Rahu (North Node) as well as Neptune are all dominant and fighting each other, in addition to the Saturn Jupiter conjunction balance.

So, let’s look at this current War of the Titans, especially from the point of view of how it will force you to re-define your sense of your Self:


The first thing to happen after the 2020 Winter Solstice, was that a few days later, on 31.12.2020, Pluto entered Vedic Capricorn a few days after the great Jupiter Saturn conjunction.

Pluto is about Power and Buried Power and the Shadow and the Abyss. Pluto pits himself against Saturn’s restrictions. It is the Clash of the Titans.

And each of us is caught up in it, as Pluto smashes against Saturn’s blocks, structures and demands.

The energies of their clash play out in our life too.

Pluto, at the personal level is our power issues, our disempowerment, our buried power, the power that was not allowed to us, our Shadow self.

Remember, Pluto is pitting himself against Saturn, with both in the same sign now: Vedic Capricorn.

What House in your Vedic birth chart is Capricorn What are the life areas of that House?

In order to meet Pluto, I do offer Pluto astrology Readings couples with a healing and empowering Journey to the Abyss, which re-opens our connection to the Divine Light.

The Pluto Return of the USA:

But the next thing to happen was that when Pluto entered Vedic Capricorn, Pluto started closing on natal Pluto in the chart for the USA.

The USA is going through its Pluto Return now, and the first exact hit will be April 2023.

Dark issues of power and shadow issues will have to surface now to be dealt with by the USA. And this will affect the world. And it will affect the Pluto issues of each individual. The energies of the US Pluto Return will play out in our life too.


At the same time as Pluto is clashing against Saturn, Uranus the Planet of Revolution is also clashing against Saturn.

Uranus was discovered at the time of the Fall of the Bastille and the US War of Independence. And Uranus is now transiting through the Vedic sign of Aries, and this is square Saturn.

So this means that Revolutionary Uranus is smashing against Saturn structures and blocks in your life, at the same time as Pluto is exploding about Saturn’s structures and blocks in your life.

There is tension and war over the fight for Revolution and the need for a new structure to life. it will play out in your society and it will play out in your life too.

Uranus, at the personal level, is our needed sense of Revolution and change. Uranus is our ability to discern that and bring it in when it is needed.

And the big questions are: ‘how we bring it in’, also: ‘what we do with the rest of our life?’
And under these banners of Revolution, Uranus is transiting square Saturn in the Heavens now.

What House/Life Area is Vedic Aries in your chart? (Remember, Scorpio is also affected because both Aries and Scorpio are ruled by the same planet: Mars).

What House/Life Areas is Capricorn in your Chart? (Saturn rules Capricorn and Saturn also rules Aquarius).

In order to meet Uranus and examine your relationship with his energy in your life, you can do a vision journey, and see Uranus as the storming of the Bastille, and check out the issue of whether and how you are bringing in needed revolutionary change int your life. what is your needed revolutionary change now?

And there’s one more vastly important detail to take into account as we consider Uranus:

The last time Uranus transited Vedic Aries, this saw the Rise of Adolf Hitler and his bringing in of World War 2. That is the energy! The fraughtness of this will play out in our lives too. And there are many war hot-spots forming now, also.


At the time of the last Jupiter Saturn Conjunction in Vedic Capricorn, where Jupiter was super-debilitated, was the start of the ‘swinging sixties’, and at that time, Neptune was transiting in Libra, and one description of that was that is was the age of ‘Peace and Love Man.

But at the time of this New Age, what might be called ‘The Terrible 2020s’, Neptune is now in the mystical Nakshatra of PurvaBhadra and, in 2022, about to enter intuitive sensitive Vedic Pisces.

Neptune can be very fraught to relate to, but we have to do it. There’s no escape. We have to understand our personal connection to the Neptune energies.

Positively, Neptune is guiding vision, sensitivity and intuition and connection to energies.

Negatively Neptune is drink, drugs and delusion. The person who is not what they seem to be. The pied piper.

Rahu North Node:

Rahu’s transit through Ardra Nakshatra in Vedic Gemini was the harbinger/trigger energy for coronavirus epidemic. Measures to deal with the virus have radically changed our lives and societies.

Lockdown has brought in a New Age.

Rahu has transited now into Vedic Taurus, where he is casting a super-tense concentration-camp style energy onto – yes: Saturn.

Rahu fights Saturn now with mind-bending tension and fears.

We need Rahu’s ambition and direction. Rahu is indeed the direction of our incarnational life purpose in this life, our destiny-direction. But we do need to purify Rahu, or we will never get to our karmic destination.

Check out the Houses and Signs that the Nodes of the Moon: Rahu and Ketu, occupy in your Vedic Birth chart. These tell you what life areas you incarnated especially to work with.

You can even do a vision journey to stand before each of them and discuss and learn the issues of how your incarnational life purpose and your destiny are unfolding at these times, and do work to ascertain how correctly these destinies are unfolding for you in this new Jupiter-Saturn Age, now?

I now come to end with a most important issue. I have been saying all through this blog, that the fraught energies of this new Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction’s new 20-year Age, will force us to face the issue of our Self.

We are forced to face the question of ‘Who am I?’

‘What is my correct life path?’

‘What changes do I need to make?’

And also, each of us will have to establish a new sort of relationship with the society we live in, as societies too are also affected by the fraught energies)

So, I now want to rise the important issue of ‘What is the Self?’ so, please see my partner blog and video on: Understanding your Self Now.

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