What does it mean if you have Mercury conjunct the South Node of the Moon in your birth chart?

Ketu, the South Node of the Moon
Ketu, the South Node of the Moon

I quote from an assignment on the Moon in my birth chart written by Master Vedic Astrology member, Louise Pigott.

You might like to note that in my western and Vedic astrology courses, the study goes in a very supported way from planet to planet, focusing first on the planet in the student’s birth chart, then that same planet in my birth chart as tutor, developing awareness of the many techniques of interpretation in Vedic Astrology inbetween each planet-focus as we walk the path. So this post arose from Louise writing about my Moon.

My natal Mercury is conjunct Ketu (the South Node of the Moon) in my birth chart. Although this is the ‘jnana karaka’ (the enlightenment indicator) this conjunction further twists Mercury and makes you likely to express it badly, until one reaches a more enlightened consciousness.

Mercury is retoprgrade in my birth chart, too. Retrograde planets are Vakri or twisted in the way they manifest in one’s life: this being so for the purposes of divine learning.

Furthermore, Mercury is very coloured by the company he keeps in a chart, and in my case this is difficult: namely: conjunct Ketu, conjunct a very deeply fallen Sun who will not be strong enough to correct Mercury weaknesses in manifestation, and also receiving an aspect from Saturn. And Mercury is also Lord of the 12th House of Loss.

One implication of this is that it will indeed, initially, as Louise says, lead to problems of utterance in the earlier stages of one’s life (if not all of it). As you so rightly say: head versus heart in expression.

On the issue of sharp speech, well note that I have Mercury semi-sextile Mars in my western astrology, where the semi-sextile energy is a constant nagging abrasive union of the two planets.

But in Vedic astrology, note that my Mercury is conjunct Ketu. And one of the implications of this can be sharp utterance. It can even sound like cursing!


But its highest manifestation is the Jnana Karaka (The Enlightenment Indicator): deep and penetrating spiritual utterance, forged from the process typical to ‘Mercury – Ketu’ individuals of going from one spiritual form to another until the individual learns to transcend the limitations of mundane spiritual paths and groups.

To close, here are some buzz-words of meaning for Mercury conjunct the South node of the Moon:

Conjunction of MERCURY and KETU

Keywords: Mercury = Thinking; Ketu = Sublime or Erratic Favorable: Subtle thinking; highly intuitive analysis; psychic; spiritual thinker; quick shifts in thinking.

Unfavorable: Chaotic, frenzied and turbulent, confused, bewil­dered and angry; finds it difficult to process things clearly, concisely, and rationally; psychological skills are not sharp; at times can easily get disturbed or mentally off balance; mind is full of surprises and changes.

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