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Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

It is crucial for people to find my websites because I do all my astrology readings worldwide and I also teach courses on all continents.

So, if your spiritual or healing practice is similar, I’d urge you to consider the benefits of asking my webmaster Robert Williams to promote your work.

I simply don’t have the skills or knowledge to do this crucial IT work myself, and if I tried to do it, my attention to my main work would suffer disastrously.

You get nowhere in the sector of worldwide healings and readings these days, unless you have good ‘Search Engine Optimisation’.

robert graphRobert Williams has managed mine for me for a year now, and the number of hits on my websites has increased immensely – enormously. It’s a highly technical and totally necessary skill that I know nothing about.

I rely for promoting my work on people seeing my WordPress Blog. Robert Williams arranged that my ‘starwheel’ Blog, automatically posts to my Face Book business page, with the result that so many, many more people now subscribe to it.

And I also get a lot of my work through my YouTube Videos. Robert Williams reworded the posts for each of these so that they could be found by search engines much more easily.

In fact Robert has also set up an entire ‘Shopify’ website for me, so that all my courses and readings are now displayed in one place, together with good connection to Face Book and twitter.

Robert himself has a deep commitment, himself, to healing and spiritual pathways, so he understands deeply the area of life that he is promoting, and he really cares about the importance of this work.

So, if you want your practice to flourish, I would sincerely say that you need Robert Williams’s expert help.

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