What will the transit of Jupiter from July 2015 to August 2016 mean for you???

Jupiter 3Jupiter enters the Vedic sign of Leo on 14th July 2015, remaining there until 11th August 2016.

Jupiter and the Sun are friends, so this transit will be potent and benefic. Look what House Leo is in your Vedic birth chart.

Vedic Leo is my 2nd House, so I can expect expansion of income; expansion also of all the other things the 2nd House rules, like communication.

Contact me for a reading to find out what will happen for you during Jupiter’s transit through Leo. By the way, in Western astrology: this is 24 Western Leo to 24 western Virgo.

AND do ALSO note that there is a very special and potentially challenging facet of Jupiter’s transit through the Vedic sign of Leo.

This is that Jupiter and the North Node (Rahu) conjoin, thus creating a special spiritual challenge from 29th January 2016 to 18th August 2016. It’s an energy that very much needs to be purified in our lives.

This combination of Jupiter and Rahu in the same Vedic sign is seen as a potentially dangerous combination in Vedic Astrology. It is called Guru Chandala Yoga.

The dangers are that, whereas Jupiter is about spiritual enlargement and Guru Energy, when Rahu is added to Jupiter, your spiritual search can become driven or obsessional.

It can become associated with bad or dark teachers. It can be manipulative – or even hyper-manipulative, delusory or dark.

I’ve known leaders of dodgy spiritual centers with this combination in their birth chart. Abu Hamsa the ‘Hate Cleric’ has it in his birth chart. Interestingly the present Pope has it in his birth chart where, like all energies are capable of being purified, it is purified in his case. Like all astrological indicators, how evolved our consciousness is affects how astrological energies will manifest in our lives.

How does this ‘Guru Chandala Yoga’ start?

Well, Jupiter enters the Vedic sign of Leo on 14th July 2015. And on the 8th January 2016, Jupiter turns retrograde at 29 deg Leo. AND ALSO NOTE that at the end of January 2016, (in fact on 29th January 2016), Rahu the North Node of the Moon also enters Leo. (Rahu enters at the end of Leo, at 30 deg Leo, of course, because the Nodes always retrograde (Mean Nodes).

So this means that from 29th January 2016, there’s a situation where Jupiter and Rahu are both transiting in the Vedic sign of Leo – and so Guru Chandala Yoga exists.

Just to give you the dates in more detail: Jupiter will be transiting retrograde in Vedic Leo at the same time as Rahu will be retrograding into Leo. The two will therefore actually be transiting Retrograde very closely side by side at first. Jupiter turns direct on May 8th 2015, so Jupiter and Rahu actually meet in June 2016.

The Guru Chandala Yoga exists until Jupiter leaves Leo on August 8th.  (By the way, Rahu leaves Vedic Leo on 18th August).

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