Visionary Neptune and Pisces Activation in April 2021

This is Section 2 of our April 2021 Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter

The inspirational and visionary energy of Neptune in mystical, if maverick, Purvabhadra Nakshatra at the end of Aquarius is considerable. Though we have to remember that Neptune has another dark side too.

Don’t get trapped in your busy life. Make time now for vision work. Pause once a day. Do vision development exercises.

Listen to your intuitions.

Here is the video:

Neptune was square the Nodal Axis in the Heavens in January 2021, which gave a fated importance to the visions we can reach to. And Neptune continues as a very powerful vision source from April 2022 when Neptune transits into Pisces, still in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra. See my video on this.

The Devata of PurvaBhadra is expression of death, destruction and the path to rebirth. He is Aja Ekapada, a form of Rhudra, god of Storms and Thunder God, and therefore a form of Shiva. Cleansing Fire. The spiritual power of Fire. But PurvaBhadra also associated is the Fire Dragon (Ajaikapat)  and his brother the water dragon, Ahirbudhnya (the deity of UttaraBhadra) – and these two dragons are seen as brothers, the sons of Visvakarma, the Heavenly Architect: Most importantly for understanding of this Neptune Transit ,they are the serpent path to transcendence: rebirth through the destructive storm.

It is important to note that this Neptune Activation I am talking of is augmented by Sun’s transit through Pisces until 14th April, with Mercury and Venus and Chiron transiting in Pisces too.

But Venus, Mercury and Chiron too transit Pisces, so at a time of violent tension from Mars and Rahu, we all need to be open to the spiritual whispers of these Pisces planets and to Jupiter in Aquarius.

Here’s the dates:
Sun in Pisces March 14 – April 13th
Venus in Pisces: March 16 – April 9th
Mercury in Pisces March 31 -April 16th
Chiron transits Pisces all month

Pisces is intuitive, sensitive, gentle and kind, sympathetic but lacking in confidence.

Venus is exalted in Pisces until Venus enters Aries on 11th April.

And also, be careful of areas of life that these planets are Karakas for. For example, Venus is Karaka for Relationships. Be careful and nurturing of love.

Venus is also about MONEY – be careful.

A further reason to be careful is that Sun and Venus are transiting Revati, a Nakshatra ruled by currently debilitated Mercury. Monitor your thoughts, watch out especially for over-critical mindset. But Revati is also very spiritual.

But Mercury is in his sign of Debilitation in Pisces, as well as being affected by Sun transiting in Pisces. I must say I always breathe a sigh of relief once Mercury leaves Pisces. Clarity gets restored. Communication and IT gets clearer and easier. Geminis and Virgos won’t have such an easy time. Virgos will have the tougher time as Virgo is 7th from Debilitated Mercury’s transit through Pisces – and this can have difficult effect in relationship.

And in fact, Debilitated Mercury will affect Sun and Venus negatively. So be very careful of your SPEECH and COMMUNICATIONS and IT issues.

When Mercury enters Aries, April 16th to 30th, however, ideas and communication will take on new speed.

Chiron transits Pisces too, and the influential Full Moon just before the start of April had Sun, Chiron and Venus all closely conjunct around15 Pisces.

Check what House Aquarius is in your Vedic Birth Chart for extra guidance as to the life area of the effect of this Neptune in Aquarius transit now.
Check what House Pisces is in your Vedic Birth Chart for extra guidance as to the life area of the effect of this Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chiron transit now.

These planets in Pisces, will of course also transit the Gandanta. Floods and storms, minds out of control.

A special note on Venus, here: Venus enters Aries April 10th. Venus is exalted in Pisces, but it’s also combust the Sun. Importantly, Venus is Gandanta in the days around this date. Negatively, Venus could be out of control, but positively Venus could be very open to visions and insights and the vastness and the Divine.

Things get better for Venus when Venus moves out of Combust on April 18th. However, do note that the Aries energy does not totally suit the nature of Venus.

A special note on Sun here: Sun in Pisces is unconfident and unfocussed, unreliable and gives away themselves too much to others. But when Sun enters Aries, Sun becomes exalted. This will be such a good Sun energy for us to connect to and shine with! A new energy-start.

So, with Venus exalted in Pisces, but also Combust and Gandanta at times, do look out for an indeed capitalise upon a weird riding two horse trip in the area of relationships. Be very aware. Do relationship work.

Pisces also represents endings. Look out for endings and for transformations in your life, at this time.


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