What is your Nodal Return?

This is my Pt. 2 video on how to understand the time of your Nodal Return:

Pt 2 Video first part:

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Your Nodal Return is the time when the Nodes of the Moon in the heavens return to the position they occupy in your natal chart at the moment you were born.


It is a deep journey that you are unavoidably forced into having.

The South Node is essentially about our past and our past lives and the karmas we bring from them into this life.

The North Node is essentially about the life-direction we are thrown towards in this life, arising out of our past life events and karmas.

We arrive in this life where the South Nodes is.

We are each of us thrown across our chart as a life journey towards where our North Node is.

The North Node is always opposition the South Node.

I essentially want to let you know what the experience of going through your Nodal Return is like. What it is like almost going in blindfold and coping with kamagra 100mg your Nodal Return and heroically responding to your Nodal Return. It’s like the Fool’s Journey in the tarot. I cover this in Pt. 1.

This Pt. 2 post tells you the answer to the question: ‘What is the Nodal return’. It gives you the nitty-gritty facts and figures detail.

The Pt. 3 post tells you how to astrologically interpret your Nodal Return.

The Pt. 4 post tells you how to understand Nodal Return in the Libra Aries signs axis

(Being activated at the time of writing in the crucial final mopping up phase).

The Pt 5. post tells you how to understand Nodal Return in the Virgo-Pisces signs axis.

(Being activated next – from 30th October 2023).

OK so let’s dive into the nitty gritty detail of ‘what is the Nodal Return?’

As I said, your Nodal Return is when the Nodes of the Moons in the Heavens transit across the Nodes of the Moon in your birth chart.

It’s when the Nodes of the Moon in the Heavens return to the same position that they occupied at the moment you were born.

Our Nodal Return is a big, deep, deep, 18-month weird experience of death and rebirth and re-definition of our self and our life-path: a huge Journey that occurs every 18 and a half years in your life.

At the eighteen month period of your nodal return, Ketu the South Node in the heavens transits over Ketu the South Node in your birth chart. And Rahu the North Node in the Heavens transits over Rahu the North Node in your birth chart.

(The Nodes of the Moon are always opposite each other).

And the crucial point to note is that your Nodal Return does NOT just end once the transiting Nodes leave the sign occupied by your natal Nodes. No! No matter how well you handle your Nodal Return, it’s energy, its task and its consequences are with you for many years ongoing. How well or badly you handle that exact Nodal Return period runs on into and massively affects the remainder of the 18-year cycle: until your next Nodal Return will begin!!!

It’s important to realize that the Nodal Return time activates our karmas and past life issues, and it brings a compelling focus on our future life path.

You are forced into a Journey when your Nodal Return starts – and this series takes you through that Journey.

As I said, there are two Nodes of the Moon. Let’s look into them in more detail:

There’s the South Node and the North Node, and the Nodes of the Moon are always opposite each other in our chart:

Ketu – South Node:
Ketu, the South Node, is the embodiment of your individual and personal Past Live karmas.

It holds the issues of your past in this life too.

It gets embodied into our DNA.

Ketu includes our Akashic Record, it is the residue of our Past lives.

Ketu energy is cutting.

Ketu South Node is usually associated with the experience of fear.

Where the Nodes of the Moon occur in your birth chart is a deep and unavoidable statement telling of your destiny and life purpose in this incarnation.

Ketu represents our past life: karmic bad deeds and also karmic good deeds.

And from Ketu, we are each of us thrown across our chart to where Rahu North Node is, always opposite.

Ketu the South Node provides the statement of the karmas and scripts that we specifically came in with in this life – that we came in to work with. Ketu is the unfinished business and things we got wrong in past life(s).

We have to experience these things again in this life – with the goal of achieving perception, healing and growth.

We have to experience them again now, so as to try to heal them this time, and so as to get them right this time.

It is a crucial matter of our fate and destiny.

We absolutely have to realize also that sometimes we will actually quite likely do the same wrong things again as we did in a past life. This is to make us realize how wrong they are. That’s the Divine Purpose.

We do them and we experience them again, so as to get the chance to come to see that they are wrong: how they are wrong, and why they are wrong – so as to grow, so as to develop better perception, so as to be able to burn those bad karmas in this life and finally end those scripts running through our incarnations.

It’s crucial that you realize that often what we get wrong – those things that are now called to get right in this life, are to do with:

The Signthat Ketu occupies and

The nature of  the Planet that rules the sign where Ketu is occupying in our Vedic birth chart.

The House that Ketu occupies = life-area.

Planets that conjunct Ketu in your birth chart.

There is a saying in Vedic Astrology that some of our fates or destinies are Fixed (or Drida).

Fixed means that we absolutely have to go through them in this life. Indeed we may have to go through them in many lives.

But other of our fates and destinies are Adrida = they are not ‘fixed’. We can potentially burn them and heal them in this lifetime!

Either way, we are here in this lifetime, as for each lifetime, to deepen and clarify our perceptions and our understanding of our life purpose.

We are here to see so much better the issues good and bad of our Egoic personality.

We are here to go through all this, so as to heal, and so as to perfect ourself spiritually.

But of course, it’s not only our bad karma from past lives that surfaces in this life. We also bring into this life our Right Karmas as well – the right karmas that we successfully got right in past life. These are gems from past life that will aid us now in this life.

Study of our planets in our birth chart, in the Divisional charts of Vedic Astrology (called Varga charts), study of our planets in their Nakshatras, and in their  signs and in the House they occupy in our chart – this study will reveal to us which are our gems from past life which will be aiding us now – but also which are the millstones round our neck from our past lives now. Get a Reading from me about this.

We have to realize that Ketu in his fullest sense is ‘waking up’.

