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Michael ConneelyVisionary Astrology

Please have a look at this brief video which we shot at a Crannog Lake Village near our Healing Centre in the West of Ireland.

It’s about one of my favourite approaches to astrology that I offer in my worldwide astrology courses: Visionary Astrology – East meets West.

It’s about the union of western astrology and vedic astrology, plus the option of using the ancient Tibetan Buddhist and tantric Hindu approach of developing ‘clear appearance’ first of a planet in our birth chart as a God, as a refraction of the divine.

Then we can so usefully go on to getting a graphic picture of that planet and his divine energy as he actually appears in our particular individual birth chart when experienced as our soul chose for us to do through the three filters of the sign the planet occupies, the House the planet occupies and the effects of aspects made to that planet by other planets in our chart.

Thus, we can build up the clear appearance of each planet not only in his pure state as a refraction of the divine, but also in his filtered sate as to how he will actually manifest in our life – which can even amount to quite a torsion of the pure and perfect divine planet.

It can be so useful to see each of these, and thus use the vision work to perfect our experience of a planet.

I learned this approach of developing ‘clear appearance’ of a god, or in the case of astrology work: of building up clear appearance of a planet, when I worked as an Ethnographer, as a university-based field Study of spiritual forms new to the modern west, studying the lives of individuals treading the spiritual pathways of Hinduism, Buddhism, paganism, shamanism and utopian community. The study was based mainly around Glastonbury in UK.

So, when we develop the clear appearance of the planet, not in his perfect and divine energy-state, but as he actually manifests in our life this time, in our life and destiny, we thus build up a very useful picture of how we will experience that planet due to our karmas and soul choices: experienced through the filters of sign, house and aspect to other planet in our particular birth chart which is the map of our destiny this time, studied of course in Evolutionary Astrology.

In my worldwide astrology course, I teach very sophisticated methods of understanding the planets, of vision work with them if you wish for this, and also of establishing how a planet is treated by the other planets in your chart. Indeed, one can successfully use methods akin to psychosynthesis work which I studied in psychodynamic western astrology and methods similar to family constellation work. It can so help to gain clear appearance of each planet and then each planet as he manifests in your birth chart or predictive astrology. Course members have gained vastly from journeying to meet their Jupiter or their sun etc.

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