Weekly online Transcendence Dance sessions offered worldwide by Claire Louise Knifton.

Beat Coronavirus lockdown isolation and depression.

I want to make a special mention of the weekly online ‘Transcendence Dance’ sessions offered worldwide by Claire Louise Knifton.

These are a wonderful healing empowering beautiful cure to the isolation and restriction of Coronavirus lockdown.

You are so welcome to attend.

Claire’s specialty is ancestral healing, and before Coronavirus lockdown she ran monthly Healers Fairs here in the West of Ireland, supporting the wonderful Healers Community here.

Claire is now offering the most wonderful guided on-line dance sessions every Monday at seven fifteen pm Greenwich Mean Time, and people in the USA can easily attend from their time zone which can be five or eight hours earlier.

The sessions are every Monday 7.15 pm to 8.30 pm UTC, only 15 Euros a session for magnificent hand-chosen music.

Email Claire Louise Knifton at: transcendance-arts@hotmail.com. Claire’s website is: https://www.transcendancearts.ie/