Very difficult Venus Love energies July to November 2023

You need to know that the energies of the timescale: July 3rd to 29th November 2023 create exceptional particular difficulties for our Venus energies.

I have just done a video and blog post specifically about the energies of any Venus Retrograde period.
But note that this post focuses on the meaning of the Venus Retrograde period: 22nd July to September 3rd.

And it is essential to know that there are additional harmful energies impinging on Venus from July to September 2023,more than just the fact of Venus being Retrograde and the difficulties that causes.

It is essential to realize that these wider additional difficult prevailing Venus energies will have a very big effect on each of us personally.

We need to know about these July 3rd to November 29th energies!

We need to be prepared.

It is these wider challenges to Venus are the subject of this post.

Pt 1 video

Pt 2 video

So, this follow-on video and blog presents to you important information about the exceptional wide-ranging troubles that Venus will be having, and affecting our consciousness, and our lives, and our relationships, in the wider period July to November 2023.

Here’s an introductory summary of these Venus details and difficulties:

A. The detail of what is going on when Venus the planet of Love is Retrograde, in the timescale 22nd July to September 3rd.

B.  Venus transits the Cancer-Leo Gandanta Zone

C. Venus sign-change energies in the signs of Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra 2023

D. Lilith conjunct Venus

E. Pluto Square Nodes at this time

G. Ketu transits Libra, the sign that Venus rules

H. Chiron trine Venus

I. Venus transits Sun Combust

J. Mars and Venus in the Cancer-Leo Gandanta

K. Saturn transits opposition Mars

L. Saturn transits opposition Venus.

OK, let’s go into the detail:

Retrograde Venus

In the Venus Retrograde general presentation video and blog post that I have just completed, I talked in detail about the principles underlying understanding any Venus Retrograde Period.

But now, here’s the detailed timetable applying just specifically for the 2023 Venus Retrograde period.

We each need to deal with this in an informed way and wisely and strongly, in our consciousness, and in handling the events in our life:

So, basically, this year, Venus turns Retrograde on 23rd July, and it’s not til 3rd September that Venus ceases his retrograde.

Venus turns Retrograde on 23rd July at 4 deg Vedic Leo, with Venus having just already gone through the big challenges of the Cancer Leo Gandanta from 27 Cancer to 3 Leo. See below for explanation of what is a Gandanta zone. Briefly they are the transition points from Water to Fire sign (Pisces to Aries, Cancer to Leo and Scorpio to Sagittarius) and they are fiercest in their effects of immateriality and stormy issues at the zero-point of the sign change.

This 44 day Venus Retrograde phase is a call to be especially careful for those for whom Venus is a ruling planet, such as people with a Libra or Taurus emphasis in their charts. People in Venus Dasha will be strongly affected, etc. The House in your birth chart that Venus occupies or rules will be strongly affected.

Venus Stationary Periods:

As a special detail: Be careful of the Venus stationary periods:

Remember: from July 20 to 24 we have Stationary Retrograde Venus when Venus first turns retrograde.

And from September 1 to 5 we have Stationary Direct Venus, when Venus turns direct again.

Be careful and avoid impulsiveness during these two stationary periods. Make a note of them.

Venus Retrograde Shadow periods:

Remember, also, that the Shadow pre-phase also affects us starting 19th June. This is when Venus is transiting within the zone he will shortly be retrograding through.
And note that the retrograde shadow period of Venus began on June 19 and will extend until October 6th, when Venus attains his pre-retrogradation position.

Venus disappears from the Heavens:

Remember also that when Venus starts the Retrograde on 24th July, Venus becomes the Evening Star. Then as Venus retrogrades he disappears into the Underworld.

Venus is invisible from 10th to 18th August.

It’s so very, very useful to observe how we are feeling at this time.

And very importantly note that this is the Descent to the Underworld of Ishtar / Inanna. I spoke about this in Pt. 1.

It’s really empowering to do my Journey to the Abyss Journey complete with your Astrology Reading at this – or at ANY time. See:

When Venus emerges from behind the Sun, Venus is reborn as the Morning Star, the Light Bringer.

Doing art or other creative expression at the time of these Venus Underworld and Morning Star times can be very useful  and liberating and empowering.

Be aware that at the time of the Venus Retrograde, we may find ourself revisiting past or unresolved Relationship Issues, or event that have affected our issues with showing love.

Work on problem issues with your self-worth.

Re-envision yourself at these times.

Make needed steps to be seen and heard and valued.

