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Virgo Sun Sign:

Virgo is the sixth sign of the Western Astrology Zodiac. It is ruled by Mercury, the planet of discrimination, intelligence, thought, analysis and communication.
It is a mutable sign
The element is Earth
In the human body, Virgo rules the digestive organs.
Key concepts: service, work, health.

Virgo constantly searches for knowledge, is very detail-conscious and often does well in a line of work that requires exactness. Virgo is practical and efficient, methodical, neat, reliable, restless, mental, industrious, thorough, conservative and cautious. Virgo is very discriminating in judgement – things are never perceived simply. Negatively, this discrimination can be very critical of others – even judgmental: this is a negative trait which childhood training must help them with or they will not attain their personal or spiritual potential and could make life unbearable for others. They may remain unmarried, unless they see the inhumanity of applying their high standards. Pettiness and fussing are Virgo faults. Virgo becomes carping and resentful when freedom of movement is restricted. If pressurized too much, Virgo shows tumultuous energy and ability to destroy. Virgo can be so immersed in detail, they lose sight of the big picture. They can worry a lot – and this can undermine health. Virgo is the craftsman of the Zodiac. Virgoans are often extremely difficult to understand.

Actually to really properly understand Virgo Sun Sign people, you definitely need to look at the Vedic Lunar Sign behind the Virgo Sun Sign, using the wonderful magical and surely-declarative 27-sign Vedic Lunar Zodiac, called the Nakshatras:

So, if you were born between 16th August – 30th August, you are a Magha Sun Sign in the Vedic Lunar Zodiac.
If you were born between 30th  August – 13th   September, you are a Purva Phalguni Sun Sign
And if you were born between 13th  September- 26th  September, you are a Uttara Phalguni Sun Sign.

These give the real story and there’s more about this below. Using the Vedic Lunar Signs is a really valid way of understanding the more general personality of the western astrology Virgo sun sign.

To return to western astrology for a bit, the Mythology of the western astrology sign of Virgo is basically about Harvest. The relevant myth is the story of the abduction of Demeter’s daughter Persephone (Kore) by Pluto the Dark Lord who took her to the Underworld for her to reign there as his Queen. (The myth here signifies the transformation of personality from a childlike or virginal state to wiser, more mature individuality – and reorientation from personal to universal concerns). So, the realm that Persephone enters is the Sign of Scorpio: the stage of feminine power where she becomes a woman initiated into her own realm of power independent of her mother. Virgo needs to journey to the underworld and make transformation necessary in Scorpio, just as much as Scorpio needs to come up from the underworld and participate in the earthly realm. The sharing of these elements is important in both these signs. Virgos who are addicted to work cannot continue in this way. They will encounter crisis which forces them to face the depths of their own underworld – and from that to seek healing.

Another Virgo myth is the Goddess Astrea who represents the principle of Justice. She was the daughter of Zeus who took it upon herself to urge humanity to obey Divine laws, when there was discord. But with the gradual corruption of humanity, she turned against the human race (as Virgoans can) and conceived a hatred for them and left Earth forever, flying up to the constellation of Virgo to become the stern punisher of crime, having much in common with Nemesis. Astrea is the symbol of the intrinsic orderliness of nature. Astrea’s disgust at humanity is a mythic image of Virgo’s disgust at disorder, chaos and waste of time and substance. Virgo does not have much sympathy for those who have wantonly made a mess of it. Virgo’s principle is to be intact and self-contained, self-possessed. As the 6th sign, Virgo is the final summation of the first half of the Zodiac – the personal, individual half. Compulsive self-perfecting is an aspect of this. It’s the need to prepare the vessel and craft it: refine it for some vaguely sensed next phase stating with Libra. Though a perfectionist, Virgo is not an idealist or utopian, but is the most realistic sign of the Zodiac. Virgo is deft at using what comes to hand. Virgo accepts the element Earth. Virgo generally has a high degree of common sense – a thinker who puts thoughts into action. But a major task Virgo may have to learn is to discriminate between the essential and the trivial. Once this power of distinction evolves, Virgos are capable of becoming great scholars, constructive critics and excellent editors – all exacting perfection. Virgo seeks to bring order out of confusion. They need to classify and order and this drive to discriminate sometimes makes Virgo harsh. He may throw aside people or ideas or things of beauty, because they may not be deemed effectual or applicable. And here’s the big thing: Romance can be thrown out as well.

