What is the language of The Ogham?

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

What was the language of The Ogham? Course on the Celtic Tree Alphabet of the Ancient Irish Druids

Someone wrote to me: what is the language of the Ogham?
There isn’t a known Ogham language. The earliest date for the start of the Ogham alphabet is uncertain. there are a number of different theories: some suggest the later centuries BC, others the very earlier centuries AD. But there is no record of the form of Irish spoken at that time. Inscriptions pre 6th Century are termed ‘primitive Irish’, older than ‘Old Irish’
The earliest recorded lists of the name of the letters and their meanings are in 12th Century manuscripts that may have 5th Century cores or memories of earlier verbal tradition.
A key manuscript is the book of Ballymote written around 1390 in the town of that name, just under an hour from where I live in Foxford in beautiful Co Mayo.
There are many systems of correspondences recorded as keys to the Ogham’s meanings. The system I teach is that related to the energies of trees. i do this by sharing ancient recorded perceptions, traditions and wisdom, then by supporting the student in visionary journeying where they can arrive at the meaning of each tree energy and its significance in their life. Please see: www.druidforestschool.com/ogham.html It is a wonderful course. Great if you wanted to work with it.

Please take a look at the Video Michael Conneely has created for more information on the Ogham Alphabet