When Saturn moves slowly: Feeling sad. Blocks. Don’t go in for drama or escapism. There’s need for perseverance and enlightened understanding.

Saturn - Lord Shani in Vedic Astrology
Saturn – Lord Shani in Vedic Astrology

When Saturn moves slowly: Feeling sad. Blocks. Don’t go in for drama or escapism. There’s need for perseverance and enlightened understanding.

This is easier said than done of course!

The key value of astrology is that it can bring the most sophisticated and accurate declaration.

It can also make a most accurate statement of timing: of how long a particular influence or energy will last.

One or two people report now they are feeling unaccountable moments of sadness. Some are even saying they feel like leaving their body now. There’s moments of tearfulness. This is the effect of Saturn now!

I feel the astrological signification of these feelings is that Saturn is moving slower and slower in the heavens now. Saturn’s velocity is reduced now. It’s close to zero, and it will reach zero on March 15th. Then it very, very slowly turns backwards or retrograde in the heavens for months. The slower a planet is, the stronger we feel its effects. And believe me: Saturn’s effects are really strong!

The point is we can handle our day all wrong if we don’t understand what this is all about. We can make really bad decisions. We can waste time wringing our hands and upsetting others.

The point is: we incarnate in this life to learn lessons. We incarnate so that our True Self which exists eternally can progress in its manifestation and exploration. We chose what we are to work with each life: what creative urges, what relationship lessons, what lessons around money and love. We also chose what hardships and blocks we are going to learn how to deal with and overcome. This is all for our own good. All our potentials and our challenges are of vast importance, even if they are not the ultimate truth that lies beyond the earthly realm.

As regards Saturn, the lessons we are faced with include steadiness, perseverance, not catastrophizing, holding firm to our path, even dealing with chronic dissatisfaction or even grief.

If we don’t recognise or understand Saturn’s lessons we reap the negative benefits of sadness and failure (all with hard-learning spiritual messages there for us); we can become proud and stuck and blind and deaf to the help that’s there.

However, if we do recognise and understand Saturn’s lessons, we make golden reaping. We develop sober golden wisdom and deep spiritual perception, even absorption and enlightenment. We can become the Rock of Ages for others. They may ignore what we are offering, but that’s not our fault – and the consequences are theirs. We radiate soberness, diligence and contentment.

Basically my partner and I meditate daily for an hour. We find that kundalini meditation (focus on the third eye to raise kundalini energy) dhyana (focus meditation) and receiving energies of enlightenment known in India as ‘shaktipat’ have helped us so much. This practise can enable you to observe the play of events and the sway of emotions and the chatter of the mind and the dramas of depression etc, without being sucked in.

And this spiritual path sits so well with the understanding of energies and events and also timing that astrology practised well can offer.

I seek to represent this in me astrology readings for you and in my courses. Both my readings and my courses combine western with Vedic Astrology.

I hope this blog post is of help.

Incidentally, at the same time as this challenge and sadness from very slow Saturn, there’s two planets retrograde or with backwards motion in the heavens now as well: Jupiter and Mercury. For more details see below. But the message of retrograde Jupiter is to get us to check out the value and correctness of our learning and spiritual systems and the appropriateness of any teacher or teachings we are being given. Retrograde Mercury forces us to communicate clearly and honestly. He exposes any IT issues we have not tied up efficiently. He teaches us to handle postage, communications and business correctly and well.

So it is quite a hard time with Saturn virtually stationary now and Mercury and Jupiter Retrograde.

Here is a bit more detail on the technicalities: You can easily check out the positons of all the planets using the charts and ephemeris (western and Vedic) on my monthly astrology pages on my Master Vedic Astrology Website: http://www.mastervedicastrology.com/astrology-2015.html

Saturn is almost stationary in the heavens now, and this continues until he turns retrograde only a degree further on from his present position on 15th March. So, Saturn right now, on 28th January 2015, is at 9 deg Vedic Scorpio. By 15th March 2015 he has only moved a degree forward, so Saturn turns Retrograde at 10 Vedic Scorpio. Saturn then continues to retrograde until 2nd August when he goes as far back in the heavens as 4 Vedic Scorpio, and he does not regain his pre-retrogradation position until 8th November 2015.

If you prefer this in terms of the western tropical zodiac, this means that Saturn right now is at 3 degrees Sagittarius. He turns retrograde on 15th March at 4 deg Sagittarius, and he retrogrades until 2nd August at 28 western Scorpio.

As regards the two retrograde planets now:

Jupiter is also retrograde from 09 Dec 2014 to 09 Apr 2015

And Mercury is retrograde from 21 Jan 2015    to   11 Feb 2015  

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