Visionary Contact with the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Irish: Worldwide Course with the Druid Forest School

Michael burnsall crop bestDevelop true relationship and true vision contact with such guiding Gods and the Goddesses of the ancient Irish as The Morrigan, The Dagda, Llugh, Brighid and Manannan:

This is a Worldwide distance learning Course to meet the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Irish, offered by The Druid Forest School.

You are sent information sheets and an audio about each God or Goddess whom you seek to approach. You learn to develop clear appearance of that God or Goddess. You develop a relationship with him or her and thus embark on a journey of healing and empowerment and vastly develop your insight into yourself and your life.

When you have completed a piece of work facing and relating to one of your chosen Gods or goddesses, you email me how you got on. I then reply to you and we may hold discussion.

​It is likely that you will need to work over quite a length of time with each deity, keep a journal, and communicate with me at intervals as your relationship with each Goddess or god develops, and as your life changes as a result. ​There will be periodic webinars and where appropriate I also include in my replies to you information as to illumination offered by your natal or current predictive western or Vedic astrology.

You can move on to partially embodying a deity, and, again, I support you in this.
The video to the right, above, presents one of the techniques you learn: Aisling or ‘vision journey’ to meet a Deity.In the Druid Forest School.

We learn a number of ways to make visionary contact with the great and beautiful Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish and of course your personal style and consciousness is always caringly respected.

I look forward to hearing from you, Michael