Other Virgo characteristics: Virgo can be really mean with money.  He may be brusque in manner. And Virgoans need to be needed and to feel useful. They love to show competence. They value work. Virgos can be counted as among the best of employees, because they are hardworking, trustworthy and honest and can be relied upon to do the job. They often prefer to work well without supervision. They thrive on a fairly regular schedule. They excel at tasks which call upon them to handle a great many details at once. They appear to work slowly, but that’s because they are being thorough. They can be writers and there is also a big connection with agriculture and pets.

Virgos can enter helping professions as doctors, dentists or nurses, or as healers, or do voluntary work. They love to pass on their knowledge, thus make excellent teachers. They are drawn to the law, where their nimbler minds can get to grips with complex cases. Financially-minded Virgos find contentment working with figures. Artistically orientated Virgos opt for calligraphy or graphics – they also excel at mending things – especially clocks!

Health! Virgos must learn that wise people do not exhaust their bodies through overwork or worry. Foolish fears or worry can lead to semi-invalidism. Virgos reject all artificial food or medicine. Food is harmful to them when they are in anguish or angry.

Money – Virgos can be quite fashion conscious – even if it’s the anti-fashion of alternativism. For some Virgos, it is difficult for them to accumulate large sums of money because of their excessive expenditures. They need to develop a system whereby they can avoid unnecessary expense. They may often be secretive about their money.

Virgo’s lack of trust in life can curtail their long-term prosperity. Similarly, Virgo is reluctant to lend. They can be very patient in saving, working to accumulate, &c. Virgo has a cautious approach to investment and are suspicious of anything remotely speculative.

Obsessiveness – Virgo may be overly obsessive about emotional orderliness and tidiness. A great controller of emotion.

The Shadow Virgo – The main faces of shadow Virgo are:

‘The know-it-all’ – this can be very destructive of another person/partner over a number of years; it’s an insidious and deadly way of crushing another person’s creativity. Shadow Virgo slowly, and in tiny unnoticeable steps, completely erodes another individual’s trust in their own self (mistakes or not).

‘The perfectionist’ – this is the person who has a horrific fear of being mistaken, of having something not quite known and classified. The shadow kills life by trying to remove life’s unpredictability and unevenness. His insecurity causes him to go off limits with caution. – A crazy, naive and ludicrous attempt to control life so it won’t contain unknown and threatening elements. Spontaneity threatens ‘The Pattern’- Shadow Virgo will try to crush spontaneity, because it terrifies him.

‘I told you so’ –  Smug, faintly self-satisfied, shadow Virgo knew all along you’d blunder. And he lets you know he’d never have blundered like that: “I know better”.

The Virgo Lover

Virgo’s sexual needs are often deep and sensuous. His/her sensitivity and delicacy can allow him/her to be aware of the other person’s needs in a very acute way, which hastier Signs don’t notice. It is said that Virgo takes a long time to warm up. Obviously, having the Ascendant or the Moon in a Fire sign could modify the comments here in the direction of more passion, spontaneity and unpredictability. Virgo needs some basis for relationship, other than the sexual. Work is terribly important to Virgoans, they frequently identify with it and validate themselves on how well they fulfill their jobs, and if the partner won’t talk to him/her about this, he/she’ll get tired of even the most voluptuous and exciting partner. Emotion and sexuality aren’t enough to hold Virgo, alone. There’s got to be meeting of minds. Virgo needs a partner who appreciates his efforts, and who can go along with what will probably be his traditional values and restrained choice of well-trodden paths.

Virgo may tend to subdue his desires in order to maintain a working relationship, but may have to be careful about becoming resentful of sacrifice and frustration of needs. There may be some sexual inhibition, perhaps a self-consciousness and unease with sexual desires and feelings, this persists until Virgo can overcome deep fears of losing control.

