Very Difficult Mars Transit 2020 to 2021 Pt 1 Find Your Light Smash Your Blocks

It’s so crucial to understand what the energy of the long, and at times awful Mars transit between June 2020 and February 2021 is doing to you.

So, focus now on the very difficult Mars Transit (and the October 31st Full Moon).
These two, combined, can show you:
(a) that you must let go of your blocks now.
(b) that you must peer into the darkness to see what special light you have been blocking down? What is the special light that you must manifest it at this time? And how must you express it?

See the Pt. 1 Video:

See the continuation of the Pt 1 Video Here

And see the Pt. 2 Post: The Transit TimeTable:
Blog Post

So the call of this long Mars transit is to understand the blocked life area of the Mars frustration you may be feeling. And to allow the light to have its place and shine through.
Do this by smashing the blocks you have been holding on to – the blocks that have been making Mars so frustrated, maybe even making you unwell.

This Pt 1 post tells you the truth of the at times awful energies and how to handle them.
The separate Pt 2 post takes you through the detailed TimeTable showing the dates and degrees.

In my upcoming post about the Full Moon of October 31st, I also share how these unusual Mars Transit issues connect to the revolutionary Full Moon of October 31st, 2020, which is conjunct Uranus. You absolutely must see the Western and also Vedic Charts for this super-huge Full Moon of October 31st, which are to the bottom of my October 2020 Starwheel Astrology website page.

There are many other horrible and difficult energies at this time. Two of them were already covered in my October 2020 Newsletter, see:
Part 2 of my October Newsletter: Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto 2020, as well as:
Part 6: Pluto your Shadow or your Power.

But what the long frustration of this Mars Transit is calling you to do is:
Ask: what is trying to shine through in your life now?
Ask: What blocks are you hanging on to that prevent your personal special light showing and making you feel such frustration?

Turn the frustration and anger that many will experience from this long and tortuous Mars transit to good effect.

Importantly, because both Mars and Ketu have Gandanta Zone crossings at this time, analysis of the roles of Mars and Ketu in your birth chart will help you identify what you may be blocking.

Further on in this blog post. I tell how all this has worked with me, personally, and for my wife, Healer Maggie Pashley.

So, this is an exceptional Mars transit. It started from June 2020 to February 2021, with Mars transiting through Vedic Pisces part of the time, where he is debilitated, and which can be ghastly for the emotions. On the social level, Pisces is the 4th House of the Kelleher chart for the USA, so this is fighting in the US homeland.

This transit then involves Mars then transiting through into the next sign, which is Vedic Aries, where Mars can be ‘me first’, ‘gung-ho’ and over the top and even violent.

This transit also involves an angry destabilising Mars Retrograde period. So, Mars first of all goes from Vedic Pisces to Aries, and then he goes back into Pisces and then he goes forward again into Aries.

And, very crucially, this transit also involves three crossings by Mars of the Gandanta Zone between Pisces and Aries.

Gandanta Zones are the zone of immateriality and fear and very unexpected events. But do note also that the three Gandanta zones can generate vast potential insight if we open to that. This particular Gandanta Zone lies between the water sign Pisces and fire sign Aries.
Do note that Mars transiting the Gandanta Zone can have vast unexpected effects and where – watch out – very big things can arise in our lives.

And note also that this ties into Ketu’s (South Node of the Moon) transit through one of the two other Gandanta Zones at this time: The Scorpio Sagittarius Gandanta Zone: Fierce. Cutting. Terrible if we resist it. Sudden events.

So, as I said, please also do see the Pt 2 post which gives you the detailed timetable and dates of this very important Mars transit. I do find it really so useful to know what energies are flowing to us, and when, from Mars, so that we can work out what we can do about them, especially on the level of smashing our blocks, the blocks that are causing the frustration we are feeling, and so: letting our light shine forth – and also needed relationship issues handling (given that it’s Mars we are talking about).

