When spiritual teachers take to the Fuhrer Bunker

fuehrerbunkerThis post is a study – a warning about an important facet of the personality of PurvaAshada, and how this sign can manifest in spiritual teachers.

Purvashadha is the 20th of the 27 lunar signs of Vedic astrology: the Nakshatras:

Purvashada is situated at 13’30 to 26’40 Vedic Sagittarius (so, in the western tropical zodiac, this is around 7 to 21 degrees Capricorn). I am referring here especially to where the person’s Moon falls within Purvashadha Nakshatra, but the characteristics described below will also apply to anyone with a planet or ascendant (Lagna) in PurvaAshada, especially Sun or Lagna.

The name PurvaAshada translates as ‘the former invincible one’. Its quality is invincibility. Its ruling planet is Venus and its symbols include the fan and the elephant’s tusk. Its qualities include being proud, independent, always improving, philosophical, patient in adversity, benevolent but confrontational, angry and harsh when circumstances allow it to be.

The true spiritual path of this constellation is the purification of the ego.  The path can include meditation, kundalini work and sexual therapies. But if they are not to harm themselves and others, they need to develop the realisation that he who wants to behold god will first have to wipe his feet.  Whoever wants to meet the cosmic dimension will have to purify his ego first. As with all the Nakshatras, there is potential great power. But it must also be understood that with PurvaAshada spiritual teachers there are great dangers.

And the point of writing this blog now is that all of them are now into Sade Sate – see below.

Purvashada is very into superiority. They can be inspiring but do tend to over-expansion, leaps of faith and zeal: can be aggressively so. They’re secretive even masked, and thus known for their hidden talents to emerge (not necessarily fully on view). And the Venus rulership means they can be flamboyant and enticing.

They have the intense conviction that they cannot lose. And I have seen this create dreadful scripts when they become spiritual teachers. Their nature tends to being insensitive even cruel. They won’t easily take into account the feelings and emotions of those around them. Because they are into superiority, they can surround themselves with disempowered side-kicks who are always asking question that further disempower the side-kicks, not least because the PurvaAshada loves formula and will regurgitate it in an inauthentic way disconnected from the reality of peoples’ feelings and the true nature of events. As with all spiritual teachers, there is the risk that pone of the sidekicks will put on Jack Boots and keep the other followers in line. Methods of getting payments of money can be an issue. As is the case with so many spiritual teachers these days, they will have a train of not so perceptive followers who will press the ‘LIKE’ button compulsively every time the leader posts on Face Book! There can be a lot of suffering for the children of Purvashadha spiritual teachers. They can be neglected and get into grief while the parent is globe-tripping round the glitzy retreat centers. They can be told to pack their bags if their tears become too great due to the neglect occasioned by the rising spiritual teacher’s program and the attractions of the friendship-seeking side-kicks. There is a risk for the followers of Purvashadha spiritual teachers. If one of the followers gets disempowered or is harmed by the teaching or by the side-kick assistant spiritual teachers, the harmed person should expect no sympathy whatsoever. And what happens to them thus can be serious. On occasions it can be really dire and they can end up broken. Really the PurvaAshada spiritual teachers are born natural show-offs. They seem pleasant and bubbly beneath a suitably serious demeanor, but they are certainly immune to the fates of followers who get crushed by the band-wagon.

I mentioned above that they are all in Sade Sate now. All PurvaAshada Moons This is because their Nakshatra falls wholly within the Vedic sign of Sagittarius. And since Saturn entered the Vedic sign of Scorpio in November 2014, all PurvaAshada Moon people are in Sade Sate.

Sade Sate: This is the accurate and difficult Vedic Astrology Teaching of Saturn transiting the sign before the Moon occupies in your birth chart, the sign the Moon occupies in your birth chart, and the sign after that.

Events will happen now that will send them to ‘reckoning time’ now, or make them face the truth and change. A lot depends on how insensitive, formulaic, proud they are, and how propped up by their side-kicks and their formulae.

It takes Saturn twenty eight to twenty-nine years to orbit the Sun and two and a half years to transit each of the twelve signs, so the whole experience of Saturn’s transit through the three signs lasts seven and a half years.

It is like going down into a pit, cut off from God’s grace so that we can see and learn the limitations of our own unaided personality and incarnation. The turning point when Saturn ceases to go down into the pit and starts to rise up out of it is when Saturn actually transits across the Moon in your birth chart. Here is the relevant time-scale:

  1. Sade Sate starts when Saturn enters Vedic Scorpio, the sign before the Moon sign: November 2014.
  2. Saturn finally becomes established in Vedic Sagittarius, the sign of these peoples’ natal Moon: October 2017.
  3. Saturn leaves Sagittarius and enters the sign after the Moon: Vedic Capricorn, in January 2020 and

Sade Sate finally ends: January 2023 when Saturn finally leaves Vedic Capricorn. .


So my point is that these spiritual teachers will have a very hard time as Saturn conjucnts their Moon if they do not examine how the above negative potentialities of Purva Ashada are manifesting in their lives and teaching and their treatment of their followers. The more pride and fixity a person has during Sade Sate, the more they themselves suffer. The suffering is there of course in any person’s Sade Sate to impel us to resolve out negative scripts. What these teachers must not do is be like Hitler and wall themselves up ‘invincibly’ in their Fuhrer bunkers.

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