It takes a long time for Virgo to really thaw on a feeling level. If he allows himself to fall in love, it takes time and careful nurturing. He’ll choose the reliable over the flamboyant. He’ll always pick the useful, the safe, the knowable. It can be a terrible bore, but tempered with a little humour or fun, it can give a quality of understanding and warmth and wisdom which is magnetic and highly attractive. If Virgo appears to kick over the traces, often careful examination will find the heart hasn’t really been touched. Virgo often needs to learn the meaning of the word FUN. When Virgo meets a fire type, all the repressed child in him longs to escape and break free. Earthbound Virgo often starves himself of sheer joy of life.

Virgo’s often prepare long lists of what they have to do each day. Play is invariably the least priority! So, Virgo can choose a partner who represents all the irresponsibility and drama he won’t allow himself, all the instability and ‘selfishness’ (Virgos like to use this word to apply to people who don’t follow his priorities). The relationship can then go one of two ways. Either Virgo warms up and loosens up and balances himself out, OR he tries to mould and confine the partner, nagging and criticizing him/her!!!!

When Virgo meets an earth type, however, the universe can become too safe, bored and dreary. Again the Child is needed to gamble, to gambol and to play.

Virgo is often domestically orientated, enjoying home life and not keen on travelling far, unless it’s with family. Will often perform thankless behind the scenes tasks in the family due to the self-sacrificial Virgo quality.

The Virgo Shadow Lover

Cool and unromantic, perhaps sexually skilled but emotionally invisible. Has will even follow a manual or instruction book on sex.


Virgo man in love can show the best of Virgo qualities: desire to be needed, generosity and helpfulness if you need support, talking, understanding or material assistance. Always reasonable, Virgo man will draw you out about your problems and seek to help solve your problems. He gives out an aura of safeness, a love of truth and accuracy, rarely pretending to be other than what he is.

But his self-control and coolness can be infuriating. He can be neat and habitually obsessional and socially sensitive about showing affection.. And he can put everything second to work.

He is sensitive and vulnerable. He will usually be complex and highly-strung. Any emotional need which you don’t express in neat, structured, verbal terms can be felt as an overwhelming demand.

If you can tell him the truth quietly and clearly, he will listen – but he can’t take angry explosions or weeping sessions. Trust, quiet warmth and safety are necessary for him to be able to show any of his more mystical side. He needs lots of play, rest and nature to heal his fidgetiness and the effects of his overwork. Virgo man can be appreciated as a lover for his wit and cynical wisdom, his craftsmanship, his shrewdness, kindness and sensitivity


The main gift of Virgo woman is her intelligence. At her best, there is good taste, subtlety and understanding. The self-contained theme is very much in evidence: there’s often a quality about Virgo woman which is psychologically untouchable – and should not be invaded. They radiate some mysterious aloofness: it expresses ‘welcome, but respect my separateness’. Virgo women have a high degree of capability and efficiency – either on a physical or on a mental level, or both. When she makes a career, she will probably make an art of it. It is hard for them to be spontaneous. Emotion and passion are disturbing and frightening, and can only be expressed in an atmosphere of complete trust. Mercury’s connection with Virgo comes out in a need to communicate. They can be endless talkers.  They are questioning and knowledgeable.

The sensitivity of the sign expresses itself through love of nature, healing, a skillful touch with all crafts and handicrafts. Often a skillful gardener. Whatever Virgo does, she does well. She needs a lot of respect. She loves realistically, loving her partner for flaws and imperfections, not idealistically, and because it makes her feel needed.