And, very crucially, at Ketu time you’ve got to realize that we cannot wake up without trauma.

There’s psychological pain to go through.
There can be even physical pain including accident or illness).

There can be feeling deeply debilitated in the realms of physical, psychological, social, financial and material issues.

BUT if you can awaken your Ketu potential, then you can change the expression that your Rahu energy will give. Rahu cannot change on his own.

The achieved awareness of waking that can be gained from dealing with your Ketu material includes past lives and Akashic Records material. These are what will give the most supreme expression of your Rahu material.

What Rahu can do at your time of Nodal Return depends on the vibration you bring your Ketu to. Please realize this. This is crucial. Don’t be passively fearful. Be informed and creative and brave.

Rahu North Node:  

Rahuthe North Node (always opposite across the chart from the South Node) is the embodiment of your individual and personal future karmic life-direction for this incarnation.

Rahu is usually associated with driven ambition to identify and express your fate and destiny this lifetime.

Rahu North Node represents our Destiny, our Fate, our Life Purpose.

We are each of us thrown across our chart from where our Ketu is to where our Rahu is.

I say ‘thrown’ because the nature of Rahu is driven and obsessional. It is our driven life direction in this life. So we have to purify our Rahu if we are ever to get towards our destination.

You see, if Rahu wasn’t so driven we’d never been thrown across our chart from the start of our journey. We need that drive.

But to get beyond a certain point in the journey, we have to purify Rahu. We have to purify the energy of our Rahu if we are ever to succeed in getting to the other side: to the Destination.

Remember: The Nodes of the Moon always transit Retrograde in the Heavens (this is ‘Mean Node Definition’, using the Vedic Sidereal zodiac, which gives the truest result).

Astronomically, the Nodes of the Moon are the intersection point in the heavens of the apparent orbits of the Sun and the Moon around the Earth.

Crucial to be aware of: The Nodes of the Moon are the Eclipse Axis. They have Eclipse Energy! Your Nodal Return is liker inhabiting an Eclipse!!!

In Indian Vedic tradition the Nodes of the Moon are like the Churning of the World Ocean. After much debate, the Gods come to the conclusion that they indeed need the help of the Asuras, the Demons, to churn the ocean of milk (the universe), which would bring forth the Amrita as well as numerous other treasures.

And the post Jungian interpretation of that ancient myth points to the truth that we will not succeed in our Journey, if we just use rationality and intelligence. We also MUST also involve what is buried in our Shadow, in our Unconscious, if we are ever going to be able to fully re-birth our Self, overcoming past life wounds and ancestral wounds and embracing our needed and destined Future Self.

So, as I said, your Journey of going through your Nodal Return is very like going through the Fool’s Journey of the Tarot. I explain this in the Part 1 video and blog post, which actually talks you through the central eight phases of your Fool’s Journey.

It is like you are walking through an Eclipse.

It is like you are being caught up in the cosmic vast Churning of the Milk Ocean.

And note that when your Nodal Return is happening, it will normally become the crucial, central peak issue in your life. This will be the case even if you have other very big, vast transits going on at the same time such as Sade Sate or Saturn Return or Saturn transiting 22nd Drekkana, etc.

So, realize that the karmic matter of the Nodal Return is huge. It is the stuff of your being, it’s the key issue in your consciousness – and in your unconscious – and in your Shadow.

It’s the key issue in your life, your fate your destiny – all of these, while you are within its time-scale.

So, presentation and understanding of the Nodes of the Moon and the Nodal return are not a matter for ‘shorts’, or for ranted formula, or for imposed formulaic mindset Remedies.

It’s actually your central life-purpose unfolding.

It is to be loved and honoured and embraced – even though it can feel pretty terrible at times!

It’s your Fate and Destiny acting. It first of all seeks to sort out huge residues from the past, from your past lives, from you Ancestry.

And then it’s your Fate and Destiny compelling you to embrace the Fullness of your karmic destiny and begin to walk your karmic right path forward now.

The way you will best possible experience of the physical and psychological and mental and spiritual development challenges of your Nodal Return. It needs to be sincere and genuine, not governed by formula, not ruined by denial.

The experience will be deep. You must go deep.

You must do your very best to ensure that the experience is truly healing and truly empowering.

You must totally commit to the solving of Past Life wounds, ancestral wounds and uncompleted business – and your errors.

And you must aim for re-alignment to your central incarnational purpose in this life. And then perceive it clearly!

You must become the beautiful fullness of you.

You must commit to bringing in now the crucially-needed correct and powerful, psychological and spiritual healing of your Past Life and ancestral wounding issues- and earlier wrongdoing in this life; and then bring in the needed New Journey that will produce the Needed New You – what I call in the Pt 1 video/blog post: the Fool’s Journey (using that concept from the Tarot).

You must accept that there’s a powerful preparation and understanding-development time needed for this immense task of healing yourself, and then there comes along the rebirth and the implementing the next phase of your Central Journey in this lifetime.

Note that you might even be unavoidably forced into a ‘down time’ from your usual life for a period that could be of up to 18 months long. This might be a year of illness, or a year of retreat from the world.

Keep alight in your mind the realization that this is the time when you will align your central life path, when you will align to your life-purpose, to your fate and to your destiny – much of which is declared by the position of the Nodes of the Moon at the moment you were born (but other astrological factors as well – and in a sense this is all declared by the whole of your chart).

Your Nodal Return is actually your Life-Purpose Unfolding.

It is the time for central key issues from your previous lives and ancestral wounding now arising.

It is the time for your fate and destiny now becoming especially activated.

Issues from the past, and from the earlier years in this life, and from your ancestry will all surface for you to re-experience and deal with them in the crucially necessary way, in the deepest sense.

It is the time for becoming now the needed New You!

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