When Saturn transits across the Moon in your Birth Chart; When Saturn transits through the 12th House in your birth chart; When Saturn transits across your Sun

aquarius 3The Big Saturn Transits: So many people who contact me for readings from across the globe all seem to be experiencing big Saturn Transits at the present, so I feel this is because I have important things to be able to say to them.  The first is when Saturn is transiting across the Moon in your birth chart: The second is when Saturn is transiting through the 12th House in your birth chart: The third is when Saturn is transiting across the Sun in your birth chart:

When Saturn is transiting across the Moon in your birth chart: This is known as Sade Sate in Vedic Astrology. It is a predictive period that occurs once every twenty eight years. It always lasts some seven-and-a-half years’. Sade Sathi is always a period of some seven-and-a-half years’ separations, confusion, blocks and problems. It is like going down into a pit and then coming up out of it over a period of seven and a half years. Saturn is transiting through Vedic sign of Libra from August 2012 to November 2014. So if the Moon is in the Vedic Sign of Libra in your birth chart, you are at the bottom of the pit now: the turning point. If your Moon is in the Vedic sign of Scorpio in your birth chart, you are going down into the pit now. If your Moon is in the Vedic sign of Virgo in your birth chart, you are coming up out of the pit now.

Astrologically it is defined as follows:
1. When Saturn transits through the Vedic sign before Moon (two and a half years).
2. Then Saturn transits through the Vedic sign actually containing the Moon (two and a half years)
3. Then Saturn transits through the Vedic sign after the one occupied by the Moon (two and a half years).

It’s roughly about three and a quarter years going down into the pit, then three and a quarter years coming out. The bottom of the pit may be just one aspectation of the natal Moon by transiting Saturn, or there may be three aspectations (lasting about nine months).

The total period is usually characterised by:

  • Being cut off from God’s grace, so you have to stand on your own two feet with the divine purpose that you will learn the strengths and limitations of that.
  • Usually you will find you have associated with people who are wrong for you – so that you learn not to do this
  • Usually you will find you have embraced wrong ideas for you, with the divine purpose of guiding you to your right ideas.
  • There’s often a big move of house
  • There’s often a death in the family or circle
  • You will confront various unanticipated problems. There maybe loss of position and dishonour.
  • You may feel like a rat who will be offered a tasty food only to be trapped inside the cage.

The salvific aim of Lord Sani (Saturn), during this period, is to test the individual to develop patience, fortitude, diligence, ethics and repentance – and above all to offer the individual hardships to get the individual back on course: i.e. more closely adhering to their individual dharma. Your individual dharma is the path that you incarnated to tread. It is often most closely defined astrologically by the position of the Nodes of the Moon (Rahu and Ketu) in your Vedic Natal Chart – by House, planetary aspect and sign), and also by Saturn in the natal chart (this must be using the sidereal zodiac of Vedic Astrology and not the tropical zodiac of western astrology. Saturn is Lord of your Karma. The Nodes of the Moon describe your incarnational life purpose this time.

DO NOTE THOUGH that the period will usually give success and gains, as well as the tough things,  if your Moon is in one of the following four EXCEPTION signs in your Vedic Natal Chart. There will be all the difficulties, but there will also be some gain at the turning point as Saturn crosses the Moon. The four Vedic zodiac exception signs are: Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra and Taurus.

To end our study of the first type of Saturn Transit: Sade Sate, here is a brief western definition of Saturn transiting across your moon by Reinhold Ebertin:N.B. Because Sade Sate is a conjunction aspect, the negative potentials will be more to the forefront of the following total range of possible manifestations:

+          inner calm, content, self-control, circumspection, sense of duty, good relation with older women, sincere relation, desire to travel.

–           inhibitions, fluctuating moods, inferiority complex, melancholy, obstinacy, unstableness of character, illness (due to mental suffering), lack of self-confidence, fear of exposure, difficulties ensuing from change or travel. Estrangement, separation (possibly death)

The Second big Saturn Transit is When Saturn is transiting through the 12th House in your birth chart:
You do need to use the Vedic birth chart to get an accurate definition of where your 12th House starts and finishes. The western chart won’t give you an accurate definition. Saturn is transiting through the Vedic (sidereal) sign of Libra at present (that’s most of western Scorpio), so if your Ascendant is in the next sign: the Vedic sign of Scorpio, Saturn is now transiting through your 12th House. Saturn got established in Vedic Libra in August 2012, and it will move on into Vedic Scorpio in November 2014. Because Saturn is in Vedic Libra – and Rahu (North Node) is transiting there too, there will be an emphasis for everyone on relationship awareness and issues, but if Libra is in your 12th House, it is important to understand the challenges. Here they are:
Saturn Is TWELFTH from Moon or Lagna. Keywords: Stability of Liberation
Favorable: Go someplace where you can be a monk for a while, or at least take enough quiet time and rest for yourself. You’re at a junction point of a new life. Your whole mental, emotional, and physical self might be going through a metamorphosis. It is a big time for inner integration. It is a huge time for LETTING GO of what must be let go of. If you try to fight this you will suffer and be sad and your efforts will be futile. Let the change come from a stable, solid, and harmonious place. Be generous and give willingly to some charitable or educational cause. Do some good for your community. The passage of Saturn through the 12th House brings up a lot of issues from the past where we had felt betrayed, abandoned, or let down. Unfavourable: This transit carries a lot more mental and emo­tional distress, if such is in the chart to start with. You might not feel like you can be clear enough at this time. The mind is discontinuous and unfocused at times. Debts build up. There could be loss of a job and income, or you might feel like giving up your work and moving on to something else. Family matters and issues with loved ones could be a source of conflict and unhappiness. You might feel some resentment for all the times you gave and people took advantage of you. Be mindful not to put yourself at any obvious, serious risk. If you reduce your exposure to risks, act mindfully, and stay around positive people, this does not have to be an unpleasant time. Above all, be open in what you do: open to the fact that what you do might not be right for you or might just be a stepping stone. Let go of restrictive scripts and wrong ways of living or treating others.

The third is when Saturn is transiting across the Sun in your birth chart: I see this as a period of professional downfall, poor health, delays and setbacks, depression. The divine aim of this transit is sacerdotal, in other words priestly. The aim is to strip us of that which should not be part of ourself, that which should not be part of our life, so that we become refined to our essence. So that we become our essence. If we have a weak Sun (as defined astrologically using the methods of Vedic astrology) circumstances and losses will force us to learn about this fact and strengthen our Sun’s guiding control over our life.  Also your father may be experiencing difficult time, or you may be separated from him temporarily or permanently.

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