Virgos and Pisceans:

Firstly, Neptune: Neptune is transiting in the heavens at 3 degrees Pisces now, so if your Sun is at the beginning of Virgo, You now have the very long-running transit Neptune opposition Sun.  Or if your Sun is at the beginning of Pisces your transit is Neptune conjunct Sun.
What will this mean in your life?
Positively: Vision, deity contact, receptivity for all impressions, inspiration, enthusiasm, inclination to mysticism, profundity, stimulation for intellectual work, peace of mind, companionship of souls, contact with visionary individuals.
Or negatively: impressionability, negative character, alcohol, nicotine, drugs, physical weakness, susceptibility for illness, lack of determination, mental confusion, unpleasant dreams, self-delusion, damage to reputation, disappointment through others, N.B. caution when taking powerful medicaments.

Secondly, Chiron: Chiron is transiting at 12 degrees Pisces this month, so if your Sun is around 12 degrees Pisces or 12 degrees Virgo, you have a Chiron to Sun transit. This is major. Chiron transits to the Sun act to uncover fears and wounds with regards to our sense of self and our life path. We discover our weaknesses in the foundation of our identity. You deal with others doubting your character, and you could feel like you’re forced into a position of proving yourself. In the case of women these transits deal with issues surrounding their fathers and their relationships with men. Our creativity, self-expression, and independence are questioned. How does this transit work? At first things happen in your life that tend to make you feel weakened, lacking in courage and ineffective in the world. So you need to do healing work, and so you begin to gather the courage to express yourself and your needs. These Chiron to Sun transits may bring “teachers” into your life, usually male: people who are very willing to offer you advice are often males. Be careful not to fall into the role of victim and let someone else “save” you. But by transit’s end, you will have uncovered your own power and effectiveness. And then often you can offer healing to others.


Pluto is slowly transiting at 9 degrees Capricorn this month, so this is a very good year for Capricorns, especially if their Sun is nearer to the 9 degrees Capricorn point. The dam is really bursting. The seeds are flowering now!

Aries and Libra:

Uranus is transiting at 11 Aries this month. So if your Sun is at  around11 degrees Aries or around 11 degrees Libra, this transit brings you:
Positively: Originality, foresight, organizational flair, tendency to sudden changes, alteration and travel, Improvement of life position, Betterment of health through new methods of treatment, Sudden recognition, professional advancement, sudden involvement with a man (usually)

Or Negatively:    Sudden urge or compulsion to change, critical effects, sudden disposition to illness, In the case of illness: possibility of surgery, Times of upset, Crisis in partnership, upset through the influence of a man (usually).

Scorpio (and the last 6 degrees of Libra):

This year is absolutely major for you because Rahu (The North Node of the Moon) is transiting backwards through your sign, and Saturn is transiting (normally) forward through it. Basically this brings for you especially (though in fact to a degree for everyone) driven compulsion to get right the issue of ‘me first’ versus ‘relationship’ and to seriously understand commitment in love.

If your Sun is in Scorpio, you will simultaneously be faced with the limitations of the Saturn to Sun transit, which is aimed to really essentialise yourself and bring out your true qualities, and also the Rahu (North Node) to Sun transit which can bring you great success.

AND Jupiter, at the same time, is casting a favourable aspect on your part of the heavens bringing divine clarity and a wealth of good ideas (though with the risk of scatter).

AND NOTE that Venus join Rahu (North Node) and Saturn from 6th September to 2nd October, creating a very, very special three-planet yoga which can bring you power and money. This is really major! And it only happens once every 100 years!

Three strong points for everyone:

Sun strong: Sun is in the Vedic sign of Leo from 16 August to 16 September 2013. The Sun is strong, so it helps the other planets and their current weaknesses and challenges, over this period. And this is excellent if you have Vedic Leo rising sign (western Virgo) or, of course if you have a Virgo Sun.

Moon powerful: with the New Moon in Vedic Leo on September 4th, a new 30-day cycle of  courage, strength, passion for life and individuality begins – potentially available for everyone. Connect now to your true vision. Follow it consistently in your actions.