And do note also that I am actually publishing this post out at the time of the revolutionary Full Moon of 31st October 2020. I am doing this is because we really do need to see how our use of this revolutionary energy October 31st Full Moon which is conjunct Uranus, can help us get the possible good outcome out of the horrible Mars Transit.

The good outcome will arise if we can develop good perception and smash our blocks that we are clinging on to, and make an act of magic and will, smashing the barriers that are preventing us getting it together, and expressing our light!

Mars frustration and also the Revolution of the October 31st Full Moon, is actually a call to mount the barricades of personal Revolution, now.

If you open to this Full Moon’s energy, then this will force you to recognise that you have no choice left. You must let go your blocks now. And shine!

You must do this, so as to quite simply be able to manifest something very special and shining about you and your life – a light that is trying to show now.

So, you see: the frustration can actually push you to a position where you will manifest a key necessity of your life path now: something that  you really have been called for some time to, at last, express.

The imperative to smash our blocks and to manifest our light, is with us now.

It is our failures to respond this imperative fully, that causes our frustration and anger over the six-month period.

And although we absolutely must take action now, we also have to realise that it can’t be solved super-quickly. This is because Mars has yet to go through another Gandanta crossing. We will have to go through maybe lengthy life readjustment and manifestation process. But we must not fail at the hurdle because the answer is not quick! Please do note: we ignore this call to Revolution, at our peril.

So I do hope this blog and video will help you to understand the energies, and their timing.

I hope it will help you clearly see the issues.

I hope it will help you more confidently forge ahead to do the needed life reorganisation and to express what is bursting to be expressed at this time in your life.

What a combination, now, at the time of writing! The Full Moon of October 31st, 2020 has Mars Energy in a blocked angry and twisted state, and the Full Moon itself is additionally conjunct Uranus the planet of your Revolution. This is a huge megablast of energy entering into our consciousnesses, now.

And of course, this is part of an even larger indeed rare super mega energy gestalt that humanity is caught in, in 2020.

I say this because we also need to recognise, also, the aspects of this Full Moon:
Neptune is squaring the Nodal axis

The ever-closing atomic explosive Jupiter Pluto Saturn conjunction is opposition Mercury!

So, we absolutely do need to understand that this Full Moon actually discharges a multi-problem huge energy complex, as do the Mars energies that run from 20th June when Mars entered Vedic Pisces, energies that will  last until 21st February 2021.

And this is a period when, if Mars has his way, our block(s) to who we should be, will be smashed aside now: and needed Revolution will come in!

You absolutely must see the Western and also Vedic Charts for this super-huge Full Moon of October 31st, which are to the bottom of my October 2020 Starwheel Astrology website page: //

And do see Part 2 which gives you the detailed timetable of the energies.

So, note that this is a Full Moon which offers us wonders. These wonders range from the needed and overdue storming out own personal Bastille walls and blocks, and also the raising our own long awaited and oh-so-needed Flag of Revolution.

So, to focus now on Mars:

Mars’ energy is very turbulent and stressful and irritable from June 2020 to February 2021.

With the states that Mars is in over this period, there’s a big feeling of uncertainty, of insubstantiality, of lack of safety.

This will have a big effect on our consciousness, emotions and actions. How each of us will experience the Mars energies will of course depend on our own individual birth charts. I have my Moon in the super-sensitive Gandanta zone at the very end of Vedic Pisces: 29 deg 56 mins Pisces, so I have found it really frustrating and sometimes fearful. Saturn so Stationary at this time can create pessimism and fear.

And as you can see from the charts on my October Starwheel website page, Mars is actually receiving a square aspect from Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter at the time of this October 31st Full Moon. Plus, Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter are also sending a square aspect to poor Mercury, who has been in such mess: one mess after another for months.

So, let’s ask: what is all this really about in our life?


So, the key questions for the Mars transit are as follows:


What crucial direction or new initiative or new self-expression in your life have you blocked up for quite a long time?

