When Jupiter Weakens Do Work to Increase your Blessing

Jupiter weakens in late 2020

Of course, it’s not the divine energy of Jupiter that weakens, it’s our reception of Jupiter qualities that is weakened. This is when Jupiter is Retrograde or in his sign of debilitation, Vedic Capricorn, for example.

Jupiter’s actual divine energy is Blessing, Expansion, Guru connection and sense of purpose.

At the time of writing, at the start of September 2020, Jupiter is strong because he’s transiting Vedic Sagittarius (the sign he rules along with Pisces), but our reception of him is weakened. This is because he’s retrograde until 13th September. And when Jupiter is retrograde, we have to check that we are internalising his qualities correctly for our identity and for our life path.

But note that, at 23 deg Capricorn, now in September 2020 there’s a twist, a cosmically vast twist: Jupiter is actually is a conjunction with Pluto!

But there’s a huge change ahead:

Note also that when Jupiter will re-enter the sign of Capricorn on 20.11.2020. Jupiter is in very low dignity and strength there in Capricorn.

I personally have long found that embodiment helps greatly in internalising the qualities of a God or Goddess as a ‘Face of the Divine’. I learned this during a university-based five-year field study that I did from 1998: this was an Ethnography of spiritual forms new to the modern West, covering the paths of Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, Shamanism and Utopian Community. Within Buddhism, I stayed on and off over the period in a Theravada Buddhist spiritual community, but I also stayed at a Tibetan Buddhist Gompa, and there I learned how to contact a deity in his or her pure land, and then to ‘arise as deity’. Starting with Avalokiteshvara, the God of Universal Compassion.

If I am feeling I need greater presence of  a Divine being, I also put up a picture on the wall, light a candle in front daily, and also stand before the image daily and converse with the God or Goddess from the heart. Jupiter has been in a problematic status in the heavens for some time, and so some of this work I did certainly included my relationship with Jupiter.

And see the Pt 2 video here.

This is add on video and blog 1 of our upcoming September 2020 Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter.

As a special resource, I do show the charts and ephemeris for each month in both Vedic and also western astrology on my Starwheel website. You can see the full Vedic and also Western Ephemeris of the planets positions, the charts of the September Full and New Moons, plus the 2020 eclipse dates and more, all on my September Astrology page in my Starwheel Astrology website:

By the way, Vedic Astrology offers some wonderful ways of quantifying the Jupiter energy available to you in your life, for example: the dignity of Jupiter in your birth chart, and across all the Varga or Divisional Chart, each of which says something quite wonderful about a particular area of our life.

And Vedic Astrology can also offer a scoring of how well supported you are for dealing with the transit of any planet through each of the houses of your birth chart: this is the Ashtakavarga system. And also, it offers a wonderful statement of how your planets treat each other using Rashi Avasthas system. Do have one of my wonderful on-line Astrology Readings to learn about the deep truths of the standing of each of your planets in your birth chart, and in the present predictive time, and also what your planets do to each other. This material is really valuable if for example you want to hear about your love and relationship profile.

Now, to turn to the time of writing:

Jupiter spends the whole of the month of September 2020 at 23 deg Vedic Sagittarius, and he transits his own sign Sagittarius until November 11th 2020.

Jupiter being in his own sign now, optimally radiates blessing, purpose and guru energies, and this transit will be benefic for you if you have a Sagittarius or Pisces emphasis in your natal chart, and it’s good for Leos, as Jupiter is casting his trinal aspect on to Leo.

But, when as now, Jupiter is Retrograde, his blessing will be harder to easily manifest, and we will be needing to take stock of our Jupiter issues, and do work on them.

This present transit of Jupiter is in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra, pada 3, the Libra pada of Purvashadha Nakshatra. See my Nakshatras course. Here the energy he occupies is more luxurious and more overtly sexual.

So, Jupiter starts off September Retrograde at 23 Sagittarius. He turns Direct, but still at the same degree – this is on 13th September, and he ends the month still at 23 Sagittarius!
When a planet is stationary like this, he carves his effect deeply and strongly in our consciousness and in personal and world events.

A Jupiter standstill like this will bring great good fortune to someone with a natal planet close to that degree. Particularly if it’s on their natal Jupiter and they are having their Jupiter Return at that time!!!!

But note that, at 23 deg Capricorn, now in September 2020 there’s a twist, a cosmically vast twist: Jupiter is actually is a conjunction with Pluto!

Pluto is transiting in September 2020 at 28 deg Sagittarius, and also Jupiter is in a wide conjunction with Saturn at 1 deg Sagittarius.

This is vast. The explosive expansionary might of Jupiter and Pluto are pitted against the structures, limitations, and rigours of Saturn. Think about what this means on the societal level. And delve into yourself: what doe this mean for you personally in your life???

In the western tropical zodiac, this is Jupiter transiting at 17 deg western Capricorn.

