Violent Mars Transit in May 2021 What should you do about it?

There is a strong current of anger and violence from Mars in May 2021.

Be careful around anger management during May.

Be careful of your boundaries. Minimize your stress. There’s collective fear and panic. Avoid mind-destabilisation from social divisiveness and conspiracy theory tidal wave. Make or Break relationships that hold you back. Cultivate and heighten your inner vision. Above all, make and live in your connection to the Divine Hear of Love.

Watch the Video and Read on, below, to find out more key and fascinating details about this transit.

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Basically, Mars transits from 10 to 28 deg Vedic Gemini in May 2021.

So, first of all, what energy is Mars transiting the sign of Gemini?

Favorably, it’s: quick mind, problem-solving ability, energy for literary projects, powerful communication.

Negatively, it’s the sharp tongue, the impatient restless arguer.

But here’s the big bit:

Within the sign of Gemini, remember: Mars now transits through the implacable ‘my way or the highway’ storm energy of Ardra Nakshatra, ruled by Rahu, from 1st to 28th May.

Ardra is ruled by the storm god Rudra, the ‘howler’, a ferocious form of Shiva. Rudra is the fury of Brahma. We humans can easily misuse that!!

Mars in Ardra can create the ruthless concentration camp guard, the angry fundamentalist preacher, or out of control social media misfit ranting and imposing fundamentalist conspiracy theory, the person who condemns any deviant from his or her approved dogma – and consigns them to the flames.

As I was writing this post, I saw this headline in a UK newspaper notification, as an omen for this energy:

‘London horror: Boy, 13, stabbed ‘multiple times’ on way to school in capital

A BOY has been hospitalised after suffering stab injuries on his way to school leaving him fighting for his life. It comes just days after a teenager was fatally stabbed earlier this week. He was attacked on Monday afternoon in Canning Town, east London.’

So, this is Mars transiting in Ardra Nakshatra ruled by Rahu, now: self-righteous mind-billowing and obsessional righteousness and violence.

Violence and agitation is increased at this time.

I always remind myself of the need for vision connection with the divine nature of each planet at tiems like this/ It will be very good to connect to the Divine Nature of Mars, now, at this time of Mars torsion. Each planet is a ‘Face of the Divine’, although we humans have to work to experience that. This is because our individual destiny in this incarnation is to experience the Divine Nature of each planet through ‘filters’ of sign, house and aspect. But we are here to bring a more Divine perspective to our incarnational egoic nature.

I love doing vision work within different spiritual pathways. I did a five-year ethnographic filed work university-based study of spiritual forms new to the modern west. Hinduism/Vedic astrology has a rich background in vision work to contact Faces of the Divine, as do other spiritual backgrounds.

For my study of Hinduism, I lived on and off for five years in Skanda Vale Ashram in South Wales – and yes: Skanda is one of the names for Mars.

For my study of Tibetan Buddhism, I found it has a rich and vast tradition of Deity Puja, and I loved meeting Tibetan Gods or Goddesses, each in his or her ‘pure land’, and indeed going on to ‘arise as deity’, myself.

it is so important for us to be able to connect to faces of the Divine.

Let’s look at the true nature of Mars energy:

Mars is the planet of power, strength, courage, and aggression, our ability to project with force in life: goal orientated action.

A strong Mars provides us the energy, independence, will and self-confidence to carry out our endeavors, challenging and daring.

But he can also bring out the negative or dark sides of the Earth energy, the dark side of the abyss with the impulsion to destroy the creation and return the universe to the state of raw chaos.

On a higher level, Mars directs us to the yogas of knowledge and gives self-discipline and the practice of rituals and methods of directing occult and spiritual energies.

Mars is the son of the Earth in Hindu mythology. He is called Kuja, “the one born from the Earth.” He is the secret flame hidden in matter.

As with all deities, it is good to do a vision journey or ritual to connect to the Divine Mars.

To understand the current Mars energy for May 2021, of course, you do need to check out which House Gemini is in your Vedic birth chart to find out what area of your life will be particularly affected, and if you go to my May 2021 webpage of my Starwheel Astrology website, you will see links to the meaning of each House in your vedic birth chart, and many other useful click-to information pages for the signs, houses, nakshatras, etc. plus Retrogrades, Eclipses and Saturn transits and 2021 transits, etc.

And remember when you are seeking to work out how this transit might affect you, remember that Mars casts aspects to Houses 4, 7 and 8, in other words to Virgo, Sagittarius and Capricorn – which Houses are these in your Vedic birth chart?

At the very end of May, from May 28th, the energy of Mars alters in that although he’s still transiting Vedic Gemini, Mars leaves Ardra Nakshatra and enters Punarvasu Nakshatra on 28th May. Punarvasu is ruled by Jupiter.

The temperament of Punarvasu is Deva = Divine – it is the first ray of sunlight after the storm of Ardra. However, the problem with Punarvasu is that they ask question after question, indeed maybe without even stopping to listen to an answer, and with Mars there the question-asking could take on a new dimension of acceleration!

Another thing to be aware of is that Mars is ‘out of bounds’ at this time, in other words, Mars is free of the restraining guidance of the Sun.

‘Out of bounds’ condition occurs when a planet’s declination is more than 23⁰ North or South of the equator. The Planet is thus not connected to the Sun, it’s ‘feral’.

Normally there are no out of bounds planets. In May 2021 there are four. This is an extremely rare occurrence and it adds to the tension.

Now, also remember there’s other quite tense and fierce energies at this time, and they provide a tense background to our consciousness that we need to deal with:

First, Saturn is transiting Capricorn, as is Pluto, and Pluto is growling power whether manifested or hidden, whether positive or negative, and Pluto constantly pits himself against Saturn to fight any part of Saturn that we might wrongly be expressing to be our blocks and prison wills and limitation, just as Saturn pits himself against Pluto to create the control freak energy or the denied power victim.

AND secondly, transiting Uranus starts the month exactly conjunct the Sun at 16 Aries, and Uranus casts a square aspect to Saturn at 16 Capricorn. In other words, Uranus the planet of Revolution, smashes any negative structures from Saturn in Capricorn and demands Saturn energy morph to become instead a proper vehicle and structure and strategy and conduit for your needed Revolution – and for the Revolution of the society you live in!

Thirdly, of course there’s the eclipse of May 26th also to be taken into account as a sharp violent energy.

So, in conclusion, we need to be careful of our anger management during May, and we must be watchful and careful about how to deal with aggressive loudmouths and unstable people! There is a spiritual message and challenge for us at this time of heightened aggression. It includes vision work with the divine nature of Mars, maintenance of boundaries, and avoiding letting the conspiracy theorist social medial ranting into our minds. Above all, make and live in your connection to the Divine Hear of Love.

Instead, we do have the chance now to realize love and wisdom in our lives – actually arising out of this intensity.

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