Note that on this occasion of Venus Retrograde, Mercury Retrogrades from 23rd August to 15th September.

So this means that BOTH Mercury and Venus are Retrograde at the same time from 23rd August to 3rd September.
When Mercury starts his Retrograde at 27 Leo on 23rd August, Venus is Retrograding at 20 Cancer.

When Venus turns Direct on 3rd September, Mercury is retrograding at 21 Leo.

Be aware of the energies of this double retrograde.

With this double retrograde, this is to be seen as a time to wait, to tread lightly, to let the combined energy pass. Double retrogrades are always complicated.

Venus ceases retrograde on 3rd September.

But on 4th September, Jupiter turns retrograde!!! (with the Mercury Rx continuing).

Be aware that when Venus turns Direct, things will shift and move again. Watch out for that.

Gandanta Venus:

In the period 2nd July to 6th October, Venus is going through one of the three Gandanta zones of the Vedic chart: This is the Cancer-Leo Gandanta.

Venus energies will thus be turbulent and difficult to manage for each of us.

The last retrograde of Venus in the Cancer/Leo Gandanta area was July to September 2007.

Gandanta zones are water sign to fire sign transition points.
They are zones of immateriality extending up to three degrees either side of the sign-change zero point, and the closer a planet is to the actual sign change point, the stronger and vaster is the Gandanta effect.

They are essential to know about and they are unique to Vedic Astrology, and they can only be identified using the Sidereal zodiac of Vedic astrology. If you have a planet in your birth chart that is in one of the Gandanta zones you absolutely need to know about this fact – and what it will mean in your personality and in your life.
At the highest experience of Gandanta zones, the end of the water sign dissolves into the Void, and across the Void is the first flicker fo the following Fire sign. And in that Void transition, we go beyond the materiality of this earthly realm, into connection to the immaterial, into the God realms beyond or what Theravada Buddhism describes as Nirvana. But planets are very messed up if they fall in a Gandanta Zone. For example if you have your natal Venus in one of the three Gandanta zones you may for example have simply no idea of the reality and true nature of the love relationship you are in! If your Moon is in one of the Gandanta zones, then Mother will not be there for you and your whole life is most deeply affected by this.

Basically planets transiting a Gandanta will experience great unsettlement and crisis.

Gandanta zones are unstable energies.

Gandanta unravels.

Gandanta reveals.

Incidentally there can be lashing storms when planets transit a Gandanta Zone. Lashing storms certainly happened in Ireland just now when Venus was transiting the Cancer-Leo Gandanta.

Be extra conscious and aware.

Most importantly, Gandanta zones are energy zones of ‘karmic knots’ it’s so important to understand a transiting planet in a Gandanta. It’s so important to understand the destiny becoming manifest or apparent and respond to the call for healing if one of your natal planets are in a Gandanta.

Venus is a Guru – be so very aware that a Guru is compromised when Venus transits a Gandanta zone.

Mars and Venus were quite closely conjunct at the start of July – and both were in the Gandanta, and that energy set a scene for Venus frictions and repeated Venus in Gandanta energies that were to follow.

Here’s the Venus transits through the Gandanta Time Table:

Venus will go through the Cancer Leo Gandanta for the first time from 2nd July, transiting forward from 27 deg Cancer.

Venus leaves Cancer Transitioning into Leo on 7th July

Venus leaves the Leo Gandanta on 13th July.

Then Venus turns Retrograde on 22nd July at 4 deg Leo.


Venus re-enters the Leo-Cancer Gandanta at 4 Leo on 27.7.23
Venus re-enters the Leo-Cancer Gandanta at 4 Leo on 27.7.23

Venus retrogrades from Leo to Cancer on 7.8.23.

Venus continues to retrograde leaving the Gandanta at 27 Cancer on 11.8.23

Venus turns Direct again at 18 Cancer on 4th September.

Venus re-enters the Cancer-Leo Gandanta on 28th September at 27 Cancer

Venus re-enters Leo on 2nd October

Venus leaves the Cancer-Leo Gandanta on 6th October at 4 Leo

So note that when Venus turns retrograde on 22 July. This is especially additionally challenging for the planet Venus and Venus issues and for the signs that Venus rules: Taurus and Libra.

Note also that Venus transits to Cancer-Leo Gandanta three times due to this Retrograde, intensifying our Venus difficulties.

Venus sign changes:

Venus moves from Vedic Cancer to Leo, then back into Cancer, then forward into Leo, then into Virgo, and then into Libra during this difficult and so important ot know about time period.

