Very powerful New Moon on 19th May Be grounded Be brave Be magical Succeed.

There’s a very powerful New Moon on 19th May. It is so powerful.

Be grounded. Be brave. Be magical. Succeed.

See the video:

This Full Moon is conjunct the terrible star Algol and it is accompanied by a Grand Cross. And we can use its power if we understand it – to achieve a lot!

So this New Moon is Sun and Moon together at 4 deg grounded Vedic Taurus (using the sidereal zodiac. That’s 28 Western Taurus using the tropical zodiac).

Calm forceful empowerment needs to be at the centre of the lunation time to come going ahead.

It’s within cutting Krittika Nakshatra, using the wonderfully accurate and powerfully declarative 27-sign lunar zodiac of Vedic Astrology.

And it’s conjunct the fixed star Algol, which is a huge and can be seen as terrible frightening energy when it’s activated – until you understand it. The most terrible star in the skies.

This New Moon is associated with a huge Grand Cross that fills the chart at the time of this New Moon:

One axis is the Nodal axis:

North Node opposition South Node

With North Node Rahu at 8 deg Aries conjunct Jupiter, opposition South Node Ketu at 8 deg Libra.

And at 90 degrees to this Nodal axis, creating the awesome powerful Grand Cross is the formidable: Pluto opposition Mars:

(Pluto in Capricorn, Mars in Cancer).

So: Power and Energy cross with Fated things.

The Grand Cross can pull us in four different directions.

But we can stand in the middle, as it were.

We can combine all the force-energies and power – and use the force to achieve our ethical needed goal or achieve our needed death and rebirth, and break out of any imprisoning scripts patterns and definitions that we may have created for our self.

If you can ride the energies of this New Moon in the ways suggested here, you will arrive at a state that will bring positive changes so that the confusion of the past few months will give way to some clear and decisive steps forward. Gains will rise. Your work will do well. Your romantic relationship will get to a new level.

You can see the chart for this New Moon in my May 2023 page of my StarwheelAstrology website, under ‘More’ and then ‘Monthly Astrology Charts’:

Let’s look at this New Moon’s Energies and how to best deal with them in some more detail:

Let’s each of us look now at the energy mix we are living in.

And then let each of us look at how best to work with the energy of this New Moon for achieving our needed best future:

So, let’s look at the first three factors concerning the energy of this New Moon:


The energy of the Nodal Axis is all about things that are destined especially if you have natal planets in Vedic Aries or Libra.


The energy of Pluto opposition Mars is all about pressure and force.

Negatively this is bullying.

So you need to learn how to contain and ride the pressure.

You need to have to learn how to use it in a way that brings you more into your ethical power – and it might well have to do with some fated or destined or karmic dimension of your life and your life purpose.


However, the energy of the New Moon is ALSO all about being GROUNDED, because it’s in Taurus.

So at this time of this new Lunation, we’d do best to ensure that we are grounded from each moment to each moment, as we have to live and function and relate amid tense and pressured energies.

But we also may have to learn how to embrace the force and pressure, so as to achieve our so-needed goals.

These will be goals that we need to carefully define for ourself.

These will be goals that might include redefining our self.

These will be goals that might include getting out of some STUCK SITUATION that we are horribly in and maybe even addicted to.

But there’s even more to this New Moon of May 19th than that. And to understand the fullness of the challenge and the gift we need next to look at the star Algol which is conjunct this New Moon.

So, now let’s go on the fourth factor – Algol:


This New Moon is conjunct the dreadful Fixed Star Algol.

Algol produces the worst disaster of any of the stars when it is activated.

The Greek Myth about the energy of this star says a lot.

Basically this star was Medusa, the one-time Priestess of Athene, who was blamed for desecrating the energies of Athene’s temple. Medusa was too passionate and forceful.
So Athene turned her into a monster with coiling snakes for her hair.

And the thing was that anyone who looked at Medusa – DIED!

Medusa was then slain by the hero Perseus. Perseus had to use a mirror while he killed her with his sword – because if he looked at her, he would die.

But the point is that after the priestesses’ death, both Athena and Perseus used Medusa’s head as a weapon. They carried it and they held it in front of any enemy, with the result that the enemy died.

So this means that you may have to face quite a challenge as this lunation unfolds.

You may be called upon to be brave and resourceful.

But also, realize that Medusa is ‘serpent energy’.

Serpent energy is about being magical.

It’s about ‘death and rebirth’.

So this is a time when you must be bold.

You must embrace challenge.

You must get out of your usual box.

You must in some ways die to the old you and embrace the needed NEW YOU.

This might involve dying to some old crap patterns you live by.

This might involve bringing in new creative/magical braver behaviour patterns for the way you go about living your life.

Be grounded.

Be brave.

Be magical.


There’s a couple of important footnotes:


Footnote: A fifth factor to be aware of is Jupiter.

Jupiter is conjunct Rahu North Node.

Jupiter is square Pluto.

Be open to the INSIGHTS. Be open to the EXPANSION that this facet of the New Moon can bring.

And also be careful not to be too driven or over-expansive, beyond what is manageable or right.


Footnote: This New Moon combines with Neptune, Pluto and Mars to give you ‘talent openings’. Be on the lookout!!!


Footnote: Mars is square Jupiter. Use the energy and initiative. But be aware not to let it get too massive or over-running.


Footnote: Saturn is at 12 Aquarius. Saturn is moving slower and slower and slower to turn retrograde at 13 deg Aquarius on 17th June. Saturn will thus be demanding that you TIE UP LOOSE ENDS. On a deeper level that that, Saturn will be insisting that you respond to the demands of your presently active karmas. If you don’t, you will feel suffering. But when we listen for and understand Saturn’s demand upon us, Saturn’s message for us, we will feel RIGHT! And CONTENT. Saturn is the most huge force. But he is our Friend.

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