When Uranus strikes your Moon: Transit of Uranus conjunct the Moon in your birth chart

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Uranus is transiting conjunct the Moon in my birth chart. This transit can only happen once every 84 years. Uranus takes 84 years to orbit round the Sun, so he can only transit conjunct your moon in your birth chart once in a life-time at most.

And when it happens, it’s like the Struck Tower Card in the Tarot.

Here is a computer-generated ‘one-size fits all’ brief indicator of what to expect. And I’m using the example of my own astrology because it’s happening to me now:

Exact 29 May 2016, Exact 1 Oct 2016, Exact 20 Mar 2017

‘This transit brings unexpected emotional upsets during which you will break down old emotional patterns and experience new freedom. During this time of discovery you will learn that the old ways are not necessarily the best ways. This may involve breaking away from parental or authoritarian influences. You will feel an urge to explore your own feelings. The path to emotional freedom may not be smooth. You may undergo times of uncertainty, frustration, moodiness and irritation as you attempt to change your patterns of behaviour. Your loved ones may not immediately respond positively to your need for change. Your home life may be in disarray. However, your intuition is strong during this transit and you can use your inner knowledge to pursue an emotionally-fulfilling path which respects both your needs and the needs of loved ones.’

Well, obviously the frustration, moodiness and irritation don’t apply to me personally – well, at least that’s my story!!!

Here’s the graph of the timing of my Uranus to Moon transit so you can see how it works. So first of all Uranus goes forward over my natal Moon, then he retrogrades back over my natal Moon, then he heads forward again and passes over my natal Moon for the last time to head on round the zodiac on his 84-year orbit:

Michael Graphed Transits 2016
Michael Graphed Transits 2017

So, here’s my ‘Uranus to Moon Transit’ story, and how I believe I have turned round what felt like cataclysm at the time, for good and for better!

uranus transits moonWhat happened is that my (adoptive) family suddenly blew apart. My very elderly adoptive mother had a sudden fall and it was all decided that day, without my knowing, that she go to live with my adoptive sister several hundred miles away. And this was in circumstances that were just like King Lear! As you can imagine, I got the nasty Texts and the bossy letters! It’s been a difficult adoption. This is what my soul chose for me this life time. My Moon is actually in a special condition called Gandanta in Vedic Astrology, so these events were ‘meant’ and for my hard learning. Gandanta moon means that ‘Mother will not be there for you’ and its divine intention is that out of such a difficult karmic knot that can only tighten every time you try to loosen it, you in fact learn to stand up for yourself.

At the same time as the fall, I decided to contest a Will made by my adoptive brother. He had made it secretly just before his death in an alcoholic dementia unit, despite the fact that what’s called a ‘Statutory Will’ had been made some years beforehand by the Court of Protection.

He had dedicated the last two years of his life to seeking to disinherit me following one of his earlier Care Homes who later kicked him out, calling me in to take action on his shoplifting alcohol and his being aggressive to staff, etc. Unsurprisingly this made me unpopular with him!!!

In his sixth and final replacement Care Home, as he was dying, he found an ambitious young solicitor with all the expenses of setting up his own firm at that time. And this young solicitor secretly made a replacement Will for my brother to overturn the Statutory Will, telling my brother that although he was mad when the Statutory Will was made, ‘but you’re sane now’.

The ambitious young solicitor the new Will on the basis of a simple tick box test for sanity administered by a General Practitioner doctor, whereas the Statutory Will had been made with the involvement of four consultant psychiatrists! Needless to say: the new Will disinherited me.

It was a shock to me to find out when he died just afterwards that a new Will had been made. And I feel it raises the public interest that this could happen. But I decided that I must stand up for myself and stand up for what I saw as Truth, and contest this new Will. And of course, this made me even more the family target. It’s hard and sad being the sane one in a family! It takes a lot of courage and overcoming fear when all your life you’ve been treated as the invisible one who had to always acquiesce and stand aside.

Tower Card TarotThe Uranus to Moon Transit is like the ‘Struck Tower’ Card in the Tarot.

Magus Tarot CardThe challenge is to make it ‘The Magician instead’!

Interestingly, my partner, Maggie Pashley, who is a very widely qualified healer, also has Uranus transiting her Moon just afterwards. This is because her Moon is just two degrees after my Moon in her birth chart. So my ‘Struck Tower Card Experience’ was shortly to be her ‘Struck Tower Card Experience’.

So, What happened? We both became convinced we must move away from the darkness, and indeed be re-born, and set up in a new life.

We did have some support. For example we have a wonderful group learning the Runes with us in Latvia, and they came up with the Rune Divination that in taking the dangerous challenge I would succeed.

I had a psychic reading/psychic surgery healing from a wonderful woman in the western USA: Elizabeth Hendricks, who had told me that I should visit the rocks of the land of my birth family for healing and empowerment.

My own astrology convinced me I should take the risk and head for my destiny. In my current western astrology there was not just this Transit of Uranus to my Moon. Uranus had also just started to transiting into my 10th House which offers ‘Revolution in Career’, and my ‘Progressed Moon’ was just entering my 4th House which can favour move of home.

My Vedic Astrology was insistent in offering me success. In the wonderful predictive periods of Vedic Astrology, I am in the final sub period of the long Rahu period, or ‘Rahu Dasha’. Rahu is the North Node of the Moon. It’s the indicator of where the thrust of your incarnational destiny is taking you this life-time. Rahu Dasha always ends with the final sub-period of Rahu-Mars, a turbulent ending to a period where you are impelled to make that final push to your incarnational destiny in order to prepare for the next Dasha, which in my case starts this November 2016. The next Dasha in the sequence is always Jupiter:  and it’s Jupiter Dasha, which will bring me the crowing success of my life, snatching this from the teeth of darkness and fear, I feel.

So I am telling you all this, partly to demonstrate what the ‘Transit of Uranus to Moon’ can bring you, and partly to show how I expertly combine both western astrology and Vedic astrology in my astrology readings and courses.

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So: what did we decide to do in the face of this ‘Struck Tower’ Uranus to Moon Transit experience?

croagh patrick reek sunday 2014 9Well, we decided to emigrate to Ireland, to Westport in fact. It’s on the beautiful western coastline of Ireland, not far from where my Irish birth family are (who don’t know I exist!).

My partner Maggie Pashley looks forward to a new project of sharing her many healing modalities in different towns and healing centres in Ireland as well as her online worldwide work. I look forward to continuing all my worldwide astrology readings and courses, but I am also looking forward to adding in shamanic, runes and ogham retreats. And I also seek to add in work on the sacred earth of nearby Croagh Patrick Mountain.

I suppose my message arising from this first of three bursts of my Uranus Transit conjunct the Moon in my birth chart, is that you may have to find courage to stand up for yourself. You will have to expect the unexpected. You may need to find healing (and my astrology readings and courses always point to healing modalities to bring out the best in what your astrology describes.

There were lots of synchronicities and special omens. It’s worth mentioning a chance seeing of the film Winter’s Tale in New York also meant a lot to me as the shock initially dawned: the film’s story is that we are each born to manifest our special talent. If we do this, we go on into the Light, which in fact joins all living beings, except that there are some beings dedicated to the darkness whose mission it is to stop souls heading to their light. A White Horse appears as rescuer at key moments.

And so my Uranus to Moon transit experience convinces me that above all you must aim for that special spark for which you incarnated: the special quality or achievement in your life that you came here to be and do.

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