Vishakha Nakshatra 16 and worldwide Nakshatra Course

Vishakha The Vehement Nakshatra 16 and worldwide Nakshatra Course

Vishakha Nakshatra  spans 20°00′ Vedic Libra to 3°20′ Vedic Scorpio. It’s nature is triumphant and vehement, but when the Vishakha Nakshatra person has learned their life lessons, they can become the ethical stalwart who holds together families, groups and situations.

The Nakshatras are the truly wonderful 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology that is such a sure declaration as to our emotional nature, our consciousness, our life scripts, our relationships and health astrology.

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Vishakha Nakshatra planetary Ruler is: Jupiter, who offers purpose and divine guidance
The Ruling Deity or Devata is: Agni, the God of Fire and Indra, the King of Gods and god of War, storms and rainfall. The Divine energy of transformation.
Vishakha’s Symbol is: The Triumphant Arch.
And most appropriately, Vishakha’s Power Animal or Yoni is: The Male Tiger (would you mess with this one???)
The Principal Star is: Az Zubanan – the Claws of Scorpio.

Vishakha Nakshatra – Keywords:

The poisons of past lives can be stored here. They can be aggressive, dictatorial and utterly ruthless. Obsessional, introverted and secretive. Fixation and decisive dedication. Their obsessions can burn them up and harm those dear to them. They are quarrelsome with loads of suppressed anger and hurt, bitterness and resentfulness. They are very easily angered! Their eyes are always fixed on their goal(s). Sometimes the goals are unwholesome. They are insatiable and the grass can always be greener on the other side!
But Vishakhas can slowly grow in influence and at their ideal best self-realisation, they thus ripen. They have to show Patience, persistence and determination. There’s a sense of ploughing and cultivation in their lives.

Favorable: Clever; has respect for intelligent and spiritual people; enterprising; self-satisfied; determined; gets things done; can appear soft but is very powerful underneath; sexually alluring; a good mate in marriage; benefits through marriage, traveling, and through change; mathematical talent. These people can be cultured and with dignity, influential and honest. Vishakhas at their best show good manners and become influential people. They can be religious or spiritual.

Unfavorable: Overly talkative; nice until they get what they want; negative, speaks negatively about others, fault-finding; not open to advice; offensive and not easy to like; greedy, deceitful, aggressive, domineering, quick to take offense, militant, suspicious, possessive, envious; feels obstructed and taken advantage of by others.

Key Guidance: For some­one in whose horoscope Vis­hakha plays an impor­tant role, much depends on the goals he sets for him­self.  If these objec­ti­ves are self-centred, he may become unbeara­ble for other people and may head towards the wrong direction.  Vishak­ha is always totally de­voted in order to reach his goals.  He has great cou­rage and ambiti­on. The path suitable to Vishakha is the way of the warrior, like that of Krittika.  The Vishakha has to find out for him­self whether his goals actually serve all of humanity or solely his own good.  The outcome of this will determine how this con­stellation will manifest itself: as a curse or as a bles­sing.

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