But there’s a huge change ahead:

Note also that when Jupiter will re-enter the sign of Capricorn on 20.11.2020. Jupiter is in very low dignity and strength there in Capricorn.

Jupiter was briefly in Capricorn for three months from March 30th 2020 to June 29th 2020. But after this he retrograded back into Sagittarius.

But from 20th November 2020, Jupiter transits Capricorn full time –  until 6th April 2021.

now, note of course that Transiting Jupiter actually gets to conjunct Transiting Saturn as he moves forward.

Jupiter conjucnts Saturn exactly on 21st December 2020. This is at 6 deg Vedic Capricorn (when of course Jupiter is very debilitated being in Capricorn).

This combination/union of Jupiter and Saturn can be favourable, favourable for success, if tense and demanding, but it means that we have to succeed in combining our expansionary ideals with realistic structures.

But note that this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction combination is bad for the finances of countries, and can lead to economic downturn – as it invariably has in the past.

The Saturn Jupiter Conjunction

 So, let’s look in a bit more detail at the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction.

This Jupiter Saturn conjunction is exact on 21st December 2020, at 6 deg Vedic Capricorn in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra.

Jupiter is expansion, inspiration, blessing and enlargement.

Saturn is limits and controlling structures. This conjunction combines the two.

In fact, note that there’s a whole Jupiter Saturn theme of highs and lows until November 21st, 2021.

I am actually in Jupiter Saturn Dasa now. During Jupiter – Jupiter Dasha, I expanded my work focuses tremendously. But now, in Jupiter – Saturn Dasha, i.e. Saturn bhukti of Jupiter Dasha (i.e. Saturn Sub period of Jupiter Dasha), I am being required to dot all the I’s and cross all the t’s, systematize and manage, ground and organise and present all the full inspiration that I received from Jupiter period.

So, what is the Nature of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction?

Positively: Patience (achievement through perseverance).
It’s Boom – Bust.
It’s the development of deeper more grounded consciousness of objectives.

Negatively: Emotional tensions and inhibitions. Discontent, lack of self-confidence.

dissatisfaction with one’s self as well as others. Quick irritability.

When combined in the ideal way, it’s:

The attainment of far-reaching objectives through perseverance industry and patience.
The patient realization of one’s objectives in seclusion.

The further development of one’s inheritance.

Happiness in seclusion

Can be: changing/fluctuating success

Here’s the detail of the present Jupiter-Saturn transit:
Jupiter entered Vedic Capricorn on 30th March at which date, Saturn was at 6 deg Capricorn
Saturn turned retrograde on 11th May at 7 deg Capricorn

Jupiter turned retrograde on 15th May at 3 deg Capricorn.

If you have a planet close to here, this Jupiter Station will have brought you great good fortune (and to a certain extent also if you have planets at 23 degrees of the other Earth signs).

Jupiter turns direct on 13th September at 13 deg Sagittarius. This Jupiter station time will be good for you, too, if you have a natal planet close to there (and to a certain extent also if you have planets at 23 degrees of the other Fire signs).

Saturn turns direct on 29th September at 1 deg Capricorn

Then: Jupiter and Saturn conjoin on 21st December at 6 deg Capricorn.

Note that Jupiter is in Sagittarius from 30th June to 19th November.

But do note that Jupiter is Fallen (in low dignity) when he transits Capricorn, but that he is far stronger, being in his own sign, when he’s transiting Sagittarius.

So, note that Jupiter transits Vedic Capricorn for November 21st to April 5th, 2021. And after an entry into Aquarius then a further retrograde into Capricorn, Jupiter finally leaves Capricorn for Aquarius on 21.11.2021.

The point is we all need to have deep spiritual understanding of Jupiter and Saturn as planetary energies, but also as Gods, as ‘Faces of the Divine’.

We each need to get Saturn and Jupiter to work together well and we will thus reap manifestation of good results to our expansionary energies, properly contained in the right strategies and contexts, with discipline leading to Golden Reaping – especially in the area of life that is the sign of Capricorn in our Vedic birth chart.

And do note that when Jupiter leaves Capricorn to enter Vedic Aquarius temporarily on April 5th 2021, and finally on 21st November 2021, Saturn will become much more harsh, with a major change in what will be especially experienced by Capricorn Moons: people who are in the heart of Sade Sate. Saturn will not have the addition energy of Jupiter when Jupiter leaves Capricorn.

Remember: Jupiter transits Aquarius April 5th, 2021 to November 20th, 2021 (though dropping back into Capricorn 16th September 2021 to 21st November 2021).

Note that the dates when Saturn is without Jupiter in Vedic Capricorn, this will be tough for individuals and for the economy.

See my separate post about working with Divine Saturn at this time. This is add on 2 of our September 2020 Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter

And also see my separate post about what Pluto does to the mix – because Pluto is conjunct Jupiter and Saturn at the time of writing!!!!!!! This is add on 6 of our September 2020 Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter.

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