Check out what House in your Vedic birth chart is Cancer, Leo or Virgo: this will affect the life-area affected by Venus’ periods of debilitation.

The signs ruled by Venus will also be badly affected at this time: Libra and Taurus.

See the time table below.

Here are very brief meanings of Venus in different signs:

Venus in Cancer 31.5.23 to 7.7.23.

7.8.23 to  1.10.23 turning direct 4.9.23

(ruled by the Moon) has great capacity for love, but is full of the sorrows of the world with changeable feelings and also ailments. Cancer is ruled by the Moon.

Venus in Leo 7.7.23 to 6.8.23

2.10.23 to 2.11.23

(Ruled by the Sun) energies are very different from the energies of Venus in Cancer.

Leo is the sign of courage and energy.

Leo is an ‘enemy sign’ for Venus. There will be irritation.

Venus in Leo energies are the ‘Princess mentality’. it’s not so good for successfully relating. It loves lux­ury and pleasure, strong affections. It can be conceited, complacent, self-absorbed, indulgent, where passions turn to arguments.

Venus in Virgo 3.11.23 to 29.11.23 (Ruled by Mercury)Venus is in Debilitation sign in Virgo, ruled by Mercury. Venus cannot express well in Virgo and may be more service-focused or cold or indifferent or more interested in career. Partners with bad mates due to low self-esteem. Can be a victim of love with broken romances. Venus enters Vedic Virgo: his sign of Debilitation, on 2.11.23

Venus enters Libra, the sign he rules: 1.12.23.

The next issue to know about is:

What are the other planets doing to Venus at this difficult time?

What are the other planets doing to Venus at this time from July 3rd when Venus enters the Cancer/Leo Gandanta to 10th November when Venus enters Libra the sign he rules?

This post focuses on Venus, but I here mention the influences of other planets that impinge on your Venus at this time period: Lilith, Pluto, Uranus, Nodes of the Moon, Chiron and Sun, Saturn and Mars!

Venus is conjunct Lilith during this period:
i. Venus is conjunct Lilith at 24 Vedic Cancer exact for the first time on 27th June

ii. After going direct and then turning retrograde, Venus is conjunct Lilith for the second time at 29 Vedic Cancer exact on 8th August.

iii. Venus then conjuncts Lilith of the third time on 09.10.23 at 6 Leo

N.B. It will be really important for each of us to note what is happening to our expression of our Venus around these three times when Lilith is transiting conjunct Venus.

Lilith is the powerful material that is buried in our Shadow, including our ‘Wild Side’: it is so important for us to know what is our Wild side and to (ethically) express that – if we are ever to be fully the expression of who we actually are in this life.

Venus will be strongly affected by deep and powerful issues buried in our shadow and unconscious – issues that we may not yet be in conscious awareness of. Issues affecting gender issues and issues of how we express love, and how we express power – all these can surface.

Issues around subservience and power may be running.

The couple may need to agree to carefully and lovingly and deeply share on their love issues, patterns of expressing love, body issues. Negatively there can be recklessness in romantic relationship, injustices, denials.

It becomes important for each partner to become comfortable with expressing their power-  and find a softer ways of taking the needed stand.

Recognize what your Desires are. Do work on this issue.

The Venus Lilith combination can be a potent power combination creating the journey of Ishtar/Innan into the underworld type of situation. See:

Note importantly, that Lilith is Gandanta around these times: Lilith transits through the Cancer-Leo Gandanta from 16.7.23 to 9.9.23 (allowing Gandanta zone definition of up to three degrees either side of the zero point).
When Venus finishes his Retrograde and turns Direct again on 3rd September, Venus is at 18 Cancer and Lilith is at 2 Leo.

Pluto is square the Nodal Axis all this time:

Ketu South Node 6 Libra opposition Rahu North Node at 6 Aries

Pluto at 5 Capricorn

Such big issues of power will arise like a tide for us to take on board all through this time  – and this will obviously affect how we handle our Venus energies in this period of Venus difficulties, from when Venus enters the Cancer Gandanta on 7th July, to when Venus enters Libra, the sign he rules, on 29th November and Venus’ difficulties end for a while.  

Venus is square Uranus centering around July 3rd: Uranus at 27 Aries. Venus at 28 Cancer.

Currents of Freedom and Revolution are running – balance these with your needs for stability.

Revolution, pressure and surprise may be felt.

Awakening may tug at you.

Be open to Revelations.

Bring in some new interests, a break away, some excitement.

Bring in needed new values.

