What are the Astral Planes? by Elizabeth Hendricks

In the Kabbalah, Yesod  is the sphere of the astral  planes.

Both Plato and Aristotle believed in this realm, which was called quintessence.

On the Tree of Life this plane of existence is located above Malkuth, which is our three-dimensional earth and our three-dimensional bodies.

For the arrangement of the sephiroth on the Tree of Life, please see below. And here is Elizabeth’s video on this subject:

You can think about Yesod as being a kind of watery Jell-O that is capable of receiving impressions from our thoughts.

Every time you have a thought, that thought makes a little impression on the astral fluid.

Over time those impressions become more definite and more likely to manifest in our world of form as events or as objects. So Yesod is actually the  invisible machinery of the universe.

This sphere of energy is ruled by the Moon. It is said  the more intensely you have an emotion paired with a thought, the more intensely it will affect the astral fluid.

Sometimes called “the ether of the light”, Yesod is where mind and matter come together.

Many ancient rituals were performed in Moonlight, as  primitive cultures intuitively understood the connection between the Moon and causal results.

When were use incense and perfume, we are interfacing with the sphere of Yesod.   The sense of olfaction  (smell) puts us directly into contact with the etheric planes.

By engaging in a ritual of any sort, you are connecting with the lovely energy of Yesod.

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