When Venus is Retrograde Love Needs Cherishing

This video and blog post is offered as a resource for the future – a resource that can be referred to for guidance whenever Venus turns Retrograde in the Heavens.

Note that whenever Venus is Retrograde, Venus is in trouble. Love and other life areas affected by Venus energies become fraught.

But if we understand the nature of the challenge plus the particular other planet energies affecting any Venus Retrograde period, then we can reap a golden harvest. See the videos: Pt 1 and Pt2:

Venus the planet of Love is actually Retrograde 22nd July to September 3rd, at the time of this filming. So do ALSO see my video and blog published at the same time, about the particular nasty energies of this particular Venus Retrograde period – and the nasty energies from certain other planets at this time (e.g. Mars, Saturn Rahu North Node), and the challenges from the signs Venus is going through at this time (Leo and Virgo and of course Venus in the Gandanta: so important to know about). It is essential to know about the difficulties that Venus will be in from July 3rd  to 29th November 2023. See my separate Video and blog for all about these very difficult Venus energies specific to July to November 2023

So: when Venus is in Trouble, what should I do?

It is so useful to hear about and be reminded about the sorts of experiences we will feel during difficult Venus Retrograde energies. We can refer back to this post – at any time Venus is Retrograde in difficulties, in the future times to come, when we are all going to be affected again.

Venus is the planet whose energies affect our love relationships – and of course we need to be aware that Venus also affects so much more of our personality and so many other of our life issues, as well. Read on about the extent of our Venus issues, below.

The central point is that we each do need to be able to assess and understand our own personal Venus energies and scripts, and each of us see clearly our own Venus destiny. Do you know what yours are?

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The point is that a time of a Venus Retrograde period, we each of us may need to bring in empowering and healing approaches to our life.

Venus Retrograde periods may make us come to feel we have problems in love, in the showing of love, or in the receiving of love or in keeping love alive. Work closely in an agreed way with your partner. Check out the wonderful Healers working on the LoveStarDating Website

OK, to get to the heart of the matter:

A wonderful and very key teaching of the meaning of Venus Retrograde actually comes from ancient Mesopotamia. We can all benefit from this ancient wisdom:

Venus disappears from the skies for a time during a retrograde period, transitioning from evening star, to disappear, and then to reappear as morning star.

This is part of any Venus Retrograde period. A Venus Retrograde period is the forty-day period of Venus rebirth. It is a challenge to love and the other Venus issues. It is a chance for rebirth and moving up a notch in our spiritual life expression.

The wonderful depiction of what learning a Venus Retrograde period can mean for matters of love, comes from ancient Mesopotamia’s Goddess Ishtar (also called Inanna): Ishtar was then Goddess of the Earth:

What happened was that Ishtar’s husband died. And so in utter grief at the loss of her love, Inanna descended into the underworld to try to get him back.

Grieving distraught Inanna had to pass a series of seven gate guards on the way down to the abyss of the Underworld, each of whom demanded a payment of her.

So Ishtar arrived at the bottom of the Underworld naked and bereft – and there she faced her sister, Ereshkigal: Goddess of Underworld.

And what did Ereshkigal do?

She hung Inanna on a meat hook on the wall – naked and bereft!!!

Inanna went through hell.

She had walked into hell: what would she do about it???

Well, the humans left up on the surface of the Earth grieved the loss of their Earth Goddess. The crops were failing. They were starving and fearful.

So, the humans sent a little creature to creep round the seven sets of gate guards and go down, down, down, to get to the very pit of hell.

He retrieved Inanna.

He got her back to the surface of this Earth.

And the point is that when Inanna returned from her abyss of suffering, grief and deprivation and loss of her beloved husband, she was not only Goddess of the Earth – She had become The Goddess of Love as well.

She had become greater – because of what she went through!

So, really do note that reconnecting to our love, can be a central issue of Venus Retrograde!

The point underlying this ancient Mesopotamian wisdom story, is that we each need to understand the Venus energies surrounding us, and affecting each of us, from the cosmos at any given time – and especially at a Venus Retrograde time.

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We have to realize that, at times, the energies of the cosmos can affect us helpfully and easily.

Or, at other times, the energies of the cosmos can horrendously challengingly affect us. But we have to learn to see that. YES, these horrendous times can give us the hardest learning – BUT through these we have the chance to grow – if only we can see the divine meaning in things. And that is where my Astrology Readings can help.

And depending on the signs and other planets involved, a Venus Retrograde period is definitely the time for having definable big challenging energies in love!! – and in other areas of our life as well!

