What makes our love astrology programme unique?

Whether you are already in a relationship or looking to find love, Astrology can help YOU discover your path to love.

Using a combination of Love Astrology, based on both Western and Vedic systems, and transformative therapies, we can help:

  • Clarify issues of love in your life
  • Receive very clear and accurate insight into an existing relationship
  • Find out ways of overcoming blocks to love and harmony

Our love and relationships compatibility programme includes astrology, life coaching, EFT, Heart Wall Clearing, meditation and vision work, in both private sessions, a range of compatibility reports, workshops and distance readings. This can be accessed from anywhere in the world via email and skype. See all this and more in our online shop for Astrology and Earth Spirituality products

The Vedic Astrology of Love and Relationships gives an exceptionally clear and decisive analysis of a relationship. This is given in a way that is not available from western astrology.

It travels the infinite thread between intimacy and vastness.

Vedic Love Astrology states simply and powerfully the key issues about relationship, for example it measures the all-important quality of respect, what level of sexual attraction, whether there is friendliness, whether there is the necessary shared sense of purpose, and so forth.

It is an invaluable backbone to relationships understanding. I don’t think you can actually understand relationships astrologically without it. In itself, though, it is not enough for the modern western consciousness. That is why we also use psychodynamic western astrology which can provide key extra dimensions of compatibility understanding and support.

In fact, even the most compatible relationship can be undermined or destroyed, and so we provide coaching in relationship skills as well as a range of healing therapies and empowerment techniques. This is for couples or singles, as well as through reports and workshops.

This is a genuinely unrivalled insight into love and relationship. Insight you can trust

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