When a Relationship Should Not Continue: Receive a Relationship Astrology Reading from Michael Conneely: Western and Vedic Relationship Astrology Combined

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

When a Relationship Should Not Continue:

Receive a Relationship Astrology Reading from Michael Conneely: Expert Western and Vedic Relationship Astrology Combined


My Relationship Astrology can give such good guidance. I am making a small series of posts to show what you are offered.

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This second post in the series shows how Vedic Astrology can pick up whether or not the relationship contains the seeds of disaster – and should not continue.

This is expert relationship astrology combining both my western psychodynamic astrology skills and my highly-trained Vedic relationship astrology.

Here is the western birth chart for the Man in this relationship:

The Man's western astrology chart
The Man’s western astrology chart


Here is the western birth chart for the Woman in this Relationship

The Woman's western astrology chart
The Woman’s western astrology chart


Here is the western astrology Relationship Bi-wheel chart which shows how their two astrology charts inter-relate. The Man’s is on the outside; the Woman’s is on the inside:

Relationship Biwheel Chart western astrology
Relationship Biwheel Chart western astrology



Notice that there is a big healing Chiron exchange in this relationship wheel:
The man’s Chiron is conjunct the woman’s Venus.
The woman’s Chiron is conjunct the man’s Mars. Chiron is the Wounded Healer.

There was a lot of healing for them in coming together.

However, now look at the Vedic Astrology:

First of all, here is the Vedic birth chart of the man, followed by the Vedic birth chart of the woman. Then let’s put the two Vedic birth charts together and look at their Vedic Relationship Chart and Vedic Relationships Table:

The man's Vedic birth chart
The man’s Vedic birth chart


The Woman's Vedic birth chart
The Woman’s Vedic birth chart



Vedic Relationship Chart
Vedic Relationship Chart
Vedic Astrology Relationship Assessment Table
Vedic Astrology Relationship Assessment Table













My analysis is that this relationship should not continue.

You can see from the Chart that in the Assertive Pressure graph bottom right, which measures the Mars of the couple, that the woman is a lot more assertive than the man.

Also you can see from the Table they will not be Constructive together (third item down) and they have no shared purpose (Mahendra: fourth item from bottom).

A serious impediment is that there is no Respect (Table top left item). This is the Number 1 reason why relationships fail. In brief, this relationship is set up so that the energy will flow from the woman to the man, which is not the ideal situation. Relationships work much better if the energy flows from the man to the woman so she can feel his fascination for her, his attention for her. The flow of this relationship throws the woman into the doer role more often than not. This could have the result of the woman feeling like the man does not care about the relationship as much as she does, since she is ending up being responsible for everything.

Notice from the Assertive Pressure Table, bottom right of the Chart display that the woman is twice as assertive as the man.

Above all, the Vedic birth charts reveal that the woman has her Ascendant, or Lagna, in the powerful no-compromise sign of Jyestha (this is using the 27 sign Vedic Lunar Zodiac: the Nakshatras – awesome and powerful and deeply ancient). She has her Moon in the sharp warrior sign of Krittika. And she has her Sun in Swati whose power animal is the male buffalo who is prone to over-running.

Whereas the man has his Ascendant or Lagna in the caring sign of Cancer which over-mothers and is challenged to succeed in relationship anyway (Prince Charles in his relationship to  Princess Diana). He has his Moon in the female chameleon-like tricky sign of Hasta, whose power animal is the Female Buffalo. And he has Venus ‘combust’ or too close to the Sun in his birth chart, so the strength of his ego will tend to inhibit the expressiveness of his love planet.

My analysis was that if this couple stayed together, the man would end up endlessly trying to please, and he would eventually be destroyed and lose everything: children, money, the lot. This is because the woman is just too formidably powerful for him, too implacable.

However, there is a twist to this tale! That is that in psychodynamic western astrology, I have never seen so many chart aspect shapes as in the woman’s western birth chart. Beneath her formidable exterior, she is deeply sensitive, and my prediction is that she is not therefore being her true self when she acts so implacable and strong, and that in due course she will have a health collapse, when she will then have to face her vulnerability. Then, if she is to heal, she will have to throw aside all her fixed patterns and embrace her true sensitivities – but by the time that happens, it would be far too late for this particular relationship.

To demonstrate her great internal sensitivity, here is just a small sample of the exceptional indeed record number of chart aspect shapes in her psychodynamic western astrology birth chart:

A sample of the woman's chart aspect shapes in her western astrology
A sample of the woman’s chart aspect shapes in her western astrologSo, if you feel you would be assisted by my expert astrological relationship assessment and support, get in touch with me for a relationship astrology reading.

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This is my second post in this Expert Relationships Astrology series. See also my first post in the Series: ‘shared purpose’.

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