Venus turns retrograde 5th October to November 16th, 2018 – What effect will this have in your life?

This is big news. Venus will be Retrograde in Vedic Libra from October 5th to November 16th.
Venus turns retrograde 5th October to November 16th 2018

Please do read this blog post for details of the Venus Retrograde and what it means for love issues in our life, and then see the whole October Astrology and Healing newsletter, plus two specialist videos with linked blogs about Venus issues and their healing. The titles of these related blogs/videos are all at the foot of this post.

Venus actually retrogrades every 18 mths, lasting around 45 days. And when Venus retrogrades, she commences her descent into the Underworld for Renewal.

In fact, Venus has been in the shadow of this Retrograde from September 3rd to December 18th, so this taking stock in Venus matters – including love – is quite a substantial period.

I feel we will all be called to take stock and ground issues in love.

We will have to sort out issues in love that feel like they are coming to the fore now.

Here is my October video, but do read down further on this blog as it has a lot of information about the meaning of Venus Retrograde and how to deal with it for the supremes best of you and your loved one:

Forgiveness. Acceptance. Dealing with shadow material, the dark side of ourselves in issues of love. Blame. Flaws. Destructive scripts. Healing old karmic scripts around love. Work with the balance of self-assertion and relationship. Gratitude. Trust and cherishing. Create your Dream.

People with Vedic Libra and Vedic Taurus emphases will be especially affected.

For several days around October 25th, Venus will actually be conjunct the Sun at 8 deg Libra in Swati Nakshatra. This conjunction means Venus is Combust, and indeed will be Combust for days either side, and this is not good for Venus, as the Sun egoic assertion burns Venus’ love and brightness.

And this exact combust date marks the transition from Venus as Evening Star to Venus as Morning Star. This was of such importance to ancient peoples, for example the Babylonians.

And note that this retrograde and this combust will of course affect the two signs that Venus rules: the earth sign of Vedic Taurus and the Air sign of Vedic Libra, so be aware of the dates and issues here if you have prominent emphasis in either fo these signs.

Venus actually transits in Vedic Libra for an exceptional long period now, in fact until January 1st, and this is generally good for issues around love, sex, pleasure, beauty, friendships, talents, attraction, joy, harmony, peace, desire, wealth, luxuries art, music, relationships truth, aesthetics truth. And in the case of Libra: justice, values, peace and balance. Our shining.

And do note that Uranus is opposition this retrograde Venus, which will amplify passion and desire and impatience. The Uranus – Venus opposition in the heavens is exact around October 30th and December 1st.

And note that Venus squares Mars in the heavens around October 11th. Western astrology wrongly says this as a ‘good’ energy creating passion. In fact, Venus is not happy with the Mars energy, and conflicts in love are more likely.

And do note that quite other depths, traumas, hurts and grudges affecting Venus will surface when Venus enters Vedic Scorpio on January 2nd, 2019.
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