What is Your Default State of Consciousness : Vedic Astrology Worldwide Webinar Series

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely


It is such a helpful insight to have a portrayal of our individual Default state of Consciousness. This is portrayed by your ‘Manasa Nakshatra’ is Vedic Astrology.
In Vedic Astrology there is a 27-sign Lunar Zodiac called the Nakshatras as well as the twelve-sign Solar Zodiac. The Nakshatras, the 27 Vedic Lunar Signs are hugely powerful and accurate declaration. The Nakshatra that is 25th from our birth Moon is called our Manasa Nakshatra.

We can learn so much as to the strengths and weaknesses of our mind. We can then use the awareness to purify and heal and empower. Methods of art work, embodiment and healing modalities are included.

This is part of a weekly worldwide webinar series to run from February to November 2016 where student charts are discussed in every webinar, and the recording can be downloaded to accommodate students in all parts of the world.
For details and to enrol, see: http://www.nakshatrasadvancedcourse.com/level-2-webinars.html No previous knowledge of Vedic Astrology is required, though some knowledge is an advantage.
I look forward to working with you, Michael
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