Violent energy set to start March 2020 Astrology

Mars Ketu and Kal Sarpa Yoga set the energy tone for March 2020

This Mars – Ketu conjunction and the Kal Sarpa Yoga are huge energies. They are life-changing. They can be materially destructive. They are deeply inspirational. This is Part 3 of my Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter for March 2020.


Let’s start to attune to the astrology of the start of March 2020 by looking at the chart for the first day of March in both Western Tropical Zodiac and Vedic Sidereal zodiac.





























Here’s the full list of the different parts for my March 2020 Newsletter:
March 2020 Astrology and Healing Newsletter INTRO
PT.1 Huge planetary maelstrom Pluto Saturn Jupiter and Mars together in Capricorn
PT.2 Understand the Love Energies of March 2020
PT.3 Violent energy set to start March 2020 Astrology
PT 4 Healing Chiron square the Nodal axis in March 2020
PT.5 Super Creative Full Moon March 2020 with Sun conjunct Neptune

Note that this is a pretty aggressive and violent energy. Though, importantly, up to 28th February, Mars was in Mula Nakshatra, as Ketu is still.

Actually, this is also, and at its highest, a deeply spiritual energy for the whole of the world when Ketu is in a Nakshatra that he rules.

It does melt down the material – and this may especially be the case if Vedic Sagittarius is your 2nd House. But its purpose, if you are open to it, is to push you into the deeper spiritual and mystical energies.

Kal Sarpa Yoga

 From the above chart with its Mars Ketu transiting conjunction, it can clearly be seen that it’s part of the Kal Sarpa Yoga runs big time, and will be felt clearly until around 11th July when Sun and the Mercury break out of the Nodal axis.

The Nodes change sign 23.9.2020. But then Kal Sarpa Yoga  re-starts around 28th December 2020 as the inner planets reach Vedic Sagittarius, ending around April 2021.

Kal Sarpa Yoga is the preposterous divisive energy that occurs when all the Vedic planets are to one side of the signs occupied by Nodal Axis.

In fact, note that if just one planet is on the unoccupied side, this does not end the Kal Sarpa Yoga. It actually creates an unsupported planet. And if it’s the Moon that’s the unsupported planet, that’s hard for the stability of our Mind.

Of course, individuals with Kal Sarpa Yoga in their birth chart can utilise the spiritual challenge, and become spiritual beings, thereby.

So, energies that are huge and life-changing, which can be materially destructive, and are deeply inspirational.

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