What can you expect at the end of a Dasa or ‘predictive period’ in your Vedic Astrology?

Life can seem such a battle.
Life can seem such a battle.

In the sure and powerfully-declarative Vedic astrology, a sequence of Vedic predictive periods called Dasas (or Dashas) will unfold inexorably from the moment you are born. And there are sub-periods within these (called bhuktis or antars). The start point of your Dasa sequence depends on the position of the Moon at the moments of your birth.

Each Dasa period is ruled by one of the planets in your Vedic birth chart. Thus each dasa will send you an imperative that will encapsulate your special gifts, creativities, skills and past life merits that you incarnated to work with this time around its ruler planet. And each planet will also encapsulate the negative karmas you bring in around that planet.

So, what can you expect at the end of your Vedic predictive period? What can you expect when you enter the final bhukti in that Dasa?

I personally am interested in this question because I enter the final bhukti of my current Rahu Dasa, namely Rahu-Mars, this year: on 31st October 2015. I started in my Rahu dasa in November 1998 (just as I was commencing a five year university based social anthropological ethnographic field study of spiritual forms new to the modern West) and I will end the Rahu dasa in November 2016.

The guidance is that although there can be destabilising circumstance at the time of the final bhukti because the whole backdrop of your life is about to profoundly alter from one Dasa to the next, also as regards being in the final bhukti, you must prepare yourself for an intensification of the energy that has characterised the whole Dasa. Develop perception. Review your life. Raise your consciousness. Use healing techniques to loosen any blocks to your succeeding.

What you have been working on all through this dasa will ‘ripen’ now.

Feelings will arise during the final bhukti, events will manifest which will serve to intensify the process, and thus impel you to complete the process. These could be major, but they are an offering. They are a gateway to your becoming yourself. They are a gateway to your fulfilling the incarnational work of this dasa period. They are a gateway to the manifestation of your talents that you were worn to work with around the issues of the ruler planet in this period. They are a gateway to the purification of the negative scripts your soul chose to work with this time around the ruler planet.

The end of a dasa period is in many ways the intensification of the process that you went through during the whole dasa period. Much of the ripening that has taken place will now show itself, or offer itself, so you must be alert to the messages. The gifts come at the end. Be alert to the messages. Live fluidly and open to essence and success. See how Vedic astrology clarifies the nature of your experiences through its Dasa sequence. See how Vedic astrology gives you such helpful contextual guidance as to the timing you need to consider, take into account and deal with.

Hopefully we are more aware about the scripts of the ruler planet by the time we reach the end of the dasa period, and thus we can invite them in more intelligently. The whole process is similar to the situation where a transiting planet that is leaving a house. Its significations also intensify as it gathers strength to leave.

So, pay special attention right now to the planet ruling the dasa and the planet ruling the final bhukti. In my case cited above, these are Rahu in my 10th House and Mars in my 5th House, which I see as an imperative focus to get right issues of career and creativity in my life, based on the understanding gleaned throughout the whole Rahu dasa period.

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