This Post shares with you the full meaning and handling wisdom of Venus energies any time now or in the future, that Venus is retrograde. It seeks to examine:

What are the lower Venus energy manifestations and the lower ways of handling them?

What are the higher Venus energies manifestations and the higher ways of handling them?

But I’d like you also to see the Pt. 2 post which is entitled: Very difficult Venus Love energies July to November 2023.

This Pt. 2 post gives you very useful detail to refer to now, or to refer back to at any time in the future, as to some very exceptionally difficult multiply different additional Venus energies that surround us at the time of writing in the longer period when Venus is in multiple other difficulties is essential to know about, namely from July 3rd to 29th November 2023.

The Venus challenges are worse than usual until end November. In the Pt. 2 post, as an addon, I cover:

A. The detail of what is going on when Venus the planet of Love is Retrograde, in the timescale 22nd July to September 3rd.

B.  Venus transits the Cancer-Leo Gandanta Zone

C. Venus sign-change energies in the signs of Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra 2023

D. Lilith conjunct Venus

E. Pluto Square Nodes at this time

G. Ketu transits Libra, the sign that Venus rules

H. Chiron trine Venus

I. Venus transits Sun Combust

J. Mars and Venus in the Cancer-Leo Gandanta

K. Saturn transits opposition Mars

L. Saturn transits opposition Venus.

So, let’s look deeper now at the meaning of a Venus Retrograde Period.

So, first of all: we need to know a bit more fully, what are Venus energies?’ what are the areas of life Venus affects? What are higher and lower Venus energies?

First of all, of course, Venus is the planet whose energies affect our love relationships – but Venus energies affect us greatly also in other areas of our personality and our life – especially when Venus is Retrograde – and ultimately, Venus energies actually have a divine dimension. The ancients had their Gods and Goddesses of Love: Goddesses Inanna, Venus and Aphrodite, plus the Gods: the male divine faces of love Vedic Shukra, Roman Eros and Cupid – and so many more.

Let’s look at some of the other dimensions of our self that planet Venus energies affect:

The state of Venus’ energies in our personal self, and also in the energies surrounding all of us at any given time, affects the level of our passion – and how we express passion.

The state of the Venus energies in our self, and also the Venus’ energies in the cosmos around us at any given time, also affect our sense of self-value, of self-worth – a most utterly crucial life area.

Venus energies also have a big effect on our wealth issues: our money and finances (including the financial issues on the level of countries and the World).

Venus energies also affect our connection to beauty and our creative expression: our appreciation of the beautiful and aesthetic sense.

Venus energies also affect our comfort and happiness.

Venus is the karaka or indicator for women or wife issues in a man’s chart – and sexual loving experiences in life generally.

Importantly, Venus also is Guru:

Very importantly, Venus is seen in Vedic Astrology as one of the two Guru planets: Venus together with Jupiter: We need to know the state and standing of our two Guru planets: in our person and in the energies surrounding all of us at different times.

Our Jupiter (as he appears in our chart and in our life path) is the first guru. Jupiter can offer us blessing, sense of purpose, divine-energy based guidance, expansion.

But, most importantly, our Venus, as the second guru, is our pleasure-based wisdom feelings. These can ultimately guide us in the handling ‘demon energies’: dealing with demons in ourself and with demons in others.

The very important truth is that Shukra, the Divine Venus, is the teacher of demons.

This is because it is so important to realize that to subdue and influence demons (and people with demonic side to them) cannot be done by force – but only by charm and grace – Venus!!!

Rightful Venus also gives each of us power.

This is not only the power that fascinates but also the power to move and to motivate. Venus is guru: In Vedic Astrology, the Divine Venus is Lord Shukra. He is described as follows:
Joyful in spirit, possesses a beautiful body, is splendorous and has lovely eyes.

Venus is the significator of art, poetry, painting, music and dance. He is our Muse in life, our sense of the beloved that draws out our creative expression. He indicates our sensitivity, refinement and gentleness.

But we need to also realize that there’s a lower possible manifestation of Venus. The lower Venus is vain, superficial and affected. Here loveliness is mere show and exhibition.

Lower Venus demands that we please. Lower Venus demands pleasure: the narcissist.

Negative Venus becomes the pleasure that dissipates, exhausts and debilitates, the self-indulgence that destroys.

Lower Venus is the seducer who drains away our fire and ruins our positive will in life.

In connecting to the divine dimension of Venus, we must seek the deepest and true nature of our love and not accept an image of glamour for it, and not accept a relationship diminished by lies and by negative scripts. This is a relationship that need to be worked at so as to become healed.

