Very Difficult Mars Transit 2020 to 2021 Part 2 Detailed Timetable

This is the Part 2 post showing you the detailed Timetable of the frustrating angry Mars transit through Vedic Pisces and Aries from June 2020 to February 2012, with its fearful and tortuous retrograde and Gandanta crossings.

First of all, please do read the Pt. 1 Post. This tells you how to understand the fluctuating tortuous Transit energies and how to handle them, essentially so as to smash your blocks and so as to let your imprisoned blocked-off light shine.

And the Pt. 1 post also shows how the revolutionary energy of the October 31st Full Moon conjunct Uranus can be an additional gate to destroying your blocks and letting your Light and Talent arise and shine.

See the Part 2 Video about the TimeTable of the frustrating 2020 to 2021 Mars transit:

And you absolutely must see the Western and also Vedic Charts for this super-huge Full Moon of October 31st, which are to the bottom of my October 2020 Starwheel Astrology website page:

So, this period of the Mars transit through Vedic Pisces and Aries from June 2020 to February 2021, covers the following Mars-related conditions:
Mars in Pisces (where he’s debilitated)
Mars in Aries (where he’s the over the top warrior)
Mars Retrograde where he’s frustrated and angry and determined to blow aside blocks to our true life expression) and
Mars in Gandanta three times (where he may be very fearful about the insubstantiality of this world, or may be reactive and violent, or may be open to spiritual inspiration because of the challenges)

It’s a long and tortured journey from last June to February next year. It’s been angry and violent for some. Fearful for others. On the social level very dark things have been arising. But for the spiritual individual, these contortions on the Mars energy can, turn us more into Light Warriors, instead, if we develop insight and if we use them to heal and empower ourselves.

It’s a time when the Dark seems to be rising. But this is making the light rise for some!

Let’s now look at the detailed Timetable, below, as this may help us understand what has been motivating fluctuations in our consciousness and emotions and behaviours, and what has been giving rise to sometimes intense frustrations.

Also, look at the Time Table, below, so as to identify what is really trying to come through for YOU, if only you can demolish the blocks and prison walls that we have all of us insisted have to be part of our life and part of our identity.

I have identified ten different energy phases that it will be useful to know of.

This is so that we can identify the energies’ effect in our consciousness and behaviour and in our treatment of others. And it is so that we can realise the highest imperative of this Mars transit which is to smash the blocks to our authentic best expression, especially in a way that brings in Revolution at the time of the October 31st Full Moon conjunct revolutionary Uranus.

Here are the ten phases:

Phase 1. Mars Direct in Pisces:
Mars entered Vedic Pisces on 20th June 2020. And it’s important to realize that within the vastly accurate Vedic Astrology declaration, the energy of Mars in Vedic Pisces is unstable, fearful and inflammatory. Mars is Debilitated in Vedic Pisces. How did he make you feel at this time???
Mars reached 7 deg Vedic Pisces by the end of June and he reached 25 deg Vedic Pisces by the end of July.
You can see the Ephemeris showing planet positions for each day of these months on the month page of my website:

Phase 2. Mars Direct in the Gandanta Zone:
But it was from 11th August, that the Mars energy reaching us became really disturbing to our minds and fears and angers. This was when Mars was transiting the Gandanta Zone that lies at the end of Pisces and at the start of Aries.
Gandanta energy can be felt 2 deg either side of the water sign to fire sign transition (the other two Gandanta zones being Vedic Cancer to Leo and also Vedic Scorpio to Sagittarius). The nearer to the zero point of the transition between the water and the fire sign, the huger is the Gandanta effect.
Obviously, you have to use the Sidereal Zodiac to identify where the three Gandanta zones are. And this use of the Sidereal Zodiac thus opens us to just one of the vastnesses of the power of the spiritual dimensions of Vedic Astrology, in this case the placement and nature fo the three Gandanta Zones

Phase 3. Ketu joins the maelstrom:
Note crucially, that from 16th August Ketu (South Node of the Moon) also entered the maelstrom. Ketu entered the Gandanta Zone – the other one covering the transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius.
Ketu in Gandanta is violent and immaterial and destructive, and when Ketu entered the Vedic sign of Scorpio on 23rd September: well.
Ketu in Scorpio is really violent and destructive. He’s unbounded and chaotic. He’ associated with terrible storms and earthquakes. He’s vulnerable and inflammatory.
Though the positive side: if we can bring in the divine awareness, Ketu in Gandanta or Ketu in Scorpio is very intuitive and mystic with unexpected spiritual breakthroughs.
As I said above, in these times I had a shamanic journey with completely unexpected visions in it that point me the way to a very changed and so-needed fresh life direction.

Phase 4. Back to Mars: Mars Direct  in Aries:
Mars actually left Vedic Pisces and entered the next sign of Vedic Aries on 16th August. It was still also Gandanta Mars until 28th August, as Mars was in the first two degrees of Aries.
But the point is that Mars in Aries is totally different to Mars in Pisces.
Mars actually rules Vedic Aries (as well as ruling Vedic Scorpio) so Mars energy became super-strong and potentially violent, when Mars entered Aries.
It’s great if you can handle this, and if you can bring the needed divine awareness to direct it and manage it. But otherwise it’s aggressive and driven; combative, rash and aggressive, irritable and impulsive. It’s super individualistic.
Mars got as far as 4 deg Aries on 10th September. He then turned Retrograde.

Phase 5. Mars Retrograde in Aries:
On 10th September, Mars turned Retrograde.
Note that Mars retrograde is a pretty aggressive irritable and confused energy.
This Retrograde will last until when he turns Direct again on 14th November.
And the whole point is that Mars’ irritation is because we can’t get it together to deal with our blocks and manifest the more real you, the more real me, in our lives.

Phase 6. Mars in the Gandanta for the 2nd time, Retrograde:
Retrograding, Mars entered 2 Aries on 26th September.
By the 14th November, Mars had retrograded back through the Aries – Pisces Gandanta zone, again with all its fearful but potentially intuitive or mystical energies.

Phase 7. Mars Retrograde in Pisces:
Still retrograde, Mars crosses back into Vedic Pisces again. So, now, again, Mars is in the sign of his debilitation.
He crosses Retrograde into Pisces on 4th October, then retrograding out of the Gandanta on 7th October, but continuing to retrograde in Vedic Pisces, and he will station and turn Direct at 21 deg Pisces on 14th November.

Phase 8. Mars Direct in Pisces:
So Mars turns Direct in Pisces on 14th November, and he reaches 0 Aries on 24th December

Phase 9. Mars in the Gandanta for the third time:
Mars is in the Pisces to Aries Gandanta from December 18th – 29th.
We are back to the insubstantial fear-ridden energies (that can bring intuition etc – to some).

Phase 10. Mars transits Vedic Aries going Direct:
Mars enters Vedic Aries on 24th December, reaching 18 deg Vedic Aries on 31st January and reaching 30 Vedic Aries on 21st February.
So, this means that from 24th December to 21st February we all experience the aggressive fiery energies of Mars in Aries.
Though on the spiritual side, note that this is: ethical direction, needed leadership, pioneering and independent.

So, this concludes Part 2 of my Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter for November 2020.
Do read the Pt. 1 Post which tells you how to understand the fluctuating tortuous Transit energies and how to handle them so as to smash your blocks and let your light shine.
And the Pt. 1 post also shows how the revolutionary energy of the October 31st Full Moon conjunct Uranus can be such an open gate to letting your Light and Talent arise.

And please note that you can see the actual chart of the Full Moon of October 31st at the very foot of my October monthly astrology charts page:

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