It’s been denied to you for such a long time that you really do have to give into it now and express it now.

And maybe you’ve blocked the truer expression fo your light for so long that that you must express in your life erupts and explodes, especially at the time of the October 31st Full Moon conjunct Uranus.


What signs of frustration – even becoming unwell – have been telling you that you are blocking up your inspiration daemon? the flare of your special light?
Mars (and Ketu) energy erupt now over the period June 2020 to February 2021, where there are ten different energy phases for us to go through (see the Pt. 2 post), quite possibly peaking for us with the October 31st Full Moon, which is conjunct Uranus, or maybe peaking with the Mars Gandanta crossing in December 18th to 29th .
Typical Mars frustration illnesses can be rashes and skin irritation. Or you might have stomach issues.

Saturn is strong so there can be pessimism and depression.

Only when we smash our blocks and manifest our talent will these illnesses go.


What are blocks that you have left in place in your consciousness and in your life – left there quite wrongly and for maybe far too long? Blocks that you need to delve into and understand – and destroy?


What has been lingering too long in your life, causing you stress and frustration?
What unexpected blocks will now surface? What fated events will now surface?

And do note that the stress period is NOT over yet.

As the ten-part Mars energies phase analysis in Pt. 2, shows, it’s not really over and settled at all until February 2021.

In fact, there’s another Mars crossing of the Gandanta in Mars in the Gandanta for the third time. And we will really have to manage our Mind then. And we may need to expect the unexpected arising then.
This third Mars Gandanta crossing is in the Pisces to Aries Gandanta from December 18th – 29th.

So, at that time especially, as with a much wider time band in a less intense way, we are back to the insubstantial fear-ridden energies (that N.B. can bring intuition etc – to some).

So, what are the Answers to these 4 Key Questions?

Answer 1
Well, in general terms, the intense energy of this Mars transit (plus Ketu’s transit as well at times) is demanding that we each of us unblock a special talent.
It is demanding that we each surrender egoic clinging imprisoning wrong scripts: wrong identity and behaviour scripts.
It is demanding that we unblock out talent and that we SHINE!

Answer 2:
The Uranus of this Full Moon wants revolution and ideally a revolution of a nature that will  manifest our greater Light.
But do note that Uranus will manifest destructively on you at the time of this Full Moon, if you are not honest as to what talent or needed life expression you are bottling up.
The call is for us to successfully identify the Blocks: the monsters we are cuddling and calling our friends!

Answer 3: If you are not honest about the behaviour patterns you are clinging to that imprison you, you will fail to grasp a key needed major life opportunity to shine.
This is Mars/Ketu Great Gift especially at the time of this unlocking Full Moon.

Answer 4:
If you have been feeling a lot of stress and frustration in this period, it is actually because your chosen life pattern is blocking a special talent that need to shine now.
It is so imperative that we each do the work to identify what special talent we must now give priority to.
Be open to inspiration.
Do note that there is a lot of inspiration around at this time. Be open to it.
This is coming at you somewhat from Mars in Pisces, but intensively from Ketu in Scorpio.
And also, from the Gandanta crossings,
And also from Neptune, now.
The Saturn Pluto conjunction, vast and closing now, will leave you manifesting the negative control freak side of your nature, if you do not manifest the positive bomb-blast side of its nature (especially with Jupiter-Pluto then Jupiter-Saturn also in the mix) and now open the door to the fullness of yourself.

So, here’s the biggest two Questions of all:

What is trying to express itself now in your life???

What should you let of, now, so as to get out of Jail now?

Maybe you know what is trying to express itself now in your life?

Maybe you know what your imprisoning mental scripts and behaviour patterns are now?

N.B. Maybe you’ve been ignoring what you know???

If that’s the case, well: sort out your life. Now! It’s an imperative!!!

Identify the truth of your life path and its needed great jolt now. It may help you to take urgent steps to identify what wonder it is that you should let out of jail, now.