It is so important, too, to have a good idea what are our individual Venus scripts and issues – and what to do about our negative Venus issues – how to deal with these many various life-areas-facets that our good or bad Venus energies create and affect.

How do you express and embody your Venus energies – as a life fate issue? or at a particular time phase in your life??

It’s so important for our life success that we can express our Venus energies fully.

That we can learn to identify our blocks to love and other Venus issues by doing this – and find the healing that may be so necessary.

It is so important also to learn about the really negative Venus scripts may have.

My combination of Western and Vedic Astrology reveals all of this and is also linked to Healing possibilities.

Such blocks in our personal destiny showing up in our chart as a destiny to be healed. Just a tiny few examples, these include such as:

Saturn conjunct Venus

Chiron conjunct Venus

Venus transiting the Vedic sign of Virgo

Lilith in aspect to Venus

Venus Retrograde in our birth chart

– and many, many more.
And such blocks appearing from time to time in the heavens definitely include: Retrograde Venus.

It’s super-important to hear if you have Venus in one of the three Gandanta zones in your birth chart.

It’s super important to know if Venus transiting one of the three Gandanta Zones at a particular time (as it is now)

– and many, many more

– all of our challenging Venus destinies and transits we need to learn how to identify them and how to heal them.

It is so useful, so essential, to know what your personal Venus scripts are generally in this lifetime as a destiny.

And of course it is also so essential to know what to do about that destiny, how to work with it, how to heal it where healing is needed, how to maximize it, how to change it.

It is amazing what my combination of both Vedic and Western Astrology can offer to you here. As I said, I have learned to offer so much by moving Chiron and Lilith into the Vedic Divisional charts called Varga charts, each of which states something so very special about a particular area of our life.

When I first did this in my own case, the results were eye-opening and so valid and so useful to hear.

Past life issues play a role in our destiny in this life. We incarnate to work with them. See the wonderful panel of Healers and Astrologers on my LoveStarDating website:

We all of us need to work out what to do about our expression of our Venus energies, when a negative Venus life-script becomes obvious to us.

AND we especially need to work out what to do about our expression of our Venus energies, when Venus in the heavens is in troubled times, such as Venus Retrograde or Venus Transiting the Gandanta, or when Venus is transiting in Vedic Virgo.

These are the troubled times for Venus energies – and indeed they prevail at the time of the making of this video and blog post.

During the Venus Retrograde phase, retrograde Venus will create confusion in your mind and build up the doubts and aggravations in love in a way that you are in essence called to confront and heal.

Venus Retrograde may make you make inappropriate or wrong plans.

Relationship, professional & financial decisions would likely be compromised in a Venus Retrograde period.

You should not too easily trust your judgement during this time.

Any aggression could very easily backfire and harm your love relationship at this time.

During a Venus Retrograde transit, Retrograde Venus will bring many challenges and setbacks with areas of your life left therefore in confusion, and possibly in deception.

At the time of Venus Retrograde, beware taking a wrong direction that could backfire. You might not adequately identify the areas of the challenges.

As a special detail: Be careful of the Venus stationary periods: when Venus is completing direct motion and turning Retrograde, when Venus is completing a Retrograde period and turning Direct.

Be careful and avoid impulsiveness during these two stationary periods.

Remember, also, that the Shadow pre-phase also affects us:
When Venus is transiting within the zone he will shortly be retrograding through.

When Venus has turned Direct, but has not yet reached his pre-retrogradation position in the heavens.

The average 44 day Venus Retrograde phase is a call for you to be especially careful, if you are one of those for whom Venus is a ruling planet, such as people with a Libra or Taurus emphasis in their charts, e.g. Ascendant, Sun or Moon in Vedic Libra or Taurus, and if you have a planet in a Venus-ruled Nakshatra (The Nakshatras are the supremely wonderful 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology which so accurately declare our life scripts and our predictive issues).  You can  get a Reading for me which always includes analysis of your Nakshatras. You can enroll on my Nakshatras Course:

People in Venus Dasha will be strongly affected when Venus is Retrograde.

Note importantly that the House(s) in your Vedic birth chart that Venus occupies or rules will be strongly affected during a Venus Retrograde period.  

I do hope this depiction of the blocks and opportunities created for your challenge, learning and growth by your Venus Retrograde period will be of help-  and lead to healing if that’s needed.

So please now go on to see my Pt 2. Video and blog post, which is all about the dates and details of the other very difficult Venus and other planet energies that are also around at the time of writing this post: July to November 2023.

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