Welcome to the World of Dowsing

Ann Gildart is a worldwide Dowser and Medium, who specialises in yes/no or % answers to your crucial questions.

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Quote of the Month: ”Our thoughts and actions become our reality, but can also deeply effect the reality of our family, our friends, our
society, and our world.”

So We Begin

Those who have downloaded “Letter To Robin” will already have programmed their pendulums and perhaps already began dowsing. For those who were unable to, I will outline the steps to a short and powerful programming for your pendulum. This programming can also be used on other dowsing tools such as bobbers, wands, single and pairs of dowsing rods.

To start a session one must always be fully hydrated and relaxed with no preconceived thoughts or personal feeling about outcomes. Go to a quiet
place where you can enter your inner space. Fix your eyes above the horizon. Slowly count backwards from 10 to 0. This exercise will help you
to drift into a peaceful alpha state. The eyes wanting to close are a good indication you have reached your target state.

Dowsing pitfalls…
a. One is not hydrated.
b. Far too invested in the outcome and unable to stay neutral. You will crash and burn! A good dowser will have no attachments.
c. Your dowsing results will only be as good as your questions.
d. Develop the skills of a good detective and make use of the five W’s.

Take your pendulum chain between your thumb and first finger. The pendulum should hang two to three inches down from your fingers (the short distance
prevents time consuming swings and wasted energy).
You will deliberately start you pendulum swinging from north to south and instruct it that this will henceforth be “Yes.”
Next, you will begin a swing from west to east, instructing your pendulum that this will represent “No.”

Now begin to speak to your pendulum and ask it to show you the direction it would move for a yes answer and then for a no answer. You are making
a connection with your dowsing team and training your system to answer in a consistent manner.
Next instruction will be to begin an anti-clockwise spin, telling your dowsing tool that this will be how you will scramble or remove energy or obstacles.
Next you will begin a swing in a clockwise motion. The instructions with this spin will be to transmute or to install or to surround. This motion installs energy for the most appropriate outcome, healing, protection, and guidance, to name a few.

When I program a new pendulum, I use one extra step to most dowsers. I hold my pendulum still in the center of my chart and give the instructions
that if the answer to the question posed is not known at this time or I do not have permission to ask the question, that my pendulum is to stay
perfectly still.
Your instructions to program your dowsing system will be, ”You will always answer my questions with the truth. Our work together will always be for
the highest good of myself and the enquirer. No work we undertake will be harmful, physically, morally or spiritually, to ourselves or others. Our intent
will always be to assist self and the seekers in service and light.”

Next, ask your pendulum if it accepts this protocol? Now, begin to dowse and build a relationship with your pendulum.
Some of your first exercises should always be about things to which you
already know the answers.
This builds confidence.
1. Is my name…? The answer will depend on if you gave correct or false name.
2. Is my eye coloring…?
3. Is my hair coloring…?
4. Is my age…?
5. Do I have siblings?
Other questions can be:
1. Do I live at…?
2. Do I live in a country that is known by the name of…?
3. Will it rain tomorrow morning at…(address)?

If you can think of a yes or no question, you can practice and begin to create a wonderful connection to the universal energies. As you grow in
confidence through the next month, answer yes or no questions for your family or friends.
Don’t continue if the answers are wrong! Perhaps, you are tired, dehydrated, have muddied the energy by going too fast and one answer overlaps another or you are asking for opinions.
Writing the question down allows you to see where and why the error occurred.
Talk to your pendulum like it is a person. This will allow the energies to be directed to the pendulum and not to you; therefore keeping your mind on
the actions of the pendulum and not on you.
Remember, that although it sounds obvious your answers are only as good as your questions.
Go back to my blog archives; there is a basic dowsing chart there.
Welcome to the World of Dowsing!