A very auspicious ten day period begins offering everyone power and blessing for everyone from September 6th to 16th : mercury and Venus both change Vedic signs on September 6th, creating the following very unique and special configuration. Venus has been debilitated since August 11th, causing problems for love, but this is over when Venus moves into Vedic Libra on September 6th:
So, from September 6th: Sun is in its own sign in Vedic Leo (western Virgo). Mercury will be exalted in Vedic Virgo (western Libra). Venus will be in his own sign in Vedic Libra (western Scorpio). Saturn will be exalted in Vedic Libra (western Scorpio. This period of September 6th to 16th will be so good for your energies of communication (Mercury), self-expression (Sun), duty and commitment, willingness to do the hard work (Saturn), happy relationships (Venus).
Of course, with Venus joining Rahu (North Node of the moon) AND Saturn in Vedic Libra (western Scorpio, there is a big call to get real in love now!


Two General Warnings

FIRSTLY: Mars is detrimented in the Vedic sign of Cancer from 18 August to 5 October 2013 (this is western Taurus). Mars becomes debilitated every two years, and in general we feel bothered and over-emotional, and we need to guard against this. We can find ourselves being very frustrated, over-emotional and babyish.

SECONDLY: Kala Sarpa Yoga until September 25th: All the planets (OF Vedic Astrology) are caught up inside the orbit of the Nodes of the Moon now. In other words Rahu the North Node and Ketu the South Node have all the planets inside their grip until September 25th: Another way of looking at this i.e. all the planets are to one side of the Rahu – Ketu opposition.
Please do note this is tough for mental stability, and also this will lead to unexpectedness in your life and in the fates of nations. Kala Sarpa Yoga creates imbalances, disruption and disharmony, and there’s big divine learning for us in this: in learning to deal with our minds through this.

Don’t let the games and fears of your mind have undue substance. Keep calm and carry on. Get healing. Find genuine ways of Empowerment.

Great things can happen for you – if you don’t fall prey to the tricks of the mind.

Note that for half of every month, the Moon moves outside this grip of Rahu – Ketu opposition. But this doesn’t actually make it any easier for our minds. This is because Moon is then alone and unsupported. It’s out on a limb. This, too, can lead to instability of mind or can create fear and or anxiety in itself during this crucial 2 – 3 month difficult period until September 25th.

The three Vedic Lunar Signs (Nakshatras) behind the western sign of Virgo:

As I said before, to really understand the shades of difference between the various parts of the western sign of Virgo, you need to look at which of the three Vedic Lunar Signs or Nakshatras in that part of the heavens the Virgo’s Sun falls in. Here’s a brief summary, which I think you will find really interesting and illuminating:

Magha (16 August -30 August)

Symbol: a crown.
Deities: the Pitris, the ancestors.
Keywords: royal, having an eye for tradition, ambitious.
Translation: the great one.

Favorable: Positive, balanced, has self-respect and expects respect from others; big-hearted; goes first class; likes to be entitled and to bear titles; respects educators and spiritual people; honors traditions; likes to adhere to chains of command; does well when praised; likes to be served and given attention

Unfavorable: Arrogant, disdainful, overly demanding, indignant; has a strong dislike for those who dislike them or who treat them with disrespect; could get involved in an affair if they feel unloved by mate; can be manipulated by flattery; cruel to those who don’t show them respect

The royal star of Regulus is the most important star in the constellation of Magha.  In Western astro­logy, this star deals with fame and kingship too.  This con­stella­tion brings prosperity. Someone whose horoscope is dominated by Magha is a natural authority.  Royal fami­lies can look back upon a rich family tree.  For this reason, this constel­lation has to do with the forefathers. Keeping up the tradi­tions of their ancestors is an important task for this con­stellation.  That is why Magha has a conserva­tive character.

The main task is to study how ancient knowled­ge and traditions can be applied today.  An example coming from the world of astrology is Pro­ject Hind­sight.  A group of astrolo­gers study ancient astrologi­cal scriptures origina­ting from diffe­rent cultures, and then they examine the extent to which this ancient as­trology can be useful today.

The spiritual path of a person whose horoscope is dominated by Magha involves the study of the legacy of huma­nity (an­cient philosophies etc) and the propa­gation of the way in which this may give an answer to contemporary problems.  It might be necessary to accept responsibilities (to take up an autho­rita­rian posi­tion) in order to put into practice the insights obtai­ned.

