Visionary Ogham Course of Michael Conneely

Enrol on my Visionary Ogham Course and enter the worlds of the Celtic Tree Alphabet of the ancient Irish Druids.

The Course is available worldwide, and I am blessed with such able students in many countries, and I also do ‘face to face’ work at our Healing Centre in County Mayo the utterly beautiful West of Ireland.

Encountering the Tree Energies through the Ogham greatly widens your visionary consciousness.

The trees have such different energies that we can learn and utilize in our lives.

Compare, for example the durability of the ancient oak, with the defensiveness of the spiky holly, and the faerie beauty of the Rowan.

For each tree letter, you receive two audios: the first is a presentation of how the energies of the tree you are working with were anciently understood, and the second audio is a journey to drumming so that you can make your own authentic, unique and special connection with that tree’s energy and perceive how that energy is running in your life, and if necessary heal and empower that area of your life or consciousness.

The course also takes you down the mystical Ogham paths across the Celtic Otherworlds, and you meet the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish and encounter the spiritual weapons of the Tuatha de Danaan.

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This worldwide Ogham course is actually part of The Druid Forest School which grew out of my Novel ‘Druid’ and it is now growing further as I write its sequel: ‘The Morrigan and The Dagda’.

This is a certificated worldwide distance learning course. The Ogham was a system of visionary connection and understanding. It was explored through a number of correspondences, but it is its links to the Trees that we focus on in this course, and a sense of the utter sacredness of trees was central to the ancient Irish.

The Ogham is a most powerful and beautiful tool for personal growth and spiritual understanding. I have learned so much about states of consciousness and life values from the Ogham. It has been so very beautiful to connect with the trees in their wild and natural settings. In fact, each letter of the Celtic Ogham alphabet can also be used for healing and empowerment.

The Ogham also introduces you to a genuine and powerful cosmology of the Celtic Otherworlds that interpenetrate this realm: Middle Earth. Your mind explores and encompasses its vast range of consciousness-states.

The Ogham is mystical and profound. It is beautiful and tantalising. The Ogham is very ancient. Its date of origin is unknown as nothing of the Druid wisdom system was written down. However, the earliest inscriptions that have survived are nearly two thousand years old, and there is good evidence for the ogham possibly being several hundred years older than that, and undeniably Irish in its source and origin.

Central to our understanding is that each Ogham alphabet letter or ‘Few’ represents the soul and energy of a tree. But each Few is also a pathway that run across or between the Celtic Otherworlds which are different, sometimes overlapping states of consciousness which are inhabited by their own beings, for example these realms include the famous Tir na N’Og, the land of eternal Youth, or Magh Mell: the state of Abundance, The Plane of Delight.

For each Ogham letter, you receive an audio recording download with information about the letter and the relevant tree, any relevant spiritual weapon, pathway and beings, plus a second audiofile which is a guided meditation with opportunity for trance drumming and chanting and divination. You can either use our drumming journey, or you can branch out from this and proceed to use your own drumming.

After your work with each tree, you then correspond with myself as guide, friend and counsellor as your personal spiritual and life-journey progresses, helped through the trees and mystical Celtic Otherworlds. This correspondence is completely personal and individual to you. I delight in supporting the individual genius and vision of each student.

Importantly, each journey always starts (and ends) at your Divine Centre here on Middle Earth, which you learn to visualise.

You also receive maps showing the place of each Ogham pathway in the Celtic Cosmology: the pathway that each letter represents through the Celtic Otherworlds.

The course is not at all taught with any time-frame in mind. The goal is achieving excellence of the experience, excellence of connection, excellence of utterance, rather than any time table.

The course is a delight to have experienced and I look forward to your getting in touch,