Aim to increase authenticity in the way you express yourselves and the way you relate.

Break free of outmoded ways of relating by recasting your relating patterns, ideally through caring agreed discussion and making time for relationship.

Don’t let tensons get out of hand.

No longer be resigned to patterns that aren’t so good for you individually or as a couple.

Make the effort to rise up and correct situations that have been dragging and stagnant.

Ketu South Node is transiting the relationship sign of Libra until the nodes change sign and Ketu enters Virgo on October 30th.

Ketu transiting Libra is a pressure for all of us to connect better to our relationship issues.

Past life matters relating to relationship and sexuality may arise for healing.

Issues from earlier in your life relating to relationship and sexuality may arise for healing.

Chiron trine Venus

Chiron at 26 Pisces is trine Venus at 27 Cancer on 3rd July, with the trine in force

With Chiron trining Venus Lilith conjunction around 5th, 10th August!

Chiron trine Venus exact on 15th August (Chiron at 25 Pisces, Venus at 25 Cancer).

Chiron is the Wounded Healer. Note healings offered to you by new awarenesses to do with both your Chiron and your Venus (as set up by their positions in your birth chart).

Venus conjunct the Sun:

Sun is conjunct retrograde Venus at 26 Leo on 13th August (in Ashlesha Nakshatra).

Sun trashes Venus from a Venus raw strength score of 449 strength points to zero strength points by Rashi Avasthas. Venus trashes the Sun’s strength from 450 to zero by Rashi Avasthas at this date.

Note that from August 7th to 21st Venus is Combust. This will make us feel a lot of vulnerability, frustration and confusion.

Very importantly, Venus will be invisible while combust the Sun for these dates.

During this period, we should be extra mindful and aware and commit to managing our emotions and avoiding unnecessary conflicts.

Venus will disappear from the evening sky around August 7. It will reappear in the morning sky around August 21. This is called the Heliacal Rise of Venus. It was seen in ancient times as dangerous for accidents and revelations. August 21st! Note the date and the days after that.

Venus remains as Morning Star until March 2024. Then, again, Venus will disappear for some time and then reemerge as the Evening Star again. For the ancients, in Babylon, Venus as Evening Star was an energy of love and peace; Venus as Morning Star was an energy of war. Venus remains as Morning Star until March 2024!

Mars and Venus were quite closely conjunct at the start of July – and both were in the Gandanta, and that energy sets a scene for frictions that were to follow.

It is a fallacy of much Western Astrology that Venus and Mars are a positive combination. It has some positive passion potentials. But the two are mutual enemies, and upset each other when they are in aspect.

On July 1st Mars was at 0 deg Leo, Venus was at 27 Cancer – both were in the Gandanta

Mars was at 4 Leo, thus left the Gandanta by 6th July

Venus was at 4 deg Leo, thus left the Gandanta by 17th July


Saturn transits opposition Mars with Saturn transiting Aquarius when Mars is transiting Leo. This is a big huge energy of irritation and aggression you need to know about, especially when Mars is exact at 12 degrees Leo into July 21st.

Saturn and Mars fight each other creating great frustration which can certainly harm your love relationship. Saturn want to slow things down and be dutiful and thorough. Mars is impatient and angry. They pit themselves against each other in our consciousness, in our emotions, in our life. And it’s bad for love. Proud Leo will want to go into denial and blame the partner. Be aware all the while Mars transits Leo, especially when Mars is in exact opposition from Saturn on July 21st.

Mars in Leo is the fiery angry warrior. Mars in Leo has inflated ego.

The two hate each other.

The frustration caused to the person can destroy their love relationship. Leo is a proud sign. They may not want to admit their faults and they may fight against the need to work together with their partner to heal the negative subpersonality.

The spiritual loving cure may be to do deep work to become the spiritual loving warrior: to identify and connect to the strong warrior that is Mars in Leo and then to get him/her connected to ethical karmically responsible Saturn and thus work well with and support Venus the planet of your love relationship. Become the strong loving warrior!

Saturn transits opposition Venus. This is felt whenever Venus is transiting Leo.

Venus in Leo 7.7.23 to 6.8.23 and 2.10.23 to 2.11.23.  

And it is exact on 9 10 23, when Saturn is (retrograde) at 6 Aquarius and Venus is at 6 Leo.

It is so necessary to understand and heal what is going on:

Saturn lays a cold hand on love, on our expression of love, and on our sense of self-value.

Saturn in Aquarius calls us to be structured and responsible – including in our love issues.

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