Purva Phalguni (30 August- 13  September)

Symbol: a bed.
Deity: Bhaga, god of conjugal bliss and prosperity.
Keywords: love, sexuality, prosperity, light-heartedness, creativity.
Favorable: Bright, physically active; focus is on the body; physi­cal approaches to healing; lively and friendly; sweet speech; likes to give; wants fame and attention; loyal; good at ministering to those in a higher position; advocate; aristocratic, cultured, and oriented to the refined; would rather “entice” someone than force them

Unfavorable: Reckless; focused too much on getting what they want; builds up debts; strong aversion to being uncomfortable; falls into bouts of gloom or depression if they do not get the praise and comfort that they feel is their right; vindictive if hurt but not in a confrontation­al manner

Purva Phalguni relates to rest, re­laxing and en­joy­ment.  The god Bhaga belonging to this con­stellation spreads pros­perity in every area of life.  The conjugal bliss that has to do with Purva Phalguni is also symbolised by open fire, which is anot­her symbol for this constel­lation.  It represents a warm family atmosphere.  Purva Phalgu­ni symbolises a resting-point.

This is not a constellation of violent transformation proces­ses, but of a simple domestic life without too many disrupti­ons.  To accom­plish this in daily life is not an easy task, however, taking into account the many divorces we see today. To live in a simple manner and to do what has to be done is a way to serve the creator.  A religious attitude has to become visible in one’s every day routine.  By traditi­on, the fulfilment of family responsibi­lities is considered to be an important religi­ous obli­ga­tion.

Amongst other things, the god Bhaga involves ero­ticism, but in this case, this is less about eroticism as a trans­cen­dental experien­ce, but more about the enjoy­ment of it.  Eroticism as a way of reproduction is also emphasised in this constellation.  Through eroticism, life comes into being and the family is formed.

The spiritual path belonging to this constellation is a domes­tic life and the enjoyment of life.

Uttara Phalguni (13 September- 26 September)

Symbol: a bed.
Deity: Aryaman, god of kindness.
Keywords: love, sexuality, prosperity, helpfulness, creativity.

Favorable: A level-headed leader or manager; associates well with people in power and gets financial benefit from them; good communi­cator; loves luxury and comfort; liberal yet has fixed principles; happy, friendly, and likeable—especially popular with mates and partners; socially smart; generally fortunate.

Unfavorable: May have many partners (in and out of marriage); egotistical, orders people about without due consideration for their feel­ings; obstinate, disdainful, vain, arrogant, takes too much for them­selves (the “lion’s share”); not grateful; a social climber; may be sad or angry under a “happy smile”

Uttara Phalguni gives has a strong resemblance to Purva Phal­gu­ni. It actually is part of the same con­stel­lation (Phal­guni) that has been divided into two.  Both sym­bols, as well as the gods that belong to them are very much alike.  There are only small differences between the two con­stellati­ons.  Uttara Phalguni will make the indivi­dual a little more ambitious than Purva Phalguni for example.

A person whose horoscope is dominated by Uttara Phalguni may be inclined to take com­mand in a situ­ati­on.  Moreover, Uttara Phalguni relates to friendship and the desire to help others.  There is a need to be of service to other people.  This is because the god that belongs to Uttara Phalgu­ni is the god of friendship (as well as of con­jugal bliss and love like Bhaga).  It is the constel­lation of a person who helps someone in need.  Ero­ticism also plays an important role.  This constellation is known for amo­rous scan­dals.

Rasa is the Sanskrit word for the aesthetic pleasure art can bring.  The shringara rasa was considered to be one of the most impor­tant rasas and relates to eroticism (other rasas rela­ted to rest, humour, heroism etc.).  That is why India has genera­ted a lot of erotic art in the past.  This aesthetical approach of ero­ticism matches both Phalguni constellations.

The spiritual path is the same as that of Purva Phalguni: domes­tic life and the enjoyment of life.  Moreo­ver, Uttara Phalguni helps people who are not part of the imme­diate family.


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