And, as I said above, one of the ways of finding out the nature of the light that you have blocked is by examining the detail of the nature of role of Mars and Ketu in your birth chart. This is because both of these planets have Gandanta transits at this time. Book an astrology reading with me.

We MUST NOT cling on to our blocks.

We may well be feeling distress.

We may well even be feeling intense stress at this time.

Stress is the bodily manifestation of wrong patterns of living.

Stress and physical symptoms arise when we don’t sort out our life.

Get help now to unearth what is going on for you.

Get a Reading.

Get a Healing.

Shed the wrong blocking, unworthy patterns that are making you stressed or even ill.

In my case, the stress of this time made me face the fact that I needed to sort out my attitudes and my sense of myself and also my life-management patterns. I had to face the fact that they needed sorting out because they were blocking my creativity.

Basically I am being forced to realise that: yes, I utterly must focus on my wonderful Astrology Readings.
And indeed, as a development of that, my wife, Maggie Pashley, and I are working to set up a Dating Site supported by a network of Healers, that will create even more worthwhile Readings. My role in the Dating Site will be to offer a Reading analysis of the personal Relationship Scripts, the Love Scripts of an individual person who requests this, as well as also offering analysis of the issues in the relationship between two people.
Maggie’s role will be to offer Healings to Blocks to Love, Heart Wall Clearings, Soul Realignment, Past life Healing and other Healing modalities.

But in addition to the Readings, I have realised that I absolutely must face the fact that I must express my creative side: I must resume the writing of my novel, that this is so important to me.
What do my Mars and Ketu, the two Gandanta transit planets, tell me?

Well, my Mars is in the 5th House of my birth chart, so expressing my creativity is crucial and must not be blocked at the time of this weird ten-part huge Mars transit. 5th House is also PurvaPunya or past life merit and the subject matter of the novel certainly relates to Ireland where countless generations on my mother’s side have lived.

And as for my Ketu. Well, my Ketu is conjunct my Mercury (and my Sun) in my birth chart. Mercury is about communication. He rules my 3rd House of creative effort.

I was writing my novel (my fifth) at the time we emigrated to Ireland four years ago, but it got shelved due to all the demands of moving to a new country.

But now I will resume writing it.

And sort out my life priorities to give space for this.

And indeed, I now know so much more about what it’s all about, and what are the natures of the main characters and indeed, what are the natures of the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish who feature in the novel.

The title of the novel is ‘The Morrigan and The Dagda’.

The Morrigan is the War Goddess of the ancient Irish. The Dagda is the Good God of the ancient Irish. The chief deity of the ancient Irish is the wonderful Divine mother: Danu.

Danu was brought here from the Southern Turkey area, from the Neolithic Age to the Iron Age. She is the Great Mother, the giving, loving Source of Life and Mothering. The Dnieper and Danube rivers are named after her. Her people came here to the West of Ireland from Gobekli Tepe and Çatal Huyuk areas of what is now Southern Turkey. Through my mother’s side I have DNA from that area, as do many people in the West of Ireland. And as part of my work for my beloved novel, I am developing vision contact work with deities and also embodiment, healing and empowerment work, and I shall bring these dimensions not only into my novel but also into my Sacred West of Ireland Tours (when Coronavirus allows them to reopen).

I was really increasingly feeling so stressed at not getting on with my novel writing and deity work tasks. I felt such frustration. I had to get to the point where I could name what was causing it. But now I have made the decision, I am re-prioritising my life. This is what the present Mars Transit and all the rest of it is about!

Do you need to re-prioritise your life?

Do you need to let some blocked super-talent express itself?

In the case of my wife, Maggie Pashley, her yearning was to increase her Hypnotherapy work, and she has brought in the increase, but having to deal with all the tense energies and complications. It is a bumpy ride. We are in lockdown again, here in Ireland.

A key part of it is actually to find her voice – the fullness of her Voice – through hypnosis work.

