What are the days each month when our Mind/emotions might be very supported – or else unstable?

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

People have asked me how they can find information as to days when our Mind/emotions might be very supported – or else unstable.

This is one of the many special features you receive from me in my expert Astrology Readings which always combine western with Vedic Astrology and also can link to healing and empowerment work.

wild manThe daily position of the Moon is a very big factor in our mental stability, our mood, our success or failure in life, love and work – though of course it is not the only factor!

So, how does this work?

Well, the Moon stays in the same sign in Vedic Astrology for two and a half days at a time, then it moves on to the next sign, and so on through all 12 signs, taking a month to complete the full round.

Vedic Astrology has a system of scoring the strength of each sign in your Vedic birth chart called the Ashtakavarga system.

If the Moon is in one of your low score signs for any two and a half day period, then that’s a challenge.

But if the Moon is in one of your high score signs for the two and a half day period, then you will feel buoyant and supported.

vedic-astrology-chart-south-indianHere’s what the Vedic birth chart looks like (South Indian style).

So, to orientate you, you can see that the sign names are shown in the following sequence along the top row is: Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini.

What your individual and personal Moon Ashtakavarag chart does is give a score for the strength of each of these 12 signs.

So, once I have given you this chart (as just one small part in one of my astrology readings), what you do now is note which of your signs have low scores and which of your signs have high scores.

N.B. You have to use the Vedic signs (which use the Sidereal zodiac), not the Western signs (which use the tropical zodiac).

Right: next step: the Moon takes a month to go round the heavens.

Low score days: Note that during the two and a half days per each month while the Moon is in a Vedic sign with a low score in your Moon Ashtakavarga chart, you will be more likely to experience mental fluctuations and instabilities of the mind, also fears and obsessions and mental unsupportedness,.

A low score is 3 or under. A score of 2 is not easy, 1 is bad and 0 is seriously unstable for the mind/emotions.

High score days: The maximum score is 8 points. A score of 6 to 8 points will feel like you are buoyant and your mind well supported.

Just having this perception and being able to check up on the Moon’s position in the lunar calendar is very helpful. It’s like receiving a weather forecast.

But knowing that you could be in for a bad two and a half days for the stability and best functioning of your mind, what do you do about it?

Well, Mantra is good for stabilising the mind.

But I also teach wonderfil inspiring links to healing modalities, to art work, embiodiment work and to various shamanic techniques as well.

And how do you find which Vedic sign the Moon is occupying on any given day?

Well, you can use an on-line ephemeris for vedic astrology.

But this information about the effect of the Moon’s position on the stability of your mind is  but just one tiny part of the wonderful insight you will receive from me in one of my Readings.

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