Another a key part of this is actually to more fully manifest her natal Ketu-Neptune conjunction (yes Ketu). This is in Virgo, in her 12th House: Ketu in Virgo, Rahu in Pisces: the karmic axis of the Intuitive Healer.

So: have you wondered exactly what blocking energies you could be responding to over this period? What are the blocking energies that have been making you irritable, frustrated or fearful and confused, maybe as far back as since the end of June?

Have you identified what you are blocking up?

And have you identified what you need to express so as to shine with your special talent?

In fact there is a twist to this tale. Our experience of the negative facets of a planet can actually have the beneficial effect of leading us to learn the divine facets of a planet.

Like many of the planets at this time, Mars has had very, very difficult and complicated energies. But actually a reason why we are here in this Incarnation is, yes, to grow our understanding of our egoic personalities and of our destiny in this life, as expressed by our planets. But as our life progresses, we need to raise our perception and our awareness out of that egoic level, to a higher spiritual level. And so, we have to come to realise with the planetary energies, that the core of each planet is actually that each planet is a face of the Divine.

We are here to learn to acknowledge that in fact, each of the planets is a Face of the Divine. But the challenge is that we humans don’t so easily identify and experience the Divine Nature of each planet.

But we must remember that perfecting our realisation of the Divine, and our connection to the Divine, is a major reason we incarnated this time. We have a learning journey ahead of us when we are born. At the start of our Life Journey, we experience: not the divine nature of each planet, but we experience each planet’s energies through filters, as it were. We experience each planet’s energy through filters such as Sign, House and Aspects: the Sign, House and Aspects that planet has in our birth chart. That particular manifestation of each planet’s energy is what our Soul chose for our fate and our destiny and our evolutionary spiritual life learning, this time round.

Now, as Mars is the main focus of this particular video and blog, let’s look now at the true Divine Nature of Mars. The Divine Mars is Mangala. Mars is the will of the self, working under the direction of the Divine Sun. He is also the intellect which directs action. Mars is the flame within matter. Mars is proper independence, self-will and confidence. Mars is our needed strength, courage, energy, sexual potency, passion, and prowess. He has a key role in our questing spiritual realization.

But handled negatively, Mars is Violence and Mayhem, insatiable, impatience and argument, discontent simmering aggression, etc. How negatively we will handle Mars energies depends on the sign and house Mars occupies in our birth chart, and on the aspects he receives from other planets.

Mars is crucial at this time because of the energies of his three Gandanta crossings. But Ketu also transited through a Gandanta Zone at this time:

As I said, Ketu (South Node) is important in this theme of smashing blocks to our light, and this is because where Ketu is in our birth chart is where we come in from Past Life. In this life, we are thrown across our birth chart to where Rahu (North Node) is. So, the talents which we must smash blocks so as to manifest them at this time are not just Mars related talents, but also Ketu related talents: coming from past life.

So to return to me personally, I feel this period is really making me see my weaknesses that I need to heal now, and it is causing such tension that I am impelled to sort my life priorities out, and I am driven to find healing of problem areas. Otherwise I will fail to manifest the talent I am crying out to manifest in my life now, and feeling really frustrated because of being caught in the blocks to manifesting it.

One breakthrough that really helped me was a shamanic journey that I spontaneously and totally unexpectedly experienced a few weeks ago. It occurred while I was actually offering a shamanic journey to somebody else online. I was so amazed at what I saw. What I saw was so unexpected. I was so surprised. But afterwards the meaning came to me, partly with help from friends. And what I saw encouraged me to identify what new actions I must let arise in my life now, and how I must re-organise my life getting rid of the blocks, so as to allow space for my special talent that is demanding expression at this time. It’s time to shine.

Each of us to seek to identify what needs to shine now and what are the blocks that must be sorted.

And do see Pt. 2 of this post for the detailed Time Table of this Mars Transit as that may help you understand what you have